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Article: Bohemian wedding: what style to adopt?

Mariage bohème : quel style adopter ? - Loëla
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Bohemian wedding: what style to adopt?

Bohemian wedding: which style to adopt?

You have received awedding invitation, the bride and groom have imposed a particular style: the bohemian wedding! It goes without saying that you will adapt your outfit according to this request. Only, no idea in your head! Worse, you've never tried this style. Through our advice, let's dive together into a relaxed and inspiring universe.

How to appropriate it? How to manage to remain elegant in a bohemian style wedding outfit? The answers are in this article.

Bohemian style: definition

A little story is in order!

The term "Bohemian" in its original sense refers to an inhabitant of Bohemia, a historical region located in Central Europe, currently in the Czech Republic. It also designates the lifestyle of the gypsy population in the 19th century. They lived from day to day, completely independently. The women, that is to say the bohemians, stood out for their style of dress which emphasized unsophisticated and easy-to-maintain pieces.

Over the years, the bohemian style in the broadest sense of the term has been able to inspire the artistic world, gradually moving away from its roots (poverty, vagrancy, etc.). And then, the phenomenon imposed itself with the "Hippie" movement of the 70s.

The bohemian style nowadays

In addition to being a state of mind, bohemian reflects a cool, comfortable and sometimes romantic style of dress. It finds its place in the middle of airy and large pieces, between embroidery, floral motifs and ethnic motifs.

The outfit is often effortless, as if it had been designed without paying too much attention. It harmonizes with costume jewelry and “natural” accessories. The bohemian look also has its derivatives. From bohemian rock to bohemian countryside, we don't forget bohemian folk and bohemian chic. Precisely, our subject will be oriented more towards the boho chic style, since you are going to attend a wedding!

tenue bohème mariage

What is a bohemian wedding?

When the newlyweds have decided to baptize the theme of their wedding: BOHÈME, expect a rustic atmosphere, an atmosphere that will immerse you in le natural romanticism.

The overall decoration also lends itself to this type of atmosphere. You might see DIY items, freshly picked flowers or flower arrangements and a mass of greenery. The ceremony can take place indoors, but usually the bride and groom choose to unite in the open air to play the bohemian style to the fullest.

Did you understand the bohemian universe? Now is the time to find the bohemian wedding stylefor you!

Bohemian chic outfits for a wedding

If white is the best ally to elegantly display the bohemian style, you definitely have no right to wear it to a wedding, at the risk of upsetting the bride.So, which alternative will we choose? Bet on pastel tones! They embody softness and freedom, characteristic features of the bohemian trend. If the wedding takes place in the middle of summer, let yourself be carried away by intense colors such as red or yellow. Do not hesitate to play on the variations of the same color to nuance your bohemian chic outfit. And for the style of the outfit, see in each piece, the secret!

robe mariage bohème

The ideal bohemian style dress for a wedding

The basic piece of the boho style, the a dress is a safe bet to succeed in being elegant at a country wedding. It's long and floaty. If you're slender or petite, opt for a soft-coloured tulle dress. You can also opt for a floral print dress with a wrap neckline, favoring silk or viscose fabric. On the other hand, if you are petite, a mid-thigh length dress is ideal. Feel free to choose a dress with ruffles for a touch of romance.

Crochet also characterizes the bohemian wedding style. To keep the spirit relaxed without taking away the elegance, bet on a yellow crochet dress with lining.


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