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Article: Bare backs: how to wear them well?

Les dos nus : comment bien les porter ? - Loëla
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Bare backs: how to wear them well?

Bare backs: how to wear them well?

The bare back is actually a plunging neckline placed in the back and allowing to emphasize the feminine lines. This charming asset is not lacking in audacity! In summer, we abuse these cuts offering lightness and well-being, whether they adorn a dress, a top, a blouse or a tunic. With Loëla, discover the latest trends and let yourself be carried away by the backless, fun and sexy wave.

Current and trendy bare back styles

The bare back is regularly used by designers to create sumptuous wedding dresses or bewitching evening dresses. Opt for a rather wise look with the bare back in the shape of a drop of water, a heart, or marked by a subtle slit.

The bare back can be found on short or long dresses, and can be V-shaped, bordered or not by lace, braids, shells... The bare back with modern lace is our favourite: romantic, even a little poetic and above all top trend without overdoing it!

Even more plunging, the “butterfly neckline” draws a diamond shape at the back of the garment and reveals the entire central part of the back to the bottom of the kidneys. Seductive silhouette guaranteed!

Particularly graphic, tied laces and ribbons can enrich your bare back, forming a pretty, very attractive geometric figure. The back is immediately sculpted and the silhouette is perfectly highlighted.

Finally, the simple bustier-style bare back can be simply attached at the neck with an embroidered strip of fabric for a touch of modernity and refinement.

dos nu

Bare backs on tops and tunics

The tops are revisited each season to be even more creative and daring and perfectly in line with trends. The bare back tops are no exception to the rule! Closed with a large bow or a cord around your waist, the bare back neckline will transform a basic plain, patterned, striped or polka dot top into an outfit that stands out. And why not dare to wear asymmetrical or shoulder-length sleeves for an even more stylish outfit?

Bare backs on jumpsuits and playsuits

If you want to highlight your sensuality and seduce straightforwardly, the jumpsuit open at the back will be your ally. Whether it's a playsuit or a jumpsuit, the bare back will make your outfit ultra-feminine! The ideal compromise to adopt without hesitation this summer for aperitifs by the water.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of bare backs?

Inspirational clothingsets the tone for an entire season. With bare backs, the choices multiply: dresses, jumpsuits, tops in different materials... play on their difference to put you at the center of attention.

robe dos nu noire

What are the main qualities of a low back garment?

The advantages of bare backs are numerous:

- the neckline in the back is enough on its own.No need to choose a garment with many details, you are already noticed;

- this style allows you to be sexy without vulgarity: you reveal your back and not your chest... Much classier! ;

- adaptations are possible for all morphologies and nothing is enough to accessorize


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