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Article: Brunch in sight: which outfit to choose?

Brunch en vue : quelle tenue choisir ? - Loëla
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Brunch in sight: which outfit to choose?

After the pandemic, confinement and curfew, it's hard to keep your spirits up. Between conviviality, sharing and good food, brunch isthe perfect activity to take your mind off things during these difficult times. And it couldn't have been better, because you've just been invited for brunch. Of course, like all fashion lovers, you only have one thing in mind: the outfit you'll wear on the big day! Casual, cool, classic, sober or elegant? What style ? What clothes? What accessories? A little tour in your dressing room but no room seems to challenge you... What to do? Don't panic, if you have no idea of ​​an outfit for the occasion, Loëla is here to help you find the perfect brunch outfit!

Rule #1: put yourself in context!

The first instinct for dressing well for brunch is to imagine and project yourself into the context of the event. To begin, first ask yourself the right questions: are you invited to visit friends, family members, colleagues? Is it a summer, fall, spring or winter brunch? Indoor or outdoor brunch? Is it a wedding brunch or the day after the wedding? In short, you will have understood that every detail is important to find the ideal outfit.
tenue brunch

Check the weather

It is clear that you are not going to brunch with a little summer dress when it is -10 degrees outside! As you will not wear winter boots in the middle of summer. However, some points are less obvious, and to be totally comfortable on D-Day, you must be attentive. If the meal takes place outside, remember to check the weather conditions in advance. You can thus anticipate many inconveniences and avoid damaging your favorite pair of shoes. When the rain is at the rendezvous, bring warm and covering clothes. It would be a shame if you came home soaked or caught the flu the next day!

Dress according to your hosts

Finally, the main thing is that you feel comfortable in your clothes, so don't skimp on comfort. If you have a date with friends, you can afford a casual look for brunch, without going too sloppy. For a brunch with the beautiful family, you probably want to make a good impression. However, always balance chic with comfort, and remember, you are going to brunch, not a fashion show.

Simple and stylish for brunch: the essential combo!

The key to a successful brunch outfit is finding the perfect balance in your look. On Sundays, we tend to grab our jogging pants and a comfortable t-shirt to go shopping or take a walk in the park. For an outing in town or at the office, it's completely the opposite. The perfectbrunch outfit is halfway between these two styles.
But between Sunday outfit and city look, there is a huge gap, so how to find the right compromise? Here are some ideas for must-have pieces for going to "brunch" without taking the lead while being stylish!

The must-have jeans

Trendy and ultra comfortable, the pants will be your best ally for a cool brunch outfit. In summer, you can wear summer colors to brighten up your outfit. The advantage of jeans is their all-purpose side.You can pair it with a fluid top with three-quarter sleeves that you'll tuck nicely into your pants... Not to mention the belt to mark the waist, and you're done!
jean casual

The Blazer

In mid-season, when the temperatures start to rise slowly, you can play with the chic of the Cintrée or oversize blazer, this piece has several facets that you can modulate as you wish. On a white t-shirt and with boyfriend jeans, all you have to do is take out your beautiful sneakers for a chic-casual brunch outfit. For a wedding brunch outfit, just swap your sneakers for a nice pair of sandals with or without heels, and that's it.
blazer fleuri tenue de brunch

The Little Spring Dress

If dressing up isn't really your thing, but you still want to have a nice brunch outfit, then keep it simple! A pretty spring dress can do the trick perfectly. Long or short, the most important thing is to find the accessories that match. The floral patterns will bring color and cheerfulness to your brunch outfit. For a sexier look, opt for models with bare or slightly exposed shoulders. You'll be adorable, sexy, and comfortable for the occasion, all in 30 seconds, what more could you ask for?
robes printanière brunch

The trend of printed jumpsuits

Jumpsuit or playsuit? Take your pick!

Do you like simplicity? Jumpsuits are made for you! Theromper or jumpsuit are perfect for brunch outfits and suitable for any occasion. For an outfit for a wedding brunch, an event with family or friends, jumpsuits really go everywhere! They combine comfort and aesthetics at the same time, enough to make you have a pleasant time without being embarrassed. In addition, the suits have the advantage of being easy to put on, which will save you the many fitting sessions in the bedroom.

combinaison combishort imprimée

How to choose and wear a jumpsuit for brunch?

To bring a touch of elegance to your brunch outfit, we advise you to opt for models with a halterneck. This cut will highlight your shoulders and give the impression of lengthening your upper body. In terms of patterns and prints, floral jumpsuits are very fashionable. With flat lace-up or wedge sandals to stay in this comfortable and stylish atmosphere. If it's a bit chilly, you can pair your outfit with a pretty denim jacket. Prefer short pieces, as they offer good harmony between your upper body and do not hide your hips.
If you have a low-cut jumpsuit, a fitted jacket that reaches the waist will be perfect for showing off your feminine assets. For those who have a preference for plain and sober models, don't forget to add a little fun side to your brunch outfit. A black jumpsuit can be very chic, so you can match it with a more colorful jacket or accessories in more pronounced tones to have a quirky look.
Only downside, the suits are not very practical for going to the bathroom. But when you know how beautiful and comfortable they are, you quickly forget this little detail.

Wear the right shoes for brunch!

They say that a woman's shoes often reflect her personality, and there's a reason for that! Proper footwear is essential to have a complete and very stylish brunch outfit Your biggest challenge will then be to find the ideal pair, which will be able to adapt to the situation, the event, but above all your tastes , while being comfortable in your shoes.
Several elements will allow you to find the pair of your dreams, starting with your outfit. As accessories, shoes should be chosen according to your brunch outfit, and not the other way around!
To help you, here is a selection of shoes recommended by the Loëla specialists for brunching in style:

Flat sandals

Endowed with a much appreciated charm, these models of sandals are all the rage with long dresses in bohemian style. For a chic brunch outfit, choose sandals with crossover straps or set with gold or silver details. Some finishes such as sequins, lace, pearls, feathers are also suitable for formal occasions. In short, have fun!
sandales plates

Low top trainers and sneakers

Sneaker lover? You're in luck, because you can definitely wear your favorite pair to brunch! You just have to find the right association, at the risk of making a “fashion faux pas”. To wear sneakers without neglecting yourself, combine them with boyfriend jeans, simple and practical. Tennis, sneakers, slip-on, you can afford absolutely anything! Warning: lsneakers are not suitable for wedding brunches. For this type of event, a certain formality is required, so you can cross your sneakers off the list!
baskets et sneakers tendances

Sandals with heels open

A must-have in your wardrobe, open-heeled sandals are the most sensual of women's shoes. For a chic brunch outfit, these shoes will certainly be THE piece that will make all the difference. Block heels are all the rage these days, so take advantage of them! In addition, this type of heel reinforces the stability of your shoes, and is therefore more comfortable. Open-heeled sandals can be worn with a dress, palazzo-style pants, and even with a jumpsuit. If you're going to brunch with friends or family, keep your comfort in mind. Today there are models with small heels, which are also very elegant. That being said, who says open shoes, also says impeccable pedicure, so consider going to your beautician to look beautiful in your shoes.

Now that you know what to wear for brunch, it's up to you! You will find many pieces on the Loëla website, so don't hesitate to visit our shop, who knows, you might find what you're looking for!


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