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Article: Prints: how to wear and mix them with style?

Les imprimés : comment les porter et les mixer avec style ? - Loëla
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Prints: how to wear and mix them with style?

Polka dots, flowers, stripes, checks… This summer, the stars of our wardrobe are indeed prints. However, it is not always easy to combine them. Here are some ideas for combining prints with style and avoiding fashion faux-pas!

Forget everything you've always been told about fashion...For the past few years, mix'n match has been the fashion trend to follow. Today, fashionistas are defying all the rules we've had for years and they no longer hesitate to combine colors, materials…and prints! To our delight, since these associations that break the codes are the most beautiful effect... provided you still respect a few essential rules so as not to look like a stolen car! We explain:

Rule number 1: play with colors

When it comes to combining prints, there are two schools of thought: while some will always advise you to have at least one color in common in your prints, others will tell you rather play with contrasts and mix light and dark shades at will. The correct answer is certainly between the two. To be sure not to look like a Christmas tree in the middle of August, avoid colors that are too dissonant and stick to a common shade. If one of your two pieces contains a dominant white color (a marinière for example), then rest easy, almost all the prints will match your piece!

Keeping a single color as a common thread can be a safe bet to avoid making mistakes. But the combination of a floral bomber jacket and striped pants will always look great, whatever the color!

Rule number 2: play with proportions

Another tip for not overdoing it when trying mix’n match: adopt the same pattern at the top and bottom but play with the proportions. Indeed, matching a large print with a smaller one always created a visual harmony ball.

Rule number 3: Don't overdo it

Finally, in order not to attack the eyes of the people watching you, the essential rule to follow is not to overdo it! Try never to wear more than three prints at a time, unless you are a seasoned stylist. To avoid mistakes, you can follow the 60-30-10 rule: 60% very large prints, 30% medium patterns and 10% discreet prints.

Combinations that always work

Stripes and polka dots are sure values ​​for mix and match: you can easily pair them with flowers, a paisley pattern or even leopard print if you feel like it !

Dots and checks also go together perfectly, it's the perfect match between a wise and romantic look.

Fashionistas tend to say that mixing animal on animal is a perfect combination. Dare the tiger and the leopard for a 100% wild look!

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