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Article: Women's streetstyle: how to dress like celebrities

Streetstyle femme : comment s'habiller comme les célébrités - Loëla
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Women's streetstyle: how to dress like celebrities


Celebrities, whether in the music sector or the 7th art sector, are true fashion influencers. For each of their outings and their appearances in urban areas, their outfits are meticulously studied to highlight a trend. Each of them has their own way of displaying themselves in a streetstyle look modern and efficient. You should know that dressing like celebrities cannot be improvised . Here are some tips and practical advice to help you adopttheir most beautiful celebrity looks without worrying about it.

The streetstyle look, what exactly is it?

A bit of history

A large majority of experts claim that the younger generation was at the origin of this rather atypical new style. Indeed, during the 1950s, particularly in the United States, the "bored" youth, who were above all tired of the way of life that was far too strict at the time, rebelled. The movement was then accompanied by a great revolution in terms of clothing. During this period, the codes as well as the principles of society were questioned, to give way to a style entirely completely new. American milliner and fashion editor Bill Cuningham was among the first people to take an interest in street fashion. In the 1960s, he mostly photographed looks seen on the street, focusing only on the combination of pieces of clothing, without dwelling on the person.

Streetstyle for women: definition

Streetstyle, as its name suggests, refers to urban fashion. In a way, it is about fashion that has evolved in an urban environment, and not on the catwalks or at the initiative of the great designers. The women who go to work, who walk the streets of the big fashion capitals, who enjoy shopping or those who queue for a coffee to take away are those who convey the codes of streetstyle. You should still know that the urban style has no particular rules. The focus is essentially on how they combine wardrobe basics with pieces and accessories that bring a touch of originality and fantasy to the outfit, for a made both original, chic and trendy. Along with magazines and catwalks, the street now inspires the fashion world.

streetstyle femme

Jeans: the star piece of a women's streetstyle look

Denim pants are unquestionably THE basic piece of clothing that everyone must have in their wardrobe to compose a women's streetstyle look. Slightly faded, destroy type sparingly without overdoing it or entirely blue like new, it comes in an infinity of cuts, ranging from slim, flare and bootcut structures to boyfriend and XXL models. Everything is allowed provided you are trendy and wear it in the right size, and especially with the right pieces. In celebrities, denim pants are the base of the outfit. It is no longer the default item of clothing on Sundays or on impromptu outings. Stars use it to highlight their slender or luscious silhouettes with style and elegance.

Representing Generation Z,singer Dua Lipa has mastered the art of wearing XXL jeans to perfection. During her appearances in urban areas, she appeared with high-waisted oversized jeans topped with a leather trench coat. To rebalance the proportions, and avoid the “too much” rendering, the interpreter of New Rules preferred to opt for a crop top and a mini-bag. The outfit is simply synonymous with comfort, while remaining stylish and modern. So ​​you can adopt the look for strolling around town or going to a restaurant with the girlfriends.

The jacket

Thejacket is also inseparable from the women's streetstyle movement. Narrow, wide, long or short, this piece of clothing typical of the working girl style simply refines the outfit, adding a refined and elegant touch. It is also the most visible piece of clothing in the outfit when you walk through the streets of your city. Even if Californian stars have the privilege of living with more or less mild temperatures throughout the year, they still decided not to ignore this great classic of the female wardrobe. To complete women's streetstyle looks, celebrities set their sights on blazers or leather jackets to cover the shoulders. Bright colors and patterns are preferred to attract even more attention and stand out in the crowd.

The mom "trendy chic" Jessica Alba wears the military style jacket in a chic and elegant way. To feminize the outfit, she associates it with slim leather pants, colorful stilletos and a leather shoulder strap. Although it is quite casual,this streetstyle look is perfect for work, outings with friends and shopping sprees.

Australian top-model Miranda Kerr, for her part, opted for an extra-long colored coat that was perfectly fitted to her morphology, which served to conceal a rather comfortable look with trousers and a black top . Dizzying high heels come complete the streetstyle look for the feminine touch and the sexy side. Although relatively simple, Miranda Kerr's women's streetstyle look is ideal for traveling, but also for going out for a drink on the terrace.

The jacket is also often featured on the women's streetstyle outfits of American actress and model Olivia Palermo. For a casual chic look , she opts without hesitation for a boyfriend coat worn over the shoulder that covers close-fitting ¾ pants and a sweater. Leather loafers and an XXL handbag complete the package. The rather casual outfit is still elegant and neat for the office. You can even wear it without hesitation during your business meetings.


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