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Article: Mila Louise accessories: novelties to chew on...

Accessoires Mila Louise : des nouveautés à croquer... - Loëla
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Mila Louise accessories: novelties to chew on...

Mila Louise accessories: new items to chew on...

Accessories play an important role in the composition of an outfit. Whether you are going to the office, to a professional or family event, to a party or for an outing with friends, they bring the finishing touch to your look. Recently, the brand Mila Louise released its new collection on, to the delight of fashionistas. Between handbags, clutches, belts and purses, at Mila Louise, the choice is very wide! Both practical and above all, right on trend, Mila Louise accessories accompany you everywhere with style and elegance.

Mila Louise, a sober and elegant brand for trendy womenS

His story

Mila Louise is a French brand that has made a name for itself in the fashion world. The name Mila comes from the old Slavic "ljudumilu" which means "loved by his people". The middle name Louise, on the other hand, symbolizes elegance, intelligence and royalty. Based on these values ​​which are particularly dear to her, the initiator of the brand Mila Louise, Elise L., therefore set herself a challenge: to create practical products, having a real utility, and that meet the expectations of all women, at affordable prices. Of course, as fashion is constantly changing, Elise L. has nevertheless remained attentive to the latest trends that feed the fashionsphere. The combination of these two major elements therefore led to the birth of Mila Louise: a leather goods brand dedicated to dynamic and chic women, who can be worn on any occasion. Mila Louise is thus aimed at free, elegant and modern women who love simplicity and naturalness, but who above all avoid superficiality.

Leather in all its glory

Fashion accessories Mila Louise are distinguished by their simple and elegant design on the one hand, but above all, by the quality of their manufacturing materials. The French house swears only on high quality materials, in order to create products worthy of the most demanding fashion enthusiasts. The leather used in the manufacture of Mila Louise fashion accessories comes from the best tanneries whose know-how guarantees impeccable quality, even for everyday use. Since each piece of leather is unique, it is therefore quite normal to observe some imperfections such as growth marks, scars, skin texture as well as color variation, which, let's admit it, accentuates the charm and authenticity of Mila Louise accessories. You should still know that leather is a natural material par excellence. Therefore, it is completely normal for it to deteriorate when no care is taken. Over the years, the material tends to take on a patina and change color, even texture. To preserve its quality as well as its natural charm, it is therefore advisable to avoid as much as possible exposure of your Mila Louise accessories to the sun, water, heat and any type of fat body. This way you avoid irreversible damage. Also be aware that frequent contact with certain textiles is bad for leather. You expose your fashion accessories to color transfers and the leather risks blackening.That's why it would be much better to keep your Mila Louise accessories in a clean, dry and ventilated place

Mila Louise handbags to complete the outfit

A wide choice of models

The handbag is one of the big stars of women's fashion accessories Mila Louise. The French house thinks above all of dynamic women who often run after time, whether for work, for the house, or to have fun while shopping or meeting up with girlfriends, time to spend. 'a cup of coffee. If this is your case, a tote bag like the Prudy Epi Mila Louise is a safe bet. The Mila Louise models with adjustable straps to be worn on the shoulder or across the body have always been a hit with fashionistas. With single or double compartment, with metal details that go perfectly with the leather or in a rather original design like the Rubina Mila Louise, the choice in handbags Mila Louise is particularly extensive on

Wear Mila Louise handbags with style and elegance

With the brand Mila Louise, choosing and carrying a handbag has never been easier. At Mila Louise, we love slightly iridescent colors that catch the eye, while bringing a modern and stylish touch to the outfit. Of course, the choice of your handbag largely depends on your look and the occasion. For work, the Mila Louise handbags in textured leather with adjustable handles or the Mila Louise tote bags chosen in the color of your choice will go perfectly with a working girl outfit in Happy pants for example, with a basic top, fitted blazer jacket and high-heeled pumps. For a more casual outfit in jumpsuits and ankle boots, let yourself be seduced by a more discreet Mila Louise handbag model, to be worn on the shoulder.


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