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Article: How to find the perfect dress according to your morphology?

Comment trouver la robe parfaite selon votre morphologie ? - Loëla
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How to find the perfect dress according to your morphology?

It's not easy to find THE ideal dress, which highlights your silhouette while being comfortable and which can be worn day and night. Here are some tips to finally understand that type of dress fits your body perfectly and that will suit you every time!

Whether you're round, square or wire-cut, it's never easy to be fully aware of your figure, and even less to find the clothes that go with it. To find the dress that will fit you like a glove, read what follows.

What is my body type?

Before heading to your favorite ready-to-wear store, take the time to look at yourself in a mirror naked or in your underwear. To assess your morphology, you don't need to be Cristina Cordulà, just observe the proportions between your waist, your breasts and your shoulders. Then take your most beautiful Brazilian accent and deduce your silhouette: you have the choice between the pyramid, the inverted pyramid, the hourglass, the I or the 8. Do you have it? Perfect ! Another two small questions to know which dress to wear: am I rather tall (more than 1m65) or small? And finally, do I have large breasts?

Finding the perfect dress

First, consider your size. If you're tall, rejoice you can wear both short and long, which will enhance your size. The little ones will prefer short dresses, above the knees, which will lengthen their silhouette and thus create an optical effect. Finally, small breasts can dare the plunging neckline and round necks while women with large breasts will prefer boat or U-shaped collars as well as dresses well cut at the bust.

I-shaped body type : You are androgynous, slim, long-legged, with little hip and chest. To find the dress that will highlight you, bet on the neckline, or a strapless cut to highlight your small shoulders. In terms of length, you can afford anything! The mistake not to make, cut them to the marked size. Needless to say, you don't!

Hourglass body: You have shoulders and hips wider than your height, you're an X, you can afford almost anything! To turn heads, emphasize your waist with a dress that is belted or marked at the waist. dresses with spaghetti straps will also emphasize your shoulders.

Figure 8 : Like the Xs, your waist is thinner than your shoulders and hips, but you have a little more curves. To find the ideal dress, do not hesitate to emphasize your waist, favor round or square collars that will highlight your shoulders and bet on bare backs rather than plunging necklines.

Pyramid morphology: Like Beyoncé, your buttocks make your girlfriends green with envy while your waists and shoulders are rather slender... You will look wonderful in a flowing and airy dress that will highlight your curves.

Inverted pyramid or V morphology: If, conversely, your shoulders are wider than your hips, then you are a V. Your lower body will have to be highlighted with a flared cut. To hide your shoulders, opt for a square or asymmetrical neckline. A bare back will also look great.

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