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Article: Complete guide: everything you need to know about the bucolic long summer dress

Guide complet : tout savoir de la bucolique robe longue été - Loëla
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Complete guide: everything you need to know about the bucolic long summer dress

Recently, your days have started to the rhythm of hummingbirds chirping. Finally, the summer season is here... Pay homage to the beautiful days with a magnificent long floral dress . Like the surrounding nature, this long flowing dress adorns itself with fresh flowers and follows the movements of the wind.

A fan of plain designs? You will be happy to know that the long dress woman is not required to display patterns. As versatile as a chameleon, the long summer dress is constantly reinventing itself to the delight of fashionistas.

What is a long dress for women?

Fluid, stopping at the ankles, the long summer dress has a mischievous side that is not to displease. Do you remember when, younger, you took pleasure in twirling your petticoat? Adopting a long wrap dress will allow you to reconnect with this simple pleasure.

Designed to be graceful, these dresses wave in the wind. With each step you take, they vibrate in a delicate pendulum motion. Because of this characteristic, the long dress is a garment that highlights feminine sensuality. With elegance, it accentuates the curves that you are lucky to have.

What straps for a long summer dress?

Since the long flowing dress is first thought for the summer season, it shows in its design. For ladies who like to feel the heat of the sun on their skin, it is thus possible to fall for a long sleeveless dress .

Small clarification: this is not the only option.

Large breasts can make it difficult to wear sleeveless dresses. Or it's your shy character that makes you prefer the long wrap dress . Maybe it's just a preference... You are one of those people who swear by the comfort of dresses with straps.

In either case, the designers have thought of you. Wrap models, thick straps, puffed sleeves... The long floral dress can take on a thousand and one faces. Among these, you will find at least one that meets your personal criteria.

Note that if you appreciate a slight support, bet instead on models with thin straps or halter type.

What fabrics are used in a long wrap dress?

Don't forget... Initially, the long wrap dress was intended to be worn in summer while remaining elegant. It is therefore quite natural that designers favor light fabrics.

With its satin aspect, silk brings a very chic side to any long flowing dress . For late aperitifs, receptions on yachts or formal evenings, bet on the long satin dress. As soon as it slips over your shoulders, it will adorn you with a natural chic that will be hard to resist.

More suited to daytime walks, the long dress for women is an ode to natural beauty. Simple while remaining qualitative, this fabric is an ode to the free spirit of bohemian culture. Summery, a little angelic, a dress cut in this fabric will command the respect of your peers.

Another very popular textile when making a long flowing dress : viscose. Light, soft, airy, dancing... the qualifiers are lacking to describe this etheric fabric. Made from wood pulp, viscose is the guarantee of a long wrap dress that waves beautifully in the wind.

When to wear a long dress?

The answer may surprise you: all events lend themselves to wearing a woman's long dress . The key is to choose the model that best meets the requirements of the circumstances.

When to wear a long floral dress?

Let's take a concrete example. Suppose you are invited to a brunch in the garden of an old mansion. Subtly nodding to verdant landscapes, the floral dress will be perfect for the occasion. As other examples suitable for wearing this garment, it is also possible to mention: country weddings, walks on the beach or simply outings in town.

When is it appropriate to wear a long wrap dress?

Also called a long wrap dress , the long wrap dress is characterized by the presence of a V-neckline. In witness of which, it will be perfect for structuring small necklines and emphasizing the hips.

Like any long flowing dress , the use of this garment suits almost any occasion. It's more the material that will make the difference. For example, a viscose wrap dress will be more suitable for daytime walks than its satin equivalent.

Very versatile, the long summer dress is one of those garments that never disappoints. However, for a certain category of people, it can be scary to wear it. Who is it ? Women measuring less than one meter sixty. For fear of looking even smaller, they stay away from the long flowery dress of their dreams. What a mistake...

How to wear a long dress when you are small?

For those under six feet tall, it can be difficult to wear a long wrap dress . Even when they are seduced by the model, they hesitate. "And if this garment crushes me?" , "what if I look even shorter with this outfit?" , ... Frightened, they dare not move.

However, it is not forbidden to wear a long dress for women when you are less than 160 centimeters. The key is to follow the following advice to the letter.

1. Favor fluid materials

For petite women, the long viscose wrap dress is an ally of choice. In order to accentuate your physical assets without losing precious centimeters, bet on fluidity. When the model is too close to the body, it only accentuates your small size.

2. Wear heels

Unless you're a catwalk model, it's never a good idea to wear a floral maxi dress with flats. Instead, pull out your finest pumps. Refining the leg, they help you gain centimeters both visually and concretely.

Be careful though: for this trick to bear fruit, you must use stiletto heels and not wedge sandals. Indeed, the seconds can considerably weigh down your silhouette.

3. Show some skin

Above all, do not lock yourself in! This is the best way to look even smaller. Conversely, dare to reveal a little of your skin. It's time to dare the backless dress or the one with a high slit on the thigh. Overwhelmed by your sex appeal, those around you won't even notice that you're not tall.

4. Favor plain materials

This advice should be moderate. Indeed, small and very skinny women will majestically wear the long and flowery dress . On the other hand, for those who have curves, it will be a little more complex...

If you really like patterns, err on the side of caution. As many mouths scattered here and there on a dress will blow a breath of fresh air, as much as the stripes will pack you down. In case you are a petite woman, stay away from dresses with stripes, be they horizontal or vertical. By following this advice, you should have no trouble wearing a patterned long dress for women .

5. Optimize your hairstyle

Raise your hair to gain a few centimeters. With a bun or a high chignon, you will look taller. Freeing your neck, these hairstyles allow you to wear a long wrap dress with presence.

Where to buy her long summer dress?

What is really surprising is that you have not yet fallen for a long flowing dress . In view of all the advantages of the latter, it is quite simply a crime of lèse-majesté. It's time to get it right.

Located in the center of Pau, Loëla is a clothing store serving women since 2011. After more than 10 years of democratizing inexpensive elegance, it has decided to expand its borders. Through its e-shop, Loëla boutique allows women to be beautiful without breaking the bank. We bet you will find the long summer dress of your dreams there?

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