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Article: Discovery: the High-Low style arrives in France

Découverte : le style High-Low débarque en France - Loëla
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Discovery: the High-Low style arrives in France

Discovery: the High-Low style arrives in France

Clothing styles are constantly changing with the seasons. After the strong comeback of the 70's trend, it is now the turn of the High-Low style to seduce fashion enthusiasts and invade the fashionsphere. Requiring a little work and thought, all complemented by a sense of good taste and a love of fashion, the result promises outfits that are original, daring and above all, very trendy, without overdoing it. Today, with the High-Low style, the possibilities are numerous, to the delight of fashionistas. We explain everything to you!

High-Low style, what exactly is it?

High fashion and low fashion

The High-Low style is a fashion trend that is attracting more and more fashionistas. The idea is above all to combine fashion pieces that have nothing in common in this case, but which, when worn together on the same outfit, offer a rather interesting result. For the most seasoned fashionistas, the technique of the high-low style is child's play. The high-low clothing style aims to enhance a look composed of pieces unearthed from brands that position themselves in "low-fashion" with strong pieces from major luxury brands. Thanks to such a combo, the rendering promises to be both bold, unique and above all, very fashionable. Of course, the reverse is also possible, so you have to make the right choices.

Mixing clothing styles

The High-Low style is not just limited to the combination of low or fast-fashion clothing with fashion pieces from major luxury brands. To make the concept much more accessible and with endless combination possibilities, fashionistas prefer to mix clothing styles together, in order to create unique high-low looks that are both modern and stylish. The basic idea of ​​the High-Low style is therefore to pick the constituent elements of the outfit in different styles, to create nuanced looks. All without looking "disguised" of course, the whole must be harmonious. Adopting the High-Low style also means asserting your personality, your tastes and your emotions. Above all, there is no question of locking yourself into a single style, which, in the long run, risks being boring. The High-Low style is there to give a little spice and originality to your outfits!

style high low

High-Low style: how to get it right?

Adopting the High-Low style means asserting your personality

As mentioned above, the High-Low style mixes clothing trends, with the aim of combining different styles in the same outfit. The result obtained will reflect your desires, your personality, your lifestyle and everything that affects your daily life. Listening to yourself by appealing to your emotions and inspirations is therefore the first step that should not be overlooked in order to tame the High-Low style. It will also be essential to know your body well, in order to better understand how the clothes will marry and sublimate the silhouette.Of course, always remember to have fun mixing the styles of your High-Low style!

A few principles to remember

Although the High-Low style is a relatively broad concept that gives fashionistas carte blanche in choosing their outfits, it is still essential to respect a certain number of principles, for a High-Low style at the top As surprising as it may be, it is enough to respect the five essential dress rules, in order to to protect you from so-called fashion faux pas:

  1. The first reflex to adopt to ensure the High-Low style will therefore be to choose only outfits in your size, not only to highlight your beautiful silhouette, but also to allow you to be perfectly comfortable at all times.
  2. By reviewing the principles of colorimetry and trend colors a bit, you should then be able to combine the colors of your High-Low style for a harmonious result which does not sting the eyes. Always remember that it is always inadvisable to wear more than three colors on a High-Low look.
  3. Respecting the proportions is also important. For an outfit that is well structured and perfectly in the High-Low style, wear for example a loose top with close-fitting pants, or vice versa.
  4. Combinations of the High-Low style must be chosen with care! For example, avoid falling into vulgarity, for example by wearing a mini-skirt with a maxi-neckline top on the same outfit.
  5. Finally, don't forget that the patterns work together in the High-Low style. As far as possible, avoid wearing more than two patterns on the same look High-Low, to avoid a “too-much” effect.


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