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Article: Our advice for sorting your dressing room efficiently

Nos conseils pour trier son dressing efficacement - Loëla
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Our advice for sorting your dressing room efficiently

Our advice for sorting your dressing room efficiently

Dressing in style and fashion is good, but having a tidy dressing room that doesn't overflow is even better. To start the new school year on the right foot and adapt your look with the coming season with complete peace of mind, it would be much more practical to sort through your closet. Find through this guide some practical advice and tips for reorganize your wardrobe methodically the Marie Kondo way, without feeling guilty, and integrate new pieces acquired on our e-shop. 😉

Sorting YOUR DRESSING ROOM: where to start?

Empty the wardrobe before sorting the dressing room

You will no doubt have understood that emptying your cupboards is the first thing to do to sort out a dressing room. It is simply impossible to reorganize the space without going through this starting square. Take out all your clothes without exception before sorting your dressing room, including accessories such as handbags, belts and scarves as well as socks and underwear. Then, group all the elements of your dressing room in one place. For some, this first step of sorting the dressing room is relatively simple, especially when your belongings are grouped together in a single closet. On the other hand, for others, sorting your dressing room is more complicated, especially if your clothing items are stored and scattered all over your home. In any case, the idea is to group all your wardrobe in one room. You have the choice between putting all your belongings on the ground, preferably on a clean carpet, or storing them on your bed. By doing this, you will have a first glimpse of what you have in your cabinets. It's not uncommon while sorting through your cupboardsto find a few pieces you thought were lost. When the dressing room is completely empty, take the opportunity to wipe it down. A tidy dressing room must first be clean.


Once you've managed to get your beautiful collection out, it's now time to start the clothing sorting proper. To get rid of everything that is superfluous and clutters your cupboards, it would be best to proceed in a methodical way. First, review each of your clothes. After examining and verifying their condition, take the time to ask yourself about their impact on your well-being. Marie Kondo's Spark Joy® method, created to help you sort your clothes efficiently, invites you to ask yourself if the garment in question makes you happy. So keep only the pieces that bring you joy and happiness. If your answer is rather hesitant, do not be afraid to part with it. According to the storage guru, it's also important not to keep pieces as keepsakes or that can be useful later, "just in case". If the answer to the question is "No", then you have done well to sort your dressing room: the garment or fashion accessory in front of you will no longer have a place in your dressing room. In this case, you can sell the clothes in good condition online or at a garage sale, or donate them to charity.

Create categories to organize your wardrobe

Once you have selected all the pieces that bring you joy and happiness, it is now time to group them by category to sort your wardrobe Of course, the pants will be stored with pants, t-shirts with t-shirts and so on. Some even more practical tips will also help you to better sort your dressing room and to ensure that it is tidy, according to your habits or your requirements. For example, when you sort your clothes, place clothes and accessories that you don't wear often high up in your closet. On the other hand, reserve the compartments at eye level for the pieces you wear regularly. The lower part of your wardrobe will accommodate the heaviest and bulkiest items such as large winter sweaters or shoes. Organizing your closet by season is also a good idea.

trier son dressing

Tidying up your dressing room à la Marie Kondo

Vertical storage

In recent years, the principles of storage popularized by Marie Kondo have upset the habits of fashionistas. Her secret to having an closet that is organized, airy and pleasing to the eye is to store clothes in a rectangle. If before, or even today for those who are not yet aware of this method, we used to pile clothes on top of each other, or hang them with hangers, his method is quite different . Indeed, Marie Kondo recommends organizing your dressing room by storing the fashion pieces in your dressing room vertically (in boxes, for example, like vinyl bins!) instead of putting them in piles , even folded. The point of this closet tidying technique is to quickly identify all your clothes at a glance. As surprising as it is, it is also an effective space-saving solution; which is rather a good point for those who do not have an XXL dressing room. Believe us, the fear of all the clothes toppling over when you grab a t-shirt from the bottom of the pile is now history with this method of organizing your closet. .

The art of folding clothes

For a number of fashionistas who want to sort their dressing room, the KonMari method is a small revolution. It's about folding your clothes in rather unexpected ways. Here are some folding tips after sorting your clothes: To fold a long or short-sleeved t-shirt, simply fold each side towards the middle, before folding it in thirds. The principle remains the same for sweatshirts and pullovers. The number of folds will depend this time on the thickness of the mesh. For large bulky winter sweaters, two folds will be more than enough. In any case, the sleeves must not stick out. To fold pants, you will have to overlap the two legs in a straight line and fold the crotch before folding everything in two or three. For pieces with specific characteristics, such as a batwing or asymmetrical top, you simply fold them into a long rectangle that you then fold into two or three. The storage of underwear will also respect a few principles. No more socks and ball socks.After getting rid of solitary socks or socks with holes during sorting the dressing room, you now have to fold them, like the rest of your clothes. The technique is very simple. Bring the points towards the middle before folding the ankle. For the tights, you will overlap the legs before rolling them in maki, in order to make them stand up.

DRESSING SORTING: Betting on the right accessories

With the Marie Kondo storage method to sort the closet, you will need to use a few accessories. An opportunity to give a second life to your shoe boxes. Gently place your previously folded clothes vertically in your new storage boxes, making sure that they are perfectly stable. Of course, if you want to bring a touch of originality and a better harmony in the reorganization of your dressing room, especially for an open structure, you can perfectly opt for more aesthetic boxes in fabric or wicker. Dressing room dividers, sliding compartments, drawer organizers will be perfect allies to save space and integrate your latest finds unearthed on In any case, remember to choose them of the same color, in order to standardize the visual rendering. The same goes for the wardrobe, with identical hangers that will reinforce the idea of ​​a tidy dressing room.

Other tips for sorting out your closet

The capsule wardrobe

The capsule wardrobe is a very practical and rather original option to go further in the sorting of your dressing room. This is a small separate wardrobe where you will place your basic and classic pieces of clothing that do not go out of style with the seasons and trends, namely the carefully chosen white blouse in a delicate material, the trench coat -coat or fitted jeans that highlight your silhouette with elegance and femininity. The principle of storage is very simple and there is no need to sort your clothes! This collection is timeless. Visually, you have the choice between the metal rack, or the small timeless wooden shelf.

How about a new dressing room?

Sorting out the dressing room can also be an ideal opportunity to renew the structure. There are several options available to you and the choice depends both on your needs in terms of storage for your wardrobe and on your taste in terms of decoration. A made-to-measure piece of furniture will perfectly meet your requirements, and will fit down to the millimeter in the room where it will be installed. Also be aware that standard furniture can sometimes hold good surprises, provided you make the right choice. DIY enthusiasts will jump at the chance to make the perfect structure themselves when sorting out the dressing room.

How to avoid clutter?

Sorting out your closet and then putting your clothes away is one thing, but keeping everything in order is another. There is simply no point in taking the time to sort your clothes if, the next day or in the weeks that follow, the beautiful storage has disappeared. Above all, avoid the accumulation of clutter. Always make sure your things stay in their place and tidy. Don't leave a pile of clothes on the floor.Always get into the habit of hanging or folding them after washing and ironing and of course sorting them in your cupboards according to the method you have chosen. clothes once a year. In this way, you will succeed in keeping in your wardrobe only the pieces that make you happy and give you joy.

Contrary to popular belief, sorting out your dressing room is far from easy. By proceeding in a methodical way and following a certain number of principles, you will see that you will come out of it easily. And the good news is that a tidy dressing room also gives you space to accommodate new pieces purchased from our online store. 🤗


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