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Article: Offer a garment to a woman: how to go about it?

Offrir un vêtement à une femme : comment s'y prendre ? - Loëla

Offer a garment to a woman: how to go about it?

Offering clothing to a woman: how to go about it?

For a fashionista, beautiful pieces of clothing are true stars of the dressing room. If you are looking for a gift that will really please your daughter, your wife or a friend who has a passion for fashion and who pays particular attention to each of her looks, why not her to offer trendy women's clothing? now has a particularly rich catalog for all styles and all budgets. Giving clothes to a woman can however seem difficult, but you will see that with the following tips, you will easily find the ideal piece that will delight the recipient.

Offering a woman a piece of clothing: carrying out a little investigation

Dress style

Before embarking on the search for the ideal garment to give to a woman, it is above all essential to know the fashion profile of the person to whom you wish to give the gift. Thanks to this little reflex, you will easily find the piece that will suit him and that will certainly please him when unwrapping the gift package. The first question to ask is therefore to know the type of clothing she is wearing. It is more precisely about his style of dress which can be classic, glamorous, casual chic, casual or even bohemian… and the list is still long. Pay attention to the pieces of clothing she usually wears to know what women's clothing to offer. Pleated trousers, tops with an original and stylish cut, trendy skirts, oversized coats or sweaters. Also take the time to observe the colors that often come up on her outfits. If you often see her with neutral and basic colors, that is to say that go for all occasions, then it would be better to stay on these same tones to offer a garment to this woman. On the other hand, if you want to offer a garment to a woman who likes to play with colors, then the bright and vibrant shades will be appreciated. You will therefore have no difficulty in finding what is missing in her wardrobe and which will complete her collection. is here to help you find the perfect Christmas gift for women.


Body type also plays an essential role in choosing your gift idea for women. Fashion enthusiasts know it, we choose our clothes according to our morphology to highlight our assets and our beautiful silhouette. For example, for a rectangular or H-shaped morphology, choose straight-cut dresses, tailored jackets and straight coats. To offer a garment to a round woman with voluptuous shapes, ¾ coats, straight-cut midi skirts, V-neck tops and high-waisted pants are perfect. Moreover, if the morphology is hourglass, then skater dresses and skirts, close-fitting dresses and high-waisted jeans are real nuggets. For a V-shaped morphology, with shoulders more developed than the hips, then mini-skirts, flared cuts, 7/8 pants and wrap dresses are wise choices.Otherwise, i.e. for an A-shaped body, with an upper body that is much thinner than the bottom, then opt instead for jackets with shoulder pads, jeans with a straight cut, voluminous blouses or A-line skirts In any case, always favor pieces adapted to her style of dress to offer a garment to a woman.

Size: a criterion to be aware of before giving women's clothing as a gift

The size is an important point that should not be overlooked if you want to offer a garment to a woman. This is also an essential selection criterion that guarantees the success of your surprise, or, on the contrary, will play tricks on you. There is nothing more unpleasant than being offered a size 42 skirt or top, when in reality it is 38. The best way to know the exact size of the woman you plan to offering a garment to a woman close is to take a look in her wardrobe, discreetly. Find the size displayed on her tops, pants, dresses, sweaters and skirts. You will thus have a first idea of ​​the size of her clothes, the first step if you decide to give a garment to a woman. You will not risk making a mistake when making your purchase on

Some good tips to know before giving a woman clothes

Get help from those around you

Offering a garment to a woman may be much more complicated than expected, especially if you do not live under the same roof. It would simply be inappropriate for you to go and rummage through her closet and her belongings when you are visiting her. In this case, if you plan to offer a garment to a woman, the best way to find out not only what her tastes and preferences are in terms of fashion and clothing, but also and above all her size is to appeal to his squad of girlfriends. As you probably know, the majority of women love to discuss all things fashion and beauty with each other. If his girlfriends are ready to give you the basic information you are looking for, in particular, his style of dress and his size, also know that they are even able to go even further by indicating to you the pieces of clothing that are missing from his personal collection, those that have been making her salivate for months as well as the best places to shop for clothes and accessories like

Age: a criterion to take into account before offering clothing to a woman

Age is also an element not to be put aside when you plan to offer a garment to a woman. It is obvious that a faded denim mini-skirt with some so-called "destroyed" elements would not suit a woman aged 35 to 45 who has a particular fondness for the working-girl style in jumpsuits or pencil skirts with elegant blouse, all complemented by pumps with vertiginous heels. Age also guides you in the choice of colors if you want to give a garment to a woman. Be aware among other things that women in the age group of 25 to 40 years are quite able to wear different types of prints, without any difficulty, as well as bright colors and clothes with top of the latest fashion trends Whatever piece you choose to give a woman, you must always make sure that it matches her style of dress and highlights her beautiful figure.

Always keep the receipt

Two schools clash when it comes to giving women's clothing as a gift. On the one hand, there are those who do everything necessary to find the ideal piece of clothing that meets all the criteria, both in terms of size and style of clothing as well as color and cut that sublimate the silhouette of its recipient. On the other hand, some people believe that the gesture, that is to say the desire to offer the garment to a woman is the most important, even if they are not completely convinced that the gift will please and convince the person who will receive it. In this case, the person who will receive the gift will be able to return the item or exchange it in store for the model that suits them best. To do this, it is therefore essential to bring the receipt. Everyone knows it, it is a golden rule that must be respected. Today, most fashion stores and brands offer the possibility of exchanging or returning an item if it is not suitable or does not suit its future owner. Do not hesitate to gift a Loëla garment to a woman: returns and exchanges are free, and are even extended during festive periods.

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