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Article: Trendy women's blouses & shirts

Chemisier & chemise femme tendances - Loëla
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Trendy women's blouses & shirts

The essentials of summer: women's shirts and blouses are part of the self-respecting women's wardrobe! How not to find your favorite among our different models? Whether you are more casual or dressy, or see if you like both, the collections we offer will meet all your desires.

As a fan of fashion, our selection of woman top will meet all your expectations. The most sophisticated will appreciate a chic women's blouse , fulfilled young girls will opt for a floral blouse , and the romantics will opt for a Women's lace blouse . There women's oversized shirt and the women denim blouse are essential this season. Choose your style in our women's fashion store

What is the difference between a shirt and a blouse?

There woman shirt is one of those pieces that suits all women. The curves or the chest can be hidden, accentuated, or tightened according to the cut of the shirt. Accompanied by a suit, the white or black shirt is timeless.

This contrasts with the colorful and floral patterns found on fashionable shirts. Elegant professional outfits in satin or silk, light linen office outfits, more or less transparent sexy outfits, the fluid shirt will accompany you everywhere.

For a more elegant and chic look, choose a plain shirt model that focuses on the work of the cut to create an accent on your outfit. Show off your style and personality while maintaining a chic and distinctive look. Perfect for work or cocktails!

The women's blouse tells its own story of elegance with classic lines that are perfectly drawn, or ideally blurred. Any variation in style is allowed between chic and romantic fantasies. From the business look of a white blouse concealed under a jacket with a bohemian silhouette, to a woman bodysuit that sublimates your figure with flare jeans. This essential piece will give your look the perfect note!

For a more urban style, opt for a women denim blouse or checkered. It goes very well with raw jeans and a shorts Jean. For more exotic styles, discover our models with floral or colorful prints. They are perfect for a summer look under the sun.

What is the best material for a shirt?

It is so beautiful that it cannot be worn only in the office. The women's shirt is a must in your wardrobe. With the right model and the right printed fabric, you won't be able to leave it. The cotton fabric stretches very little, which makes it ideal for all models of women's shirts.

Due to the plain weave, the poplin has a fine rib structure with a soft drape. If you want a little more suppleness and fluidity, choose a linen or viscose fabric. With our varieties of shirts, you can make the perfect choice for your new office or your everyday wardrobe.

A wide variety of styles and patterns make our selection of shirts rich and attractive! You can complete your summer wardrobe with our women's long sleeve t shirt original and elegant!

Women's blouse: style variations

This high value-added piece is an integral part of your wardrobe and is not limited to a single repertoire. According to the inspiration, he knows how to extend his charm to all borders.

Perfectly constructed with its collar, buttons and cut, the plain blouse accompanies your classic outfits, thus loving the androgynous spirit with a Jeans raw canvas flare. THE fluid women's blouse fits perfectly with a short skirt , play with staggered overlays and stand out under women's faux leather jacket.

A wide range of styles and patterns makes our selection of blouses rich and attractive! You can complete this summer's wardrobe by completing it with original or very chic novelties!

Spring and summer patterns

Pattern art is also used in women's shirts and blouses, and there is no shortage of inspiration. Small gingham checks, large Scottish checks, small sparse flowers and blouses with geometric shapes, the blouse has regular lines and airy touches.

These prints will illuminate your silhouette with a skirt or a loose pants. The blouse favors lace inserts that contrast with bold floral patterns. It also goes well with narrow pants and ruffled skirts, which makes it an ideal model.

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