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Article: 7 outfits to make with a long-sleeved top

7 tenues à réaliser avec un top à manche longue - Loëla
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7 outfits to make with a long-sleeved top

It is not always easy to wear a long-sleeved t-shirt for women . Because it is made up of straight lines, this dress quickly masculinizes the silhouette. Inevitably, when composing your outfit, you hesitate to include it in the equation.

So that dressing up with a long-sleeved top is no longer a Chinese puzzle, get inspired by the looks below.

1. Look like a dancer

To achieve this look to perfection, it is necessary that the t-shirt is tight or at least hugs the curves. If the fabric is rigid, the rendering will be much less spectacular. Also note that it is a daytime outfit that is particularly suitable for sunny days.

For a graceful silhouette, wear your women's tee with a skater cut tulle skirt. Mean by this that the latter flares from the waist and stops just above the knee.

The advantage of the tulle skirt is that its extreme femininity immediately breaks the sometimes somewhat masculine side of the long-sleeved t-shirt for women . In addition, it allows you to reveal a little skin and therefore add a touch of sensuality. Just by combining these two pieces, you will be both refined and in tune with the times.

However, it would be a shame to stop on such a good path.

To complete the set, bet on pumps revealing the top of your foot. With this trick, you will lengthen your legs and visually clear your figure. If the climate is suitable, add a pair of sunglasses. In cold weather, wrap a scarf around your neck.

And There you go ! With this chic and effective combination, don't be surprised to see heads turn as you walk by.

2. Play the rock'n'roll card

Endowed with a rebellious spirit, you are one of those who swears only by leather, jeans and rivets. Good news: the long-sleeved top lends itself perfectly to the rock'n'roll style.

To stay true to your primary nature, wear it with a black leather biker jacket. For even more style, slightly overflow the fabric of the perfecto sleeve. Rock'n'roll, add a few rings on your fingers for a spectacular effect. And that's not all…

For the bottom of your outfit, bet on blue or black skinny jeans. Add black suede boots that go up to the ankle. Be careful though… To avoid choking on the long-sleeved t-shirt for women , it is best to opt for a boot that ends at the edge of the pants.

For the perfectionists, it is possible to add a pair of dark glasses and do a wavy style.

3. Be a fashionable businesswoman

For women who wear multiple hats in a single day, the women's long sleeve t-shirt is lifesaving. Covering the arms, it helps to protect against the sun or a little strong air conditioning.

And because it looks more formal than a classic top, you won't be turned away at the entrance to select venues. Appearing in the pantheon of chic women's tops , it has long conquered elegant young ladies.

To wear it well, it's extremely simple: pair it with a pencil skirt. To avoid falling into the too formal side, slightly roll up the sleeves of the top. At the same time, bet on a skirt that is slightly atypical. For example, it could be embellished with flowers or be in a lively color.

In the same vein, brighten up your outfit with colorful shoes. The biggest risk of the long-sleeved top + pencil skirt combination is to look too classic. In order to avoid this trap, it is absolutely necessary to bet on original, colorful and resolutely contemporary accessories.

4. Make mystery reign with a coat

To intrigue the people around, nothing better than a large coat. Able to stop at the knees or down to the ankles, this overcoat immediately enhances the standing of an outfit. Combining exceptionally well with a long-sleeved t-shirt for women , it can be declined in two variants.

Wear the coat in an urban way

City dweller and proud of it, you are keen on urban and trendy styles. Of course, pairing your long-sleeved top with a coat isn't the first idea that comes to mind. And yet...

To break the sometimes old-fashioned side of a large coat, wear it with skinny jeans. Note that the latter may be faded or have some tears. Under your coat, put on the long-sleeved t-shirt of your choice. Complete with a tote, a pair of pumps and your outfit is complete.

Wear the coat elegantly

Want more sophistication? Wear your women's top with dress pants in the same color. Just by opting for a more elaborate cut and a more upscale fabric, you will already have that little extra that makes the charm of ladies .

It is important to specify that it is possible to go even further but in all subtlety. By adding a brooch, you bring an extra sparkle to an outfit that already stands out. Complete with a tall black hat and jewelry.

A trick that works every time

For neophytes, the coat is a piece of clothing that can be impressive. At the same time, it is true that it occupies a large volume...

To be sure to pull off all the looks including this overcoat, play – partially – the monochrome card. So, if your lace tank top is black, choose pants of the same color. Then, add a touch of madness by opting for a coat in another shade.

Thus, the base is monochrome and the coat enhances the whole with sophistication.

5. Dare to wear mini shorts in wool or tweed.

Yes… You read that right: wool or tweed mini shorts. Especially not in jeans.

For an organized meal during the weekend with your friends, dare to combine a women's long-sleeved T-shirt with mini woolen shorts. If you're modest or it's cold, add black tights of at least 40 denier.

Very elegant, the gray herringbone wool shorts are a piece that immediately adds sophistication to an outfit. Wear it with a women's long-sleeved t-shirt and a brightly colored scarf. Add a large bracelet and a pair of ankle boots to complete the outfit.

6. Make your Mistinguett with wide pants

It is perfectly possible to wear a long-sleeved top with wide pants without being absorbed by the fabric. To do this, create relief by choosing colors that oppose each other. So, in case your women's long sleeve t-shirt is black, pair it with white pants.

Be careful though… For this look to be effective, it is essential to select correctly proportioned pieces. For example, if the long-sleeved top or the pants are too loose, the rendering will not be exactly the same. It's a silhouette that's a little difficult to compose but which always has an effect when it's successful.

7. Look like a princess with a long skirt

Last way to wear a long-sleeved t-shirt for women , associate it with a long and preferably pleated skirt. Create contrast by putting on a black t-shirt with a brightly colored bottom (green, yellow, orange, etc.). Of course, it is necessary to wear heels to visually gain a few centimeters.

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