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Article: You've probably heard of BodyPositive on social media!

Vous avez sans doute entendu parler du BodyPositive sur les réseaux sociaux ! - Loëla
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You've probably heard of BodyPositive on social media!

After the end-of-year celebrations, you will no doubt be bombarded on social networks, in the press, in pharmacies… new magic formulas for slimming, new revolutionary programs for regaining your figure and other diets more crazy than each other….

But ultimately throughout the year, the slightest opportunity is good to remind us that we must meet the criteria, from time to time, we see an article blooming on the acceptance of its shapes, its dimples, of her stretch marks… But three pages later we are presented with the new anti-cellulite cream or the new detox juice to be perfect in a bikini… Enough to lose your mind! And a bit of self-esteem along the way….

At Loëla, we welcome the emergence of this trend which aims to love ourselves as we are: small, tall, thin, skinny, round, with cellulite and stretch marks...

And at Loëla, we like to help you show off and love yourself!

Your body is a bit of a war machine that is always there to help you move forward in life. And the idea is to love him, as he is.

Just follow the #bodypositive on Instagram! Over 4 million posts!

Selected accounts we love!

To conclude, we wish you a very happy holiday season, enjoy life to the fullest! Love yourself, enjoy those you love, laugh and dress how you want! You are bound to be beautiful!

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