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Article: The 4 summer 2022 fashion trends spotted by Loëla

Les 4 tendances mode été 2022 repérées par Loëla - Loëla
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The 4 summer 2022 fashion trends spotted by Loëla

This summer, the designers of our generation are playing more than ever with authentic fashion full of surprises. Between chic minimalism and sexy silhouette of the 90s, it's time to discover the looks summer 2022 fashion trends. Loëla deciphers for you the 4 essentials of this season.

  1. What is cut out?
  2. Why is the Color Block look coming back into style?
  3. How to embrace the monochrome trend?
  4. How to wear the Shoulder Pad Blazer?

Le cut out tendance 2022

What is cut out?

Spotted on the runways of Stella McCartney, Victoria/Tomas and Christian Siriano, the cut out is the sexy trend that is all the rage this summer.

We put the spotlight on the body with cutouts revealing the skin in small touches, it's daring, glamorous, and breathes new life into the classic neckline and bare back.

The cut out thus offers a unique silhouette thanks to drapes and graphic cutouts. Whatever the occasion, the cut out will not go unnoticed during the summer season, this cut will be in every wardrobe.

How to wear the cut out?

Whether with a long dress, pants, jumpsuit or in mini mode, the cut out trend can be worn in many different ways. No matter the event and the dress code, it's the perfect outfit to show off while staying stylish.

You can wear the cut out look casually. We then opt for a long dress with cutouts at the top of the belly or on the sides, and accessorize with a pair of sandals, pretty bracelets and a tote bag. It's a perfect outfit for spending the day at the beach or for a day shopping in the city.

Those who wish to wear the cut out for evenings out will opt for a shorter, close-fitting cut. For example, we choose a little black dress with cutout details at the ribs. We wear it with a pair of ankle boots, large earrings and a mini handbag. A look that makes an impact.

Wearing a cut out dress for a ceremony, is it possible?

Despite the bold appearance of these pieces, there is nothing vulgar about them. On the contrary, they are glamorous and reveal much less than a plunging neckline or a bare back. cut out dresses are ideal for events where evening wear is required.

For example, for a summer wedding, choose a long dress with a floral pattern. Accessorize with a beautiful necklace and colorful pumps.

For a cocktail party, opt for a black dress with long sleeves and cut-out details on the back. We wear it with golden earrings and a pair of heeled sandals. This 90s look will reveal a sexy silhouette while remaining chic.

Tendance printemps 2022 Color block

Why is the Color Block look coming back into style?

After another year spent under the sign of the health crisis with its little black dresses and nude looks, the trends for summer 2022 are moving to color, and in particular, to color block.

The color block is a set of several colored pieces, color blocks, associated with each other. This trend overturns codes and breathes new life into our wardrobe, which had become a little dull in previous seasons.

What are the trendy colors this season?

Before embarking on color blocking, you must first choose the colors in question This season, bright and dynamic hues are in the spotlight.

For example, candy pink, which is very present on the catwalks of Chloé, Prada and even Channel. The vitaminized orange, symbol of joy and prosperity, which flatters beautiful tanned skin. Electric blue, both intense and warm, or even Gucci green, which suits both brunettes and blondes.

To achieve a trendy color block, we don't hesitate to mix these bright colors: the runways are filled with outfits in mixes of pink and orange, or even green and of purple. A resolutely optimistic chromatic splash, to believe that fashion will wake us up after this long period of sleep.

How to wear the color block look?

The color block look may be easy to adopt for the most daring among us, but be careful to respect a few rules. The main idea is to mix a handful of bright colors together.

White and black are allowed, but it is forbidden to exceed more than 3 or 4 colors. Note that to make a color block, you cannot use printed fabrics either, so no floral patterns, stripes, checks, or polka dots. A true color block look is just a mix of solid colors.

In theory, then, it's very simple, you just have to choose two or three colored clothes and put them together. In practice, we are inspired by the Versace shows: a pink suit with an orange crop top and a white pocket square. And for those who want to dazzle their eyes, you can even opt for green eye shadow and a pair of large hoop earrings.

If you want to keep it a little more understated, but still want to try the color block look, slip a white shirt under a colored ensemble with the collar and sleeves of the shirt, embellish it with a discreet pocket and you're done.

Le look Monochrome: tendance 2022

How to embrace the monochrome trend?

For those who don't dare the color block look, the monochrome outfit is perfect for taking the plunge into color without being afraid of too much do. Chic, elegant and timeless, the monochrome look is everywhere on the catwalks. You can opt for discreet shades such as white, black or beige, but also for a more dynamic outfit with pastel or bright colors. More than a trend, minimalist monochrome is a safe bet.

How to wear the monochrome look?

The only rule to perfect your monochrome look: choose a single color. For a simple outfit, opt for a neutral shade, black, white, gray or beige. To add a little pep to your look, choose different fabrics and materials. For example, we mix leather and cotton, or muslin and mesh.

You can also choose a pastel color with soft tones that are easy to wear, such as lilac or sky blue. In addition, the pastel look goes very well with dark skin, which it highlights. For color enthusiasts, we dare the bright look with red or blue.

Whatever color you choose, nothing could be simpler: put on a mini dress, a blazer and a pair of shoes in the same shade, and you're done. Sober and elegant, it is a perfect ally to be trendy without taking the lead.

Comment porter le blazer à épaulette

How to wear the Shoulder Pad Blazer?

The blazer, the must have for femme fatales and businesswomans from the 80s and 90s, is back this summer with her shoulder pads and waist marked as one of the best summer fashion looks of 2022 Her assertive and sensual side makes blazer with shoulder pads the essential garment for this summer.

It can be worn in all ways, and comes in different ways: oversized or fitted, printed or plain, with or without buttons, there is something for everyone. XXL shouldered blazers give a polished look, are easy to wear and add a touch of style to any outfit.

Which blazer to wear on a dress?

Whether it's for an evening or a daytime outfit, the blazer can be worn over a short dress. Depending on the desired effect, choose a blazer with more or less wide shoulder pads.

For example, for a dressy event, there are several options: you can opt for a fitted and colorful blazer that you wear over a dress; or, for a more marked look, choose a blazer with wider shoulder pads, cinched in at the waist by a belt and a pair of high boots.

For a more casual outfit, opt for a colorful blazer or an original print: gingham, houndstooth or stripes.

The jeans, t-shirt and blazer combo: a must

The must-have look for summer 2022 is none other than the jeans, t-shirt and blazer combo. It's a timeless piece that gives a casual look, while remaining chic.

For a cool summer day, opt for a simple look with bootcut jeans, a white t-shirt, ankle boots and a brown blazer shouldered.

To vary your desires, we swap boots for a pair of trainers or sandals. The white t-shirt can be replaced by a shirt that gives an assertive businesswomans look, or a t-shirt cut out for a sexier outfit. With the blazer, there is something for every occasion and every taste.


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