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Article: What clothes to wear according to your hair color?

Quels vêtements porter selon votre couleur de cheveux ? - Loëla
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What clothes to wear according to your hair color?

What clothes to wear depending on your hair color?

When it comes to clothing, body type serves as a guide to finding the cuts that flatter your figure. Like skin tone, hair color indicates the right colorimetric choices. Often neglected, this criterion still influences more than 50% on the selection of colors to wear and to avoid. Here are some practical tips to keep in mind to match your outfit to your hair color, whether it's natural or not.

Why identify the right colors of clothes?

More than just a matter of taste, color has a real importance on the style of clothing, the look and the image projected on your surroundings. By appearing in front of a mirror at the time of the fitting, whether at home or in the store, a woman is often able to determine whether the piece chosen is suitable for her or not. Even if the cut and the material perfectly sublimate the silhouette, it happens thatthe color is the detail that can ruin everything. The explanation is very simple. The color of the top, skirt or jacket just doesn't match the hair color.

Even if the latest fashion trends emphasize one or more distinct shades for the whole year or for a particular season, be aware that the look on a person with a tanned complexion and brown hair will not necessarily be the same on another woman with a fair complexion and blonde hair. To dress well, it is therefore essential to turn to colors of clothing that match those of your hair.

Of course, by having a first look of the colors that go best with the color of your hair, you avoid purchases that you may regret later, and which will end up, as we all know, at the bottom of your closet for years! In addition to realizing great savings in time and money, you are simply building a wardrobe that is both pleasant and functional. You will thus wear most of your pieces of clothing without complexes and in perfect harmony with yourself.

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