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Article: How to wear loose women's pants: 9 look ideas

Bien porter un pantalon ample femme : 9 idées de looks - Loëla
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How to wear loose women's pants: 9 look ideas

For several years, skinny jeans reigned supreme in the fashion world. The closer the pants were to the body, the more the garment was considered fashionable. For round women or those of a modest nature, this era of dress has not always been easy. Luckily the wheel has turned...

In recent months, a retro garment has made a comeback on the front of the stage: wide pants for women .

Incredibly stylish, it gives an almost royal look to those who wear it. Elegant, sophisticated, wide pants for women also have the advantage of not making any discriminations. Whether you are tall, short, thin or round, it will fit you like a glove. How many clothes can say that?

Sublimating without revealing, it magnifies all morphologies and adapts to all styles. Both the crazy artist and the BCBG lady will find what she's looking for. Whatever your character, there is at least one large women's trouser that will meet your requirements.

But here it is... Once you have your wide high-waisted pants in your hands, what to do with them? Because it's normal to sometimes be out of ideas, this article lists nine looks to achieve with wide pants for women .

1. Wide pants + ankle boots

An aperitif with friends looming on the horizon? There is a simple but oh so effective combination. Wear beautiful loose women's pants that will stop just above the ankles. Yes... It is a question of antiquing a 7/8 model. Then add a long-sleeved blouse.

To give the "fashionista" touch, put on black patent leather ankle boots. Go further by adding a Borsalino to infuse a casual chic side. In seconds, you've put together an elegant, go-anywhere outfit.

2. Focus on transparency

The wide pants for women have a special feature: they completely hide the legs. Very voluminous, these loose pants manage to hide without camouflaging the legs.

To create an interesting contrast, wear this garment with a sheer top. For the more daring, it is possible to go for the fishnet/polyamide top and black bra combo. More reserved ladies will use lace or mesh to subtly reveal part of their skin.

3. Dare the plunging neckline

In the same spirit as before, it is also possible to wear wide pants for women with a very plunging neckline. In fashion, there is a well-known rule: reveal the legs or the neckline, but never both at the same time. It is time to put this rule into practice.

To bring a little class to the outfit, wear white pants for women with a very low-cut top. Opt for a top either plain or covered with floral patterns. In any case, stay away from animal prints which can easily popularize a pronounced neckline.

4. What if you put on a belt?

Small clarification: this tip is only valid for women with a figure eight shape.

For the base of the outfit, combine wide women's pants with a top of another color. For example, you can wear a navy blue palazzo with a white lace top. And don't stop there.

Just before going out, add a thick belt around your waist. Ideally, it should be placed where the two garments intertwine. Just by adding this accessory, you will give a more sophisticated look to your wide women's trousers .

5. Fall for the "beach spirit"

Who said that summer lightness should be limited to the seaside?

So that the summer never stops, nothing better than loose pants . Choose one that is made from an extremely light fabric such as cotton or chiffon. Thus, with each step you take, the fabric will sway in the wind.

To these wide women's pants , add a top that slightly reveals your shoulders. To do this, you can opt for a boat neck or a top with thin straps. Complete the set with a straw hat or a white borsalino. It only took two clothes and an accessory to compose this summer outfit.

6. Bet on clothing classics

There are outfits that easily stand the test of time. Timeless, timeless, they have an effect regardless of the circumstances.

This is how all you need is a tied t-shirt to give a slightly rebellious look to high-waisted wide-leg pants . Note that this is a trick that also works perfectly with women's chinos . Add some jewelry, wear high heels and you're ready to go out.

7. Shift with sneakers

Attention: this clothing association is only possible if you are at least 1.70 m tall. Below, wearing sneakers with loose women's pants will make you look considerably smaller. For little ladies, it is recommended to always wear high-waisted wide-leg pants with shoes.

Once this point has been clarified, it is time to come back to the outfit itself.

By nature, loose pants look very sophisticated, very dressed up. It is a garment that evokes Cannes, the catwalks or the clothing standards of the jetset. What if you went against this ideology?

To break the very chic side of loose women's pants , pair them with sneakers and a perfecto. Again, this is only possible if you are tall. By daring this daring combination, you will obtain a modern and relaxed look.

8. Take the side of total loose

Are you tall? Do you like the loose style? If you answered yes twice in a row, wide women's pants are made for you.

Combine it with an XXL sweater in thick fabric to have this "comfy" effect. Choose a light color to bring a little cheerfulness to the outfit. In addition, tuck the sweater in at the waist to structure the silhouette.

Unsurprisingly, this outfit is intended only for tall and thin women. Otherwise, the large amount of fabric may wipe out the lady underneath.

9. A classic but oh so effective look

Why always try to create complex outfits? Sometimes the simplest combinations are the ones that work the best. To go to the office or for a walk, wear your wide high-waisted pants with a shirt. It's a simple formula that goes to everyone and is extremely effective.

Now you have no more excuses not to wear baggy pants . In the preceding lines, you have found nine ideas for associations. Impossible not to know how to wear it during one of your outings.

Now, there's only one problem left: you don't have loose women's pants yet. Browse the catalog to find one you like. Colorful, plain, light, thick, etc., we offer all types of loose pants.

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