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Article: 5 stylish sweaters to face winter gently

5 pulls stylés pour affronter l'hiver en douceur - Loëla
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5 stylish sweaters to face winter gently

In the cold season, small or large knits are a delight for chilly people. Here is a nice selection of very soft sweaters that will help you get through the winter gently

Whether at work or at home, snuggled up on your sofa, chunky sweaters are comforting pieces that we like to combine in our wardrobes to stay warm in style! Light, comfortable, cozy...Here is a selection of knits to wear all winter long to change your look like sweaters!

This year, we dare to use color

We told you about it not long ago and you have certainly noticed that this year, designers are playing on bright colors to try to brighten up the season! For a chic and classic style, opt for a close-fitting plain sweater that will go just as well with jeans as with a more serious skirt. Don't hesitate to fall for a flashy color that will add a little pep to your look.

pul femme mauve

The turtleneck is making a comeback

Slightly neglected in recent years, the turtleneck is back in our wardrobes this year, to the delight of the most cautious among us! For a casual and ultra-comfortable look, opt for a chunky knit version that won't let the cold get through.

pull femme col roule beige

The bare back: half warm, half cold

Yes, the sexy sweater exists. The proof with this very low-cut model that reveals a large part of your back while remaining comfortable. Those more sensitive to the cold can also wear a lace top underneath to combine comfort and style.

The pattern, to brighten up winter

As you know, this year, checks are making a strong comeback in our winter wardrobes. Both warm and cocooning, this pattern reminds us of sweet evenings spent by the fire. And what better way to wear it than with a sweater? The proof with this light model, which can go with all your stockings!

The cuddly sweater, which makes you want to snuggle up

A very thick sweater to face the cold, neither too wide nor too tight to be comfortable all day long... In a few words, the sweater you would like to wear every day He is Pleasant. We love it which perfectly combines the useful with the pleasant while keeping a feminine cut with its high collar.

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