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NewCombishort Colombe DENIM CLAIR - LOËLA Combinaison pour femme
Combishort Colombe Sale price79,65 €
Combinaison Alexa ORANGE - OPULLENCE Combinaison pour femme
Combinaison Alexa Sale price65,55 € Regular price131,08 €
Sold outCombinaison Norma ROUGE - YCOO Combinaison pour femme
Combinaison Norma Sale price34,79 € Regular price69,58 €
Combinaison Enora VIOLET - Loëla Combinaison pour femme
Combinaison Enora Sale price78,14 € Regular price156,30 €
Combipantalon Amina ROUGE - Loëla Combinaison pour femme
Combipantalon Amina Sale price22,69 € Regular price45,36 €
Combinaison Chelssie LEO - Loëla Combinaison pour femme
Combinaison Chelssie Sale price30,25 € Regular price60,49 €
Combinaison Magali NOIR - Loëla Combinaison pour femme
Combinaison Magali Sale price27,73 € Regular price55,45 €
Combinaison Linka BEIGE - LA PETITE ETOILE Combinaison pour femme
Combinaison Linka Sale price70,58 € Regular price141,16 €
Sold outSalopette Alma BLEU - Loëla Combinaison pour femme
Salopette Alma Sale price33,28 € Regular price66,54 €
Combishort Aicha BLEU - Loëla Combinaison pour femme
Combishort Aicha Sale price35,30 € Regular price70,58 €
Combinaison Oxane BLANC - LAUREPLUSMAX Combinaison pour femme
Oxane suit Sale price60,50 € Regular price121,00 €
Sold outCombinaison Massika NOIR - GRACE ET MILA Combinaison pour femme
Massika jumpsuit Sale price47,89 € Regular price95,80 €
Combinaison Gwennoline ROSE - SEEUSOON Combinaison pour femme
Gwennoline jumpsuit Sale price45,38 € Regular price90,74 €
Dernière PièceSalopette Octave FLORAL ARTISTE - LAUREPLUSMAX Combinaison pour femme
Octave overalls Sale price20,17 € Regular price115,95 €
Dernière PièceCombinaison Nelly NOIR - LOELA SELECTION Combinaison pour femme
Nelly jumpsuit Sale price20,17 € Regular price76,63 €
Dernière PièceCombinaison Onyx VERT SAPIN - LAUREPLUSMAX Combinaison pour femme
Onyx Suit Sale price20,17 € Regular price126,05 €
Dernière PièceSalopette Oulan Bator SIMILI CHOCOLAT - LAUREPLUSMAX Combinaison pour femme
Overalls Ulan Bator Sale price20,17 € Regular price126,05 €
Dernière PièceSold outCombinaison Melvy LAGON bleu - ANGE Combinaison pour femme
Melvy jumpsuit Sale price20,17 € Regular price86,71 €
Dernière PièceCombinaison Orne CORAIL - LAUREPLUSMAX Combinaison pour femme
Orne Jumpsuit Sale price20,17 € Regular price100,83 €
Dernière PièceCombinaison Oxalis VANILLE - LAUREPLUSMAX Combinaison pour femme
Oxalis jumpsuit Sale price20,17 € Regular price115,95 €


Did you know that the women's jumpsuit was originally inspired by the work clothes of workers? It conquered the 20th century with grace and elegance and is now one of the top must-have fashion items. Between work overalls and vintage overalls, you will find the jumpsuit in playsuit or jumpsuit mode to satisfy all tastes in all seasons!

The jumpsuit: contemporary, casual and chic!

Looking for a contemporary clothing for women that gives you style? In addition to being comfortable, it slips on quickly and immediately gives style. Jumpsuits will be your future fashion ally, did you doubt it?

Main reason that will make you fall in love: no more hesitation for hours in front of your dressing room to choose which top to match with which bottom! Tadam, a nice combination and you're done.

Another advantage and not the least, it can be worn at any age and in all circumstances. It can be sporty as well as dressy, and functional as well as chic.

Without hesitation, it will replace a long dress for a wedding with grace and refinement. An elegant evening planned? Choose a black jumpsuit with adjustable straps with a pretty bare back. For a more casual style, it's the short-sleeved denim model that will do its bit. Finally, for a more sporty result, many models are allowed matched with pretty golden sneakers.

Very easy to show them off with a women's denim jacket or a women's vest

Jumpsuit or jumpsuit?

Both, Captain! Why restrict yourself? Let's break open doors: instead of buying a women's top + a shorts, opt for the playsuit! Ditto for the combo women's blouse + fluid pants, choose the jumpsuit! This choice even allows you to save some money. So why not fall for a beautiful accessory?

All the variations are available here:

  • romper for summer or with tights in winter;
  • panty skirt combination, very feminine and practical;
  • chic jumpsuit with adjustable straps;
  • combisalopette, fitted at the waist;

Unique, the jumpsuit is elegant and sober and is ideal for professional activities. With floral patterns, the jumpsuit brings you a breath of fresh air and a hippie chic look. Finally, for a little exoticism, we think of jungle prints and animal themes.