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Article: Black slims: true or false? | Explanations

Le noir amincit : vrai ou faux ? | Explications - Loëla
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Black slims: true or false? | Explanations

We keep telling ourselves that we have to dress in black to look slimmer, we all look like grieving widows, even in the middle of summer. So stop!

Why does black thin? Well, it gums out shapes because dark colors reflect little or no light and hide folds, curves, etc. . So by optical effect, black (as opposed to white), gives an impression of thinness. It is therefore “true”.

Well, that was the “scientific” explanation. Now, let's try to find other alternatives to give the illusion without adopting the 100% dark look! If you are wondering what color to wear to look slimmer, this article should give you some food for thought!

Avoid the 100% dark look

The mistake not to make is to adopt the dark look 100%. Honestly, it's really creepy. Black has always been the color of mourning. And even if it has become more democratized in the world of fashion, it is no less austere. So even if you have some complexes and you rely on black to help you, we still advise you to accessorize with peppy and flashy colors:

The goal: to add sparkle to your look and avoid blending into the background.

pochette craie

sandales léopard

Slim your silhouette with other dark colors

Golden rule: avoid white and neon colors! It will not put you in value at all, far from it! Let's face it, dark colors are magical enough to refine the silhouette (or, in any case, give the illusion of it) in an elegant way! Come out of the dark and open your perspectives. If you're wondering what are the colors that slim down, here is a list of different beautiful colors that are overlooked far too much.

🎨 Among the warm colors are the colors:

  • brown;
  • chocolate;
  • glazed brown;
  • plum;
  • wine lees;
  • carmine red;
  • etc.

🎨 And among the cold colors, find the tones:

  • charcoal grey;
  • slate;
  • midnight blue;
  • deep blue;
  • dark green;
  • etc.

Give some style to black!

◾️ "Love these pants, but wouldn't you have them in black?"◾️

Hmm, how many times have we heard this tune in stores? Ladies, it's not just black in life! Certainly, it gives the illusion of refining the silhouette but it tends to age. So all in all, think carefully about your choices. 🤔

And why don't you play with your shapes? The perfect mix: use black on your complex areas and dare to color for the rest of your body and highlight it! Don't be afraid the devil! Enhance your cleavage or your buttocks, depending on whether one or the other complex you and choose where you want to attract the eye.

Loëla robe courte bleue

Dare to color and get out of clichés!

Summer is on its way and the sun is out ☀️ , you're not going to spend your days in black, are you? First, you're going to die of heat, then, you always keep this bereaved widow look So, we're coloring! We're thinking of a little cream jacket (or cardigan) to iilluminate your face a little. We dare red with small touches, it gives you a fresh and sexy look!

You know what? You can even allow yourself white if the cut and the material are worth it (a fluid and vaporous white blouse is ideal).

You can consider pastel shades, but be careful to mix them well: coral, powder pink, salmon, turquoise blue, pale yellow.
Very bright colors will also brighten up your outfit: blood orange, indigo, mustard yellow, cherry red, azure blue, emerald green, etc.

robe longue bleu ciel

And you, what color do you prefer to wear to refine your silhouette?


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