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Article: The sandal: the stylish ally of our summer

La sandale : l’allié stylé de notre été - Loëla
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The sandal: the stylish ally of our summer

Whether flat, wedge or heeled, in leather or fabric… Impossible to do without a pair of sandals as soon as the sun comes up. To the delight of our little toes who have been locked up for months. Here are the key models to wear during this summer of 2019!

The sunny days are back and we'll finally be able to show our feet! Every year, sandals make a comeback in our wardrobes and keep up with successive trends. Here are the models not to miss this season.

The flat sandal: unparalleled freedom and style

Essential for our holidays, flat sandals are the essentials to bring in your suitcase this summer. After covering our feet all winter, it's high time to finally give them the freedom to breathe! With a shorts, a dress, a pants or even a jumpsuit, it's very simple, the nu- foot goes with everything!

This summer, from the Spartan to the Saint-Tropez, we're falling for gold... it's THE color of the season that we'll also find, not surprisingly, to dress our feet. Another summer 2019 trend: caning, which can also be found on bags that give a deliciously retro look to our looks!

Finally, whether we love it or hate it, it's indisputable that this summer the tap dance is making a comeback in our wardrobes and is flourishing everywhere in our favorite boutiques.

The heeled sandal: chic and stylish

Ideal for the evening, the high-heeled sandals will enhance any look in the blink of an eye. With their straps that reveal patches of skin without overdoing it, and their height that will lengthen any silhouette, they are the essential accessory for a dapper look.

Combined with a long dress for great evenings, or with jeans for more casual evenings or to go to work, they always look good. Depending on the occasion, choose a model with a wide heel to be comfortable or try the stiletto heel for a chic night. Finally, at the office or on the town, opt for a medium heel, your ankles will thank you!

The wedge sandal: the perfect in-between

To gain height without hurting your feet, the wedge sandal is the most suitable solution. Both chic and comfortable, it can be worn all day without fear. Ideal when you are invited to a wedding or to trudge around town in style!

For several years, the trend has been towards the wedge espadrille, which gives our look a bohemian and natural touch! Recently we have also seen cork heels springing up in our stores, straight from the 1930s, they will give your style a retro touch that we love! Finally, wood is also making a comeback among fashionistas!

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