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Article: The women's jumpsuit: an essential to have absolutely

La combinaison pantalon femme : un indispensable à posséder absolument - Loëla
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The women's jumpsuit: an essential to have absolutely

There are clothes that seduce immediately. Maybe it's because of the comfort they provide… Maybe it's because of their timeless allure… Or maybe it's only because their birth is intrinsically linked to historical revolutions.

The denim jumpsuit for women is a bit of all of this.

Appearing shortly after the First World War, the women's jumpsuit is very popular today. Formerly reserved for the elite corps of the army, it has gradually interfered in the daily lives of ordinary citizens. And today, it is a strong piece of the female wardrobe available in multiple variants.

The history of the women's jumpsuit

It was in 1919 that the very first women's wetsuit was born. Consisting of a single piece, this garment covers both arms and legs. Easy to wear and remove, it is also extremely comfortable.

Unsurprisingly, its first use was not stylistic. Oh no… In its early days, the suit was only intended for skydivers. When it came time to take the plunge, they needed clothing that didn't hinder their movements. However, the latter had to be closer to the body than the classic clothes so as not to get entangled in the ropes.

This is how the ancestor of the women's evening jumpsuit was born. Very far from the red carpets and closer to the combat fields, this suit was first of all a working tool.

The first wetsuits for women

In the 1930s, a well-known designer of the time, Elsa Schiaparelli, fell in love with this overalls. Using it as a base, she created a line of women's evening jumpsuits that will make a lot of noise. Even if critical reviews are glowing, only a few socialites will dare to wear them.

Yes… In 1930, the jumpsuit was still perceived as a masculine, even virile garment. Fortunately, less than two decades later, the situation is changing radically.

At the end of World War II, when women joined the labor force, the combination was somewhat feminized. The cut is even closer to the body and the trouser legs are available in bloomers.

Another stylist, Vera Maxwell, took the opportunity to revisit the women's jumpsuit (anchor) . While Elsa Schiaparelli designed elegant models, Maxwell will address sporty ladies. Riding on the appetite for fitness and well-being, this series of women's jumpsuits will meet with great success.

A little later, in 1950, the milliner Bonnie Cashin will take up the concept of women's evening jumpsuit . Again, the results are mixed. If a few public figures take up the challenge, the general public remains indifferent.

After more than 30 years, the suit is still perceived as a very utilitarian garment. It will take an iconic tailor and a major magazine for that to change.

Guy Laroche x Vogue: the revival of the jumpsuit

As the new year has just begun, Vogue editorialists are looking for a way to renew themselves. Known for being avant-garde, they are looking for a garment that lives up to their reputation.

It was at this precise moment that one of them suggested working with Guy Laroche.

Born July 26, 1921 in La Rochelle, Guy Laroche is a French couturier who wants to liberate the female body with mysterious and comfortable clothes. For him, haute couture should not be elitist. Known for his "ball" dresses and "surprise backs" , he is a creative who is not afraid to dare.

Contacted by Vogue's editorial team, he offered them a woolen and knitted jumpsuit. Photographed by Irving Penn, the latter will start a trend. A year later, the public's enthusiasm was such that Vogue offered two women's jumpsuit patterns in its January edition.

In 1978, singer Cher posed in a blue jumpsuit with silver sequins. A true urban legend, it will forever anchor the chic women's jumpsuit in mores. Since then, her notoriety has continued to grow.

Which combination to wear according to its morphology?

Despite prejudices, the chic women's jumpsuit is not reserved for certain body types. Whether you are tall, short, thin or round, there is at least one model that will perfectly show you off. It's all about knowing which one it is.

If you are small

From the top of your 1.60 m, you are a petite young lady. Small in size, you like to be elegant and dressed in all circumstances. Even if the classic jumpsuit can fit you like a glove, prefer the women's playsuit .

Stopping right above the knee, this feminine garment reveals your legs and therefore lengthens the silhouette. If you also wear this women's jumpsuit with high heels, the effect will be increased tenfold.

For ladies with small shoulders, it is strongly recommended to choose a model with thin straps or an openwork bustier. Lover of patterns? Stay away from the lines and go for gingham prints or small florals.

If you are tall

Mean by that that you are over 1.70 m tall. In this case, the objective of the denim jumpsuit for women will be to bring relief to your silhouette. In this way, you will avoid the "long stem" effect which can be detrimental to you.

To do this, bet on models whose top and bottom contrast strongly. For example, the women's evening jumpsuit can be gold in the upper part and completely black in the legs. Or, you can go for a body-hugging jumpsuit at the top that features very flared legs.

The goal is to create a break at the hips much like women's dungarees would. Visually, two easily identifiable parts must be distinguished.

If you have curves

Spotlight on the fitted jumpsuit! Delicately emphasizing your developed breasts and your plump buttocks, the latter will increase your sex appeal tenfold. Be careful, however, not to choose materials that are too tight… Ideally, the fabric should undulate according to your curves without sticking them.

For those with an hourglass-shaped body, it is also possible to tie a belt at the waist. Thus, your luscious morphology will really be highlighted.

What to accessorize the jumpsuit with?

Once chosen, the denim jumpsuit for women still needs to be accessorized. Yes… It's only a base that needs to be magnified so as not to have a basic look.

Add a kimono, a long coat or a shawl for a touch of elegance. On the chic women's jumpsuit , place some flashy jewelry or prick a brooch. Of course, pay particular attention to the bag and the shoes that you will wear with the women's denim jumpsuit.

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