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Article: Our favorite accessories for stylish mums

Nos accessoires coup de cœur pour mamans stylées - Loëla
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Our favorite accessories for stylish mums

Our favorite accessories for stylish mums

Becoming a mom doesn't mean you have to stop taking care of your look, quite the contrary! The first months with a baby, the days are busy and fatigue can take over. Result: sometimes you pay less attention to your style… But it is important to continue to take the time to pamper yourself to keep your spirits up! Okay, maybe you have trouble finding time for a manicure... On the other hand, putting on a colorful stole to enhance and feminize your outfit, it takes two seconds and the effect is there! Loëla has unearthed for you essential accessories for your life as a young mother, which are not only practical, but also trendy.

The diaper bag

You can store your baby's things here and, if you don't feel like lugging around several bags (your handbag as well), you can also store your personal effects there. Choose it carefully, because it will follow you for at least two years. Think practical, but also aesthetic.

To be practical, a good diaper bag should have lots of compartments and pockets, including one for storing a bottle or water bottle. This makes it easy to find everything, and therefore to be more organized and more zen. Provide a pocket dedicated to the contents of your handbag, if necessary. Your diaper bag should also be easy and quick to open. Prefer a bag with a rigid bottom, so that it does not fall over when you put it down.

Finally, the shape of the bag must be adapted to your lifestyle. The diaper bag on the shoulder or in the hand will allow you to grab it with a gesture and hang it on the stroller. The backpack-shaped changing bag will appeal to the most adventurous and carrying enthusiasts.

To ensure that your diaper bag is also an ally of your everyday style, first of all, think carefully about the choice of color.Avoid black . Contrary to popular belief, this color does NOT go with everything. In addition, black has a knack for finishing off an outfit. Dare to use light colours. They brighten up any look, and they bring freshness and a good mood. Be careful, too light (ecru, white) is not the ideal either, because it's very messy. You can opt for a basic color (blue, camel...) to go with all your outfits. But you can also dare a bright color or a pattern, in order to stand out and bring a real plus.

sac à langer Nobodinoz

Our favorite : Prairy Mood organic cotton diaper bag at €59.90

A classic shape, a all-purpose color (light blue, almost denim style), plenty of storage, and a zipper : this bag has it all. It will go well with all your outfits, but it won't be mistaken for a handbag. Cconcerning the quality, you can trust Nobodinoz for a very careful manufacture, which takes place in Spain and with organic cotton.

The necklace

For us women, the necklace is THE piece that refines an outfit However, if you have opted for breastfeeding and babywearing, you will quickly realize that the majority of your necklace collection is going to have to sit in the closet for a while. Indeed, baby grabs them, bites them, or shoots them! It's not very safe for your little angel, and besides, baby drool hasn't been proven to be the best polish for your jewelry... So, bye bye the necklaces? No! You can keep the toughest ones in your collection, or get a special carrying and nursing necklace as a gift. This is a wooden necklace that does not contain any toxic varnish or paint. Plus, it features interesting shapes for your little one to manipulate. A wooden necklaceis a must-have in any jewelry collection. It can complete a casual outfit, or bring originality and character to a classic or preppy outfit. What stay stylish in all circumstances, even with a baby hanging around your neck!

Baby on Earth has thought about fashion mums and curious babies and has come up with this collar in solid beech and food grade silicone. It is perfect for being handled by babies, thus acting as stimulation object. It is also designed to be chewed on, to relieve your little one from painful teething ..

The sling

Convinced of its many benefits, you have decided to go babywearing. Your baby will be calmer, more confident, and cry less. You can use a physiological baby carrier, or a carrying sling. This offers a maximum of adjustment possibilities for absolute comfort. You can use it until your child is 3 years old, so it is important to choose it well.

The material must be of high quality, resistant, and not too stretchy. It is therefore necessary to favor cotton or linen, which deform little with wear. Different adjustments must be possible in order to properly adapt it to your body, for maximum comfort. The classic wraps are closed by knotting. Others are positioned with a ring, these are the Sling.

The length of the scarf should be adapted to your size (and that of your partner, if you plan to wear it in turn). If you are short, 4 meters is enough. For the more corpulent, it is better to plan 5 meters. Be aware that a great length also allows a number of varied and sophisticated knots.

And aesthetics? A basic color (navy blue, beige...) is appropriate to easily coordinate the scarf with your clothes. But you can also turn your sling into a real fashion asset that will brighten up all your outfits.

We, we love Baby on Earth's leaf print wrap . In addition to being beautiful, the quality is there. The material respects the environment since it is organic cotton and the production takes place in Spain

écharpe de portage Prairy Mood

Prairy Mood Wrap to €75.90

So convinced by our accessories for stylish mums ? And to complete your look with trendy pieces, go to the store or on the Loëla website to shop for new items that will make you t34>the most stylish of young mothers!


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