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Article: 5 characteristics of bohemian clothes

5 caractéristiques des vêtements bohèmes - Loëla
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5 characteristics of bohemian clothes

Even if you're not into boho chic, there's a 95% chance your heart has already raced over a bohemian wedding dress . Airy, it emphasizes feminine curves with unparalleled grace. Minimalist, it is the very proof that elegance is found in the absence of frills.

To appreciate bohemian chic , you don't need to be a follower of this philosophy of life. It is enough just to list the advantages of these clothes.

1. Lightweight materials

It is no coincidence that the bohemian chic dress is systematically put forward during summer and spring. When the temperature exceeds 25° C, the last thing you want is to bundle up in heavy fabrics. Precisely, the country dress is systematically made in aerial textiles.

Cotton, muslin, polyester, … By definition, the bohemian wedding dress is designed to float in the wind.

Do not forget that initially the creators of this style were either traveling artists or gypsies. Having to travel long distances, they were unwilling to wrap themselves in heavy clothing. Between the excessive sweating and the limitations of movement, they would have had great difficulty in maintaining this lifestyle.

Even today, this need for freedom is found through the materials used in bohemian chic clothing. Extremely light, they allow you to take full advantage of the beautiful season.

2. Sleek cuts

Long before Marie Kondo extolled the merits of minimalism, followers of bohemian chic clothes were feeling the effects. Take a few minutes to contemplate a country dress . You may have noticed that its cut is quite simple. This is one of the characteristics of bohemian chic.

For the followers of this stylistic current, it is not necessary to complicate the architecture of the clothes. Thus, a dress for a wedding will have a simplistic design, which will be embellished with a few cutouts or a delicate set of materials.

The same is true of other bohemian clothing such as the kimono or the shawl. Very often, the haircut itself is quite pared down. However, by using satiny materials or strong patterns, the stylist manages to bring cachet.

Are you one of those people who don't like excess in their clothes? With bohemian chic, you will be fully satisfied.

3. A spring spirit but not only

Would bohemian chic really be complete without mentioning prints? Probably not. Forget the cliché of large floral motifs in the "flower power" movement. Today, the bohemian dress is closer to Mother Nature with more discretion.

May be present, the flowers are more delicate and, in general, more refined. At the same time, to make them stand out, the emphasis is now on color contrast and not on size.

Concretely, what does this mean?

To create a bohemian patterned wedding dress , a stylist will try to find two opposing colors. For example, he will put ecru flowers on a raven black blouse. Thus, although small in size, the latter will give a strong identity to this bohemian chic garment.

It is important to specify that the bohemian dress is not always in a floral spirit. Eclectic, the bohemian style borrows stylistic elements from other currents. As examples, it is possible to mention in particular:

  • jeans: pants born in popular culture but which embrace bohemian values. Indeed, jeans have been associated with the American youth's thirst for freedom and the liberation of morals;
  • leather: rock'n'roll, baby! Is it really necessary to explain why these two movements come together? Both advocate independence, freedom and acceptance of others as they are;
  • the fringes: in their era, cowboys were brave warriors ready to do anything to make their dreams come true. Always on the road, they only stopped for a mission or a passing love affair.

4. An extremely versatile style

The advantage of bohemian chic is that this style can be used in almost any circumstance.

Thus, to dazzle the crowd, opt for an evening dress that borrows from the bohemian spirit its relaxation and carelessness. As soon as you put on this bohemian wedding dress , your beauty will be sublimated in a natural way. Without forcing and with indolence, the bohemian chic dress will make you the center of attention.

At the same time, you will have no trouble being resplendent on a daily basis. Worn differently, the same dress will become daytime wear. This is one of the greatest strengths of bohemian chic. By advocating assumed freedom, this current promotes the creation of clothes as versatile as a Swiss army knife.

5. Fashion essentials

Even if you are not aware of it, bohemian chic is probably already part of your clothing routine. From this ideological current were born the basics of the female wardrobe. For example :

  • the country dress: in summer or spring, it is impossible to take a step without noticing a long flowery dress. Pleasant to wear, feminine, it systematically returns to the front of the stage as soon as the good weather returns;
  • the kimono: in recent years, the ultralight kimono has established itself as a trendy piece. Coming from the bohemian trend, it is the very proof that creativity knows no limits;
  • the long skirt: yet another legacy of bohemian culture;
  • cowboy boots: cowboy shoes, they became trendy again when bohemian style won the hearts of fashionistas;
  • necklaces;
  • etc

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