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Article: Telecommuting: how to be comfortable and stylish?

Télétravail : comment être confortable et stylée ? - Loëla
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Telecommuting: how to be comfortable and stylish?

Telecommuting is topical. We love thefreedom and independence it offers us. On the way of working, but above all of living in general. To be productive and maintain a good state of mind, you need a certain balance, especially in the way you dress. It therefore seems essential to us to wear comfortable clothes when working from home, to optimize your performance. And above all: no constraints, no suits that tighten you up to the neck... Not to mention the pumps! When you work from home, you no longer have to ask yourself every morning: what am I going to wear today?!

No, comfort isn't everything. Between the pajamas and the cocooning atmosphere that reigns in your living room, it's not easy to be effective. And we can never repeat it enough: to be motivated, you have to put yourself in the right conditions, and that starts with taking care of your appearance! Today, the trend of loungewear for women is on everyone's mind. At Loëla, we have unearthed 4 tips for you to "telework" while being comfortable and stylish in your clothes! And without being ashamed to open to the postman...

The perfect compromise between home and work wear

vetements confortables et stylés télétravail

1. Finding the balance between comfort and style

We grant you: finding comfortable clothing for teleworking is not easy. The biggest challenge when working from home is finding a balance between women's comfort set and style. The secret to achieving this is to adopt a "professional" look, without forgetting that we are at home. First, to find comfortable clothes for teleworking, you have to start by saying NO to formalism. Choose outfits that you are sure to feel comfortable in throughout the day. Be careful though, you should know that when it comes to comfortable clothing while working from home, there is a big difference between being negligent and getting comfortable. Avoid comfort sets for women in your grandmothers or even the pieces you usually wear to sleep. Remember, the goal is to strike the right balance between comfort and style.

2. Feel beautiful to be more productive

Another important point: you need to get in shape, that is to say, move slowly from "home" mode to work mode. You're probably saying to yourself: "I'm at home, what's the point of dressing well, I might as well choose pajamas as comfortable clothing for my day of telework." " Lost ! Because before the eyes of others, you must first worry about the way you look at yourself. If you don't think you're beautiful before you start working, this can directly impact your motivation, and therefore your productivity. It is therefore essential to work on your appearance, and the brands have understood this well by creating clothing women's loungewear, both comfortable and beautiful! This phenomenon offers us clothing that follows current trends, while respecting everyone's comfort needs. Note, however, that wearing comfortable clothing for teleworking while taking care of your style does not necessarily imply that you have to dress in your best clothes, or take out your best dresses. Be simple, but effective at the same time.
And for that, we have a trick: when getting dressed, walk in front of the mirror and ask yourself: “Would I wear these clothes to go out?” If the answer is no, quickly review your wardrobe to find more suitable pieces. If you want to bring more colors, wear accessories, put on make-up, that's up to you! The main thing is that you feel good and ready to attack this new day of work with an iron mind.

3. Simple and practical outfits

So, still no idea what look to adopt when working from home? We still have solutions for you! Just think of the outfits you wear on family weekends or during a walk with your children in the park. The concept is more or less the same: simple and practical, but above all, which will give a good image of you! All of this, of course, without looking like a girl who just got out of bed. And why not take a tour of the stores specializing in women's loungewear? You will find many models of comfortable clothes for teleworking.

The stars of cocooning materials

pantalon teletravail
When we talk about loungewear for women, it's impossible not to mention the materials.

1. Cashmere

At the top of the list, we want to talk to you about cashmere. Thanks to its soft and fine fibers, it provides incomparable comfort to all your interior outfits. Known as a luxury textile, you'll certainly look good in a women's comfort set, cashmere sweater or dress. In addition to its very chic appearance, this exceptional material has great insulating properties. You can stay calm even during the winter, because your women's comfort set will keep you warm for sure! Be careful: the only downside of cashmere is its maintenance. However, its looks and its undeniable softness are definitely worth it, so you can go for it with your eyes closed!

2. The Mesh

When it comes to softness and fabric women's loungewear, we often also think of knits. Wrinkle-resistant, soft to the touch, easy-care, supple, beautiful outfit, this material definitely has it all! Whether you wear it as a dress, a lounge set, a sweater or a t-shirt, you will have a look casual and stylish at the same time. That's exactly what are we looking for? When it's cold, you can combine a classic shirt that you leave slightly protruding from your little knit sweater. This classic look will not only be ultra comfortable, but will also show you a little serious and mysterious side. In the middle of the season, the knit dress, whether short or long, will enhance your silhouette, while protecting you from the cold. You can accessorize it with fine and discreet jewelry to lighten the outfit, since the mesh is already quite thick. If you are tall and slender, you can add a nice belt to mark the waist and enhance your figure. For a bohemian chic style, this efeminine comfort set can be adopted without moderation. The must if you dare: opt for a long skirt, a slightly tapered or loose top to play with transparency, and flat sandals to complete the look.

3. Velvet

One last resolutely trendy material that we had to mention: velvet.It has become a staple of women's loungewear! Smooth or ribbed, this material brings a whimsical and warm touch to your outfit for the day. Soft and pleasant to the touch, velvet certainly has nothing to envy its competitors, especially since it comes in endless varieties. In jogging pants or as the main material of fake pajamas, it is the material of comfortable clothing for telework to be absolutely preferred to keep your chic and not neglected side.

Oversize at the heart of women's loungewear

vetements oversize

1. The must-have women's loungewear

From the 90s, Oversize fashion is now making a comeback on the catwalks of the biggest fashion houses. Originally reserved for hip-hop culture and Skateboard fanatics, the Oversize has become more democratic and is currently becoming a must-have in women's wardrobes and in women's loungewear. Much more than a fad, wearing large allows you to break up an overly classic look and bring a touch of madness to your clothing, and of course to favor comfort when working from home.

2. Comfort and freedom of movement

As far as comfort is concerned, Oversize clothing has it all: they provide great freedom of movement, without making you look like a potato sack. We prefer that! In short, the ideal way to be stylish in a women's outfit for the home, without worrying about it. Wide sweater, sweatshirt, dress, t-shirt, pants, everything is allowed! All you have to do is find the pieces that match your mood for the day.
robe oversize

3. Sporty oversize or chic oversize?

You couldn't miss it: the sporty Oversize is the classic look par excellence. Here, the crop top goes wonderfully with jogging and a pair of light sneakers. With this look, you will breathe freshness and find the motivation to work in the best conditions. I promise!
And the Oversize chic look, you know? Yes yes it exists, and know that it is one of the pillars of women's loungewear! To be elegant in XXL clothes, everything is a question of associations. The golden rule is to have a wide piece and a curved one… But never both! Do you want to wear an Oversize sweater but don't know what to wear it with or how to make it comfortable for teleworking? Slim jeans can perfectly complement this piece to make it a comfortable set for women, especially since they will bring a very refined side to the outfit. To accentuate the glamorous aspect, consider tucking part of your top into the pants. This ultra-fashionable little detail can make all the difference!

4. Adapt your outfit according to your morphology

NB: For each morphology, there is a suitable comfortable teleworking garment , and therefore an appropriate Oversize piece. If you are small or rather petite, avoid long coats that reach your ankles. This is also the case for the big XXL t-shirts that will make you feel like you're floating in your comfortable teleworking clothes. It is important to keep a certain harmony in your outfit, and therefore to choose a women's comfort set proportional to your figure.

Chic pajamas to feel good without feeling guilty!

pyjama chic teletravail

1.Rather sexy, classic or cocooning?

Who said you can't be stylish with pyjamas? With the evolution of women's loungewear and the arrival of new models of comfort sets for women, you will be surprised Pajamas can now be worn without any shame, provided you choose the right model! So are you more sexy, classic or cocooning? It's up to you to define your style in order to better find the type of comfortable clothing for your teleworking day.
Who wouldn't dream of being able to stay in their big Winnie the Pooh pajamas all day? Or hanging out in her super comfy candy pink boyshorts, while slouching on her couch waiting for inspiration? Fortunately, today there is a way to reconcile this absolute comfort with a more appropriate mode of clothing for work, and it is called the chic pajamas.

2. How to choose your chic pajamas?

But what does it consist of? In fact, all you have to do is dress in trendy pajamas, but in which you will be as comfortable as with your big onesie for example. To get an idea, start by opting for more mature prints and avoid anything that is cartoons, or any other extravagant patterns. Of course, it's less playful, but at least you'll have a much more serious image, and real comfortable clothes for teleworking. It will also help you concentrate better, and avoid embarrassment in the event of an unexpected visit. You can bet on fine striped patterns, which tend to bring chic to your comfort set for women. To refine the silhouette, prefer vertical stripes, or on the contrary horizontal lines if you want to gain volume.
Another trick that also works really well is to dflare up your look by wearing a basic or neutral top with loose, more colorful but still comfortable pants. Floral and wild patterns are currently in the spotlight, so don't hesitate to brighten up your outfit. For example, you can choose loose pants with palm tree motifs, and accompany them with a small white cotton top. For more style, tuck your top slightly into the wide trousers, you will have a nice contrast between casual and chic. To top it off, opt for pretty flat sandals that will let your feet breathe.
sandales plates confortables

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