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Article: Expert advice: wear the women's t-shirt like a pro

Conseils d'experts : porter le tshirt femme comme une pro - Loëla
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Expert advice: wear the women's t-shirt like a pro

There are clothes that have become legendary because of their inimitable look. With disconcerting simplicity, it reveals the inner beauty of those who wear it. Without a doubt, the women's t-shirt is one of these classics.

Whether you're a fashionista or a tomboy, you have at least one in your wardrobe. Maybe you even have a collection of timeless white crew neck t-shirts…

From oversized t-shirts for women to more standard cuts, this garment is a rare pearl whose potential is not always known. Who has never lacked inspiration when faced with one of these tops?

Not knowing what to associate it with or how to wear it, you hesitate to put it on. Wait a minute ! Before putting it away, take a few minutes to read this article. There is a 95% chance that you will find the answer to your questions there.

Definition: what is a women's t-shirt?

A T-shirt is a cotton jersey jersey, initially collarless and short-sleeved, whose shape recalls that of the letter "T" . It is from this atypical silhouette that this unisex garment takes its name. In English, "T" is pronounced "tee"/"ti" while "chemise" translates to "shirt" . Literally speaking, t-shirt therefore means "T-shirt" .

If by chance one of your relatives asks you about the linguistic origins of the women's t-shirt , you will now know what to answer.

In which year were the first t-shirts created?

Several sources are opposed concerning the exact genesis of the t-shirt. However, everything suggests that the t-shirt is a sartorial relic of the United States Navy. In the 1920s, it was used as an undergarment to warm men beaten by the winds and the sea. Back on Earth, they began to wear it on a daily basis.

For a long time reserved for naval teams, the t-shirt will enter the mass market in the 1940s. Highlighted on the cover of magazines such as Life , it will gradually become part of the daily life of Americans. And with the women's post-war revolutions, the women's t-shirt will officially see the light of day.

Who is behind the first t-shirt?

Again, impossible to say for sure. Despite the efforts of historians, no one knows exactly who designed the first T-shirt. Nevertheless, the archives have identified three companies that were at the forefront of its industrial production. These include in particular:

  • Fruit of the loom , a company established in Rhodes Island in 1851;
  • Pilgrim Sears-Roebuck , a company founded in Chicago in 1886;
  • Hanes Knitting Company , a company established in Winston-Salem in 1902.

In the 19th century, these three companies were the undisputed leaders of the t-shirt market. And then, other players came into play, dethroning them or buying them out.

5 tips for choosing the right t-shirt for women

Is it really necessary to remember how much the women's t-shirt is a wardrobe basic? Essential, it is found in the locker room of all women. Young ladies, mature ladies, curvy, fine, sophisticated, urban… Just like the flowing women's blouse , the t-shirt is a must-have item of clothing.

However, be careful to choose it well. If you're a seasoned fashionista, you know that not all cuts are necessarily flattering. Before falling for a women's t-shirt , make sure it highlights your morphology.

1. The neckline of the t-shirt

For the women's t-shirt to really highlight you, select an opening that enhances your bust. Remember that this is the part closest to your face and therefore one of the most visible.

If you have a really generous chest (D cup and more), the ideal women's t-shirt has a V-neckline. With sophistication, the latter will highlight your assets while preventing you from falling into vulgarity. Sensual but not too much, the V-shaped opening reveals just the right amount of skin.

For small busts, it is better to turn to round necks. Very feminine, this neckline softens the silhouette. For women with somewhat masculine features, this is a great way to be visually softer.

Note that it is also possible to fall for a t-shirt with an oval opening. Due to its shape, it counterbalances the square shoulders and reminds of the beautiful summer days.

2. The length of the t-shirt

If you are petite, the oversized women's t-shirt is not the model that will suit you best. Because of its length, it will make you lose precious centimeters. And because it's bulky, you'll look even thinner because of the fabric overflow. Preferably, it is a garment to be reserved for tall ladies.

Like the oversized t-shirt, the crop top should be used sparingly. The fact that it is a fashionable garment does not necessarily mean that you should adopt it. This women's t-shirt should only be worn on three occasions:

  • if you have a flat stomach;
  • if you plan to associate it with a high-waisted bottom;
  • if you want to lengthen your legs.

Apart from three situations, wearing a crop top is out of the question. Above all, resist the temptation to pair a crop top with low-rise bottoms. With such an association, it is very easy to fall into vulgarity.

There is a women's t-shirt length that suits everyone: the one that stops right at the hips. It is a basic configuration that gives excellent results regardless of age, size or morphology.

3. T-shirt sleeves

Very elegant, the three-quarter sleeves flatter absolutely all silhouettes. Confusing a diva look, they are deceptively retro and breathtakingly graceful. It's not necessarily the rounds you think of the most and yet... Give them a chance, you won't regret it.

On women with slender arms, short sleeves enhance the delicacy of the features. And for round arms, nothing better than the women's tank top . Worn with grace, this garment is not only feminine but also easy to combine.

The only configuration that can be risky: long sleeves. They tend to masculinize the silhouette and structure the shoulders too much. If you have square shoulders, this is a women's t-shirt best avoided.

4. The size of the t-shirt

This criterion is extremely easy to fulfill. Take a women's tshirt in your size. If you wear XS, buy the model of your choice in XS. If you are a curvy woman, select a long women's t shirt that takes your proportions into account.

Designed to follow the lines of the body without molding them, the women's t-shirt is at its best when worn at the right size.

5. Color and material

Regarding the subject, no need to look for noon to fourteen. The best t-shirts for women are those made of cotton. Offering similar comfort to that provided by a women's lace top , they are also easy to care for and put on long.

In terms of colors, bet on the basics. In any wardrobe, there should be at least one black and one white t-shirt. In addition to these neutral shades, it is possible to add more daring colors. Khaki, gray, purple, yellow, brown, … Let your creative spirit speak when the time comes to choose a women's t-shirt .

With what clothes to wear a women's t-shirt?

With all. This is why the women's t-shirt is so popular.

For an impromptu outing with friends, put on a white t-shirt before adding raw denim pants. Add a pair of pumps, some jewelry and you can walk with your head held high.

For more formal occasions, it is also possible to combine a women's tshirt with leather skirts, fabric pants and other bottoms. Even during chic evenings, you have the possibility of mismatching your suit with a women's t-shirt .

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