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Article: Pau shops: How to support them during confinement?

Boutiques de Pau : Comment les soutenir pendant le confinement ? - Loëla
Région Sud-Ouest

Pau shops: How to support them during confinement?

Containment obliges, the businesses deemed "non-essential" by the government, had to close their doors. 😷 The COVID-19 crisis puts the future of our convenience stores at stake. Aware of these difficulties, our team at Loëla wanted to support the neighboring Pau shops. In this article, we share some initiatives to help our local businesses in the city center of Pau. 🥰 Let's mobilize to support them while having fun: yes yes, it's possible! Thanks to them, you can even keep your children busy during confinement and spoil your loved ones as well as yourself! Read on to find out more !

Supporting shops in Pau: how to do it?

During this difficult period, our small businesses in Pau are hard hit... and this second confinement only makes the situation worse, although it is necessary to limit the spread of the virus! 🦠 Bookstores, ready-to-wear stores, hair salons, toy stores, and many others, have ceased their activity since the announcement of the President of the Republic. They no longer have the right to welcome customers on their premises. As consumers, we have a role to play in helping our favorite local stores: let's stand together! But concretely, what can we do? 🤔

Order online, but local! Stop shopping with e-commerce giants and focus on small shops with a website. The merchants can no longer receive from the public, but can still continue their activity on the Internet. They can therefore take care of the preparation of your packages as well as the shipment. Despite the epidemic, home delivery in Pau remains possible. Go to their eshop, treat yourself, order, pay online and receive the product at home. This is one of the best initiatives to support them, while protecting yourself from the virus, since you limit your movements and proximity to other people. You can also opt for click and collect in Pau, a device that allows you to pick up the package in store, in compliance with health rules.

Livraison à domicile à Pau pour le confinement

Your favorite shop in Pau doesn't have a website? No problem, some merchants have implemented other solutions! They record your order by phone or email and deliver it to the store. Thus, it is possible to shopping in Pau, even while being confined! Do not hesitate to share and communicate via social networks on this possibility of purchase. Talk about it around you and encourage sales online or by phone/mail. A small action for you, but essential to preserve your city center and Pau shops!

Keeping children busy during confinement thanks to shops in Pau

On Wednesdays or weekends, do you rack your brains and redouble your imagination to find ideas for activities for your children? Since the announcement of confinement, extra-curricular leisure activities, outings to the park or visits to grandparents are no longer permitted.It's not so easy to occupy your children locked up all day at home... At Loëla, we have the solution both to entertain the youngest and to support the Pau shops !

Plan the day with fun and artistic activities! Find all the necessary equipment at Cooleurs, your creative leisure shop at 33 rue Émile Guichenné in Pau: paints, glues, glitter, markers, etc. Keep your children busy and develop their inventiveness with DIY (do it yourself: do it yourself).

🎨 Here are some craft ideas:

  • a vegetable mobile in autumn leaves;
  • a Christmas wreath;
  • a fun pencil holder;
  • a fimo clay key ring;
  • 3D paper figures.

Occuper ses enfants pendant le confinementAlso take advantage of the lockdown, to play a game of board games with your children! Order the toys of your choice online or by phone at Pau d'Ours, a specialized store in stuffed animals and games at 20 rue Maréchal Joffre, or at Bozo Bozo, a real treasure trove at 9 rue Alexander Taylor in Pau and have fun with the family! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 A great way to support the shops in downtown Pau while taking care of your children!

Are you also bored during this lockdown ? Go back to childhood and enjoy a fun game too! Thanks to click and collect at LaLudiKavern at 8 rue Louis de Foix as well as at Le Fou du Roi at 8 rue Montpensier in Pau, pick up your game in store and occupy your confined weekends!

Shopping online for fun and helping small businesses

How about taking advantage of the lockdown to renew your basics? We've all sorted during this period and it's high time to review our wardrobe! Take the opportunity to do an online shopping session via Galicia Lingerie, your shop of underwear, pajamas and cocooning outfits at 12 rue Alexander Taylor in Pau! Order beautiful underwear online as well as comfortable daytime pieces to complete your sets and receive them directly at home!

🎅 Christmas is fast approaching and you have free time on the weekends? Start the Christmas gifts! For once, you won't be late! 😉 Spoil your loved ones while encouraging shops in the center of Pau!

🎁 Lacking inspiration? Read our article and discover 7 gift ideas for Christmas made in Loëla!

Don't hesitate to offer a book as well: a gift that always pleases! Opt for a book of literature, cooking, history, travel, personal development, or any other subject that fascinates its recipient! Call Bachi-Bouzouk to buy a comic book or manga and receive it at 7 rue Latapie or order via the bookstore website L' escampette and collect the product at 19 rue des Cordeliers in Pau.

Acheter un cadeau en click and collect à Pau

We are counting on you to support the shops in Pau during the lockdown! We hope that these initiatives will really help our neighboring businesses! Don't forget to take care of your loved ones too, because it's a difficult time for everyone.. ❤️


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