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Article: Women's chinos: a key piece of masculine-feminine clothing

Le chino femme : un vêtement phare du masculin-féminin - Loëla
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Women's chinos: a key piece of masculine-feminine clothing

Sometimes you don't feel like snuggling up in a dress. You dream of comfort and ample movement. And there, your friends are probably telling you: "wear jeans" . The catch is, you're not in the mood to feel tissue stuck to your skin.

At such times, trousers are a natural choice: women's chinos .

Inspired by military uniforms, this natural textile garment is extremely comfortable. Once you put it on, you won't want to take it off. The icing on the cake: its contemporary look allows you to compose looks in tune with the times. What more ?

Definition: what do we mean by chinos?

Even if you follow the evolution of fashion, there is a chance in two that a question has arisen in your mind: "what are chinos?" . It's not really surprising. Indeed, in the past, only men were authorized to wear chinos.

Of military origin, chinos for women are characterized by their straight cut and natural fabric. In cotton or linen, it leaves you free to move while allowing your skin to breathe. When it's hot, the fact that it does not mold allows you to push a "phew" of relief.

Women's chinos are one of those garments that every woman must have in her wardrobe. Just like women's jeans , its versatility allows it to be worn both day and night. Note that it is always worn in 7/8 to bring a bit of femininity to the whole.

Women's chinos are the quintessence of masculine clothing repurposed for the women's wardrobe. From its military past, it has kept comfort and presence. But because it is intended for the fairer sex, it is more refined and closer to the body.

Ideally, women's chinos should be worn with a leather belt to emphasize the waist. Sometimes also, the latter can be substituted by a colorful scarf, more in a casual chic spirit. Of course, if you're not a fan of accessories, you can forget about belts or scarves.

Which morphology to wear chinos?

All body types are flattered by women's chinos . On women in H, it helps structure the silhouette and make it more masculine. On those in eight, it marks the waist and adds voluptuousness to buxom silhouettes. And these are just a few examples.

Small precision: even if all the ladies would benefit from having chino pants for women , they are particularly suitable for two morphologies.

Chinos: ideal pants for V-shaped bodies

When your advisor pointed out that you had a V-shaped body, it was a cold shower. Too long associated with massive shoulders and a male athlete's body, this morphology has suffered many jokes. What a pity...

Did you know that busty Angelina Jolie has a V-shaped body? Just like her, the radiant Cameron Diaz and the sulphurous Anna Kournikova display shoulders that are wider than their waists. So dare to say that these women are not feminine.

Because it balances the silhouette, women's chinos are a garment that particularly suits V-shaped bodies. They feminize, even if they are paired with a simple white blouse.

Pants that sublimate women in eight

Do you have an hourglass-shaped body? Marked waist, shoulders aligned with the hips, you are one of those who inspired the design of Betty Boop.

Not weighing down the silhouette, chinos for women allow you to emphasize your buxom curves. For even more seduction, add a belt or wrap a scarf around your waist. It's crazy how many heads you're going to turn in the street...

How to choose the right chino pants?

At this point, all your doubts are dispelled. You already know what chinos are and above all, you are sure that they will enhance your body. Only one mystery remains to be solved: what criteria should be used to select a women's chino that will suit you?

Choose your chinos according to the color

Even today, there is a dress error that is all too often committed: thinking that bright colors are reserved for summer. How false! In winter, add a bit of cheerfulness with mustard yellow or pine green chinos. After all, who said that the surrounding grayness should also be present on your clothes?

Chinos are one of the few garments that remain chic regardless of the color. In this sense, it is very similar to fluid pants for women , which are sophisticated, whatever their colors. If despite everything, you need assistance to select the color of your chinos, choose from the list below:
  • nude shades such as cream, beige, etc. ;
  • pastel shades such as salmon pink, water green, etc. ;
  • neutral shades such as navy blue, cream, beige, gray, khaki, etc. ;
  • vitamin shades such as camel, burgundy, mustard yellow, etc.

Choose your chinos according to the season

Chinos can be worn in summer as well as in winter, the trick is to pay particular attention to the material.

If your women's chinos are for hot days (summer and spring), don't look for noon to two o'clock. Linen and cotton remain the materials par excellence for summer models.

On the other hand, if this dress is intended to be worn in winter, it will be necessary to opt for thicker textiles. This is how wool, mohair or angora will be preferred. Woven from these materials, your women's chinos will be comfortable while being adapted to the winter climate.

Choose your chinos according to the occasion

One of the big advantages of chinos for women is that they are suitable for almost any occasion. Like the black women's pants , they are perfect for work meetings and outings with friends. On the other hand, it is a little too casual for more formal occasions such as weddings or baptisms.

What shoes to wear with chinos?

If you are at least 1.70 m tall, you can wear your chinos with flat sandals. It's a risky bet but one that can work if you have the right body type.

For petite women, the question does not even arise: chinos are worn with heels. Otherwise, you risk looking even smaller. In addition, there is a good chance that your general look will be too relaxed even for a day out.

From now on, you have all the keys in hand to wear chinos like an authentic fashionista. All you have to do is find a chino whose design will delight you. To do this, explore the catalog of, the online store that democratizes quality clothing.

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