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Article: Complete guide: everything you need to know about women's jeans

Guide complet : tout savoir du jeans pour femme - Loëla
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Complete guide: everything you need to know about women's jeans

The mere mention of his name brings smiles. Easy to wear, adapted to the rhythm of urban life, women's jeans are a wardrobe staple.

An unexpected meeting with potential international representatives? Quickly put on your women's mom jeans and hit the road. A meeting with the girls? Your high-waisted jeans will be perfect for tasting all the dishes while keeping a flat stomach. An evening in a nightclub planned just now? Again, jeans will keep you going.

Essential today, jeans have not always been so well received. There was a time when only manual craftsmen had an appetite for this garment.

Who invented jeans?

If today you have the opportunity to wear women's boyfriend jeans , it's thanks to two men: Levis Strauss and Davis.

The first is a Bavarian Jew who decided to try his luck in the United States when he was only 18 years old. Six years later, he embarked on the textile industry. His first customers were minors for whom he made thick fabrics that acted as protection.

In 1872, his path will cross paths with Davis. A tailor originally from Latvia, Davis bought him sturdy fabrics to design lumberjack pants. Except that, when sewing, he has a genius idea: to use leather rivets at the level of the pockets and the usual wear areas.

Jeans as we know them today had just been born.

Subsequently, Davis will choose to partner with Levis to patent his discovery. Even today, it is this concept created in 1872 which is the guarantor of the robustness of wide jeans for women .

Which jeans for which morphology?

Since its inception, jeans have come a long way. Today, it comes in a plethora of drastically different cuts. Women's bootcut jeans , women's mom jeans , high-waisted jeans , ... Given the vastness of choice, it's easy not to know where to turn. Fortunately, Loëla's clothing advisers are not stingy with good advice.

Find out what the main types of women's jeans are and most importantly, which ones look best on you.

The classic jeans

Completely straight from the waist to the hips, these women's jeans are the first to have been created. Comfortable, it follows the lines of the body without ever molding them. In this sense, it is a little closer to fluid pants for women . It does not aim to become a second skin. Instead, it just stays close to the body while offering minimal space.

In terms of morphology, classic jeans don't really have any preferences. Whether you are luscious or filiform, it will fit you like a glove.

Bootcut jeans

A little cowboy, the bootcut jeans hug the thighs before flaring out from the knees. These are very feminine jeans that are particularly suited to young ladies who have marked hips. Thanks to its design, these jeans make it possible to balance their silhouettes, thus highlighting them.

Flared jeans

Inspired by the bootcut, the flare jeans are characterized by much wider legs. Here, the jeans do not marry the thighs along the descent. From the crotch, it becomes voluminous and flares out a little more as it gets closer to the ground.

Sometimes called flare jeans, flare jeans are becoming increasingly popular. Note that only the use of denim distinguishes it from loose pants for women . For ladies who appreciate the comfort of loose pants, flares can be a more contemporary alternative.

Slim jeans

Extremely sexy, slim jeans follow each of your curves. Waist, hips, buttocks, thighs, ... it's all there. Having also become a classic, slim jeans allow you to emphasize your femininity without falling into vulgarity.

Skinny jeans

Let's say it's an even more form-fitting version of skinny jeans. Drawing the smallest details of your anatomy, skinny jeans require a hefty dose of self-confidence. In general, it is only recommended for very thin women. Indeed, since it highlights all the imperfections, it is unflattering for luscious women.

Boyfriend jeans

As its name suggests, these pants are directly inspired by the men's wardrobe. Much straighter than the "straight", it falls delicately on the hips and is always in 7/8. Very trendy, it is worn with pumps and a day bag to have a "working girl" look .

Mom jeans

This is the women's jeans worn decades ago. Returning to the front of the stage, these jeans are recognizable by their loose waist and tapered thighs. Suitable for all physical types, its popularity is not about to diminish.

What to wear jeans with?

The good news is that women's boyfriend jeans can be worn anywhere. At work, at home, on the street, ... There are plenty of opportunities to wear one of these garments.

For example, women's bootcut jeans will be perfect for going out with friends. Very easy to wear, all you need is a blouse for it to lend itself to a formal setting such as a professional meeting. At the same time, worn with a floral blouse, it will be much more relaxed.

And this is just one example among many others.

Well accessorized, khaki women's pants will suit any occasion. The same is true of jeans.

With a pair of trainers, a t-shirt and a perfecto, the latter conveys the image of a young lady who has just left a rock concert. Replace the t-shirt with a white shirt and remove the perfecto. In just a few seconds, you have an office outfit based on wide jeans for women .

Jeans can be worn with everything. T-shirts, blouses, necklines, ... Whatever the top, be sure it will look great with high-waisted jeans . Ditto for overcoats: blazers, jackets and perfectos are all enhanced by the presence of jeans.

At the level of the shoes, the story is exactly the same. Women who swear by sneakers will find what they're looking for, as will heels enthusiasts.

Where can I find quality jeans?

Victim of its own success, jeans have been plagiarized too many times. Now, finding pants that don't lose their color or shape in the wash is anything but easy. Fortunately, there are still purists who are keen to defend the real "jeans". This is particularly the case of Loëla.

A French store located in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, Loëla only exhibits first-class women's jeans . Solid while being comfortable, the jeans we sell are made to last. Trusting us, you won't have to worry about your women's mom jeans becoming saggy.

Take a few seconds to browse our offer of women's jeans . Undoubtedly, you will find at least one that will meet your expectations.

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