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Article: The best second-hand clothing websites

Les meilleurs sites de vente de vêtements d'occasion - Loëla

The best second-hand clothing websites

Following the latest fashion trends and dressing stylishly is a real passion for any fashionista. By changing the wardrobe every season or just after a few spontaneous purchases, you easily end up with a crowded closet. To save space and avoid waste, why not sell the pieces that you no longer wear or that have already gone out of fashion, in order to give them a second life? Here is a selection of the best second-hand clothing sites that will help you sell your second-hand clothes online.

RESELL YOUR CLOTHES ON Vide-dressing sites


It is simply impossible to draw up a list of second-hand clothing sales sites without mentioning the giant Vinted. Already counting 45 million members across fifteen countries, including more than 12 million French users, the Lithuanian platform has become in just a few years the meeting place for fashion enthusiasts who favor second hand. . You can now sell all kinds of second-hand clothes there. The majority of brands are accepted there, ranging from mainstream or fast-fashion brands to models offered by major luxury houses. Of course, all the pieces to be offered must be in good condition to allow you to resell your clothes online. The possibility of freely setting the prices of your clothes for resale is one of Vinted's strengths. In addition, the commission charged on the transaction will be borne by the buyer.

Collective Cloakroom

Vestiaire Collective is, on the other hand, the go-to address for those who wish to part with a few items of clothing and luxury and high-end accessories. To hope to make a good deal and earn money, you must justify the authenticity of each item, by presenting an invoice. Vestiaire Collective offers two options to sellers who wish to resell their clothes. It is quite possible to take care of the sale of your luxury clothes yourself. You must therefore fill out a deposit slip, with a description and some photos of each item of clothing. Each second-hand piece sold will be sent to Vestiaire Collective for verification and control before being sent to the buyer. Like other second-hand clothing sales sites, the platform has a concierge service that takes care of the sale directly. A dedicated team will take care of picking up the clothes from you, taking the photos, putting them online and sending them to the buyer. Of course, there is a charge for this service, but it can make it easier for you to resell your second-hand clothes.

Empty Dressing Room

Vide Dressing joins the closed circle of sites selling second-hand clothes most appreciated by fashionistas. The chances of selling sophisticated and fashionable second-hand items quickly are particularly high. So don't hesitate to offer designer pieces and clothes from the latest collections of mainstream brands.The procedure for selling second-hand clothes on Vide Dressing is very strict, in order to guarantee the quality of the items offered there. A professional team carries out an appraisal of all the clothes before the sale, subject to low commission. When a buyer reserves one of your items, you have 72 hours to confirm its availability. After the transaction amount and shipping costs are released, you will also have an additional 72 hours to ship the item. A reliable and secure procedure that makes Vide Dressing an online clothing resale site very popular with fashionistas who don't want to worry.

The popular platforms FOR RESELLING CLOTHES

Once Again

Once Again is one of the most popular second-hand clothing sites. Before proceeding with the actual sale of a few fashion pieces, you must download the Mondial Relay label provided by the site, in order to benefit from the free shipping costs. A simulator is then made available to you, so that you can check the eligibility of the clothes for sale on the online thrift store. A price estimate is even offered. You should know that the site does not accept branded clothing from distributors. A processing time of 3 weeks is to be expected before receiving your payment. In reality, this site buys your clothes directly, so you don't have to wait for them to find a buyer. Several conditions must be met to make a sale on the online thrift store Once Again, namely a minimum of 15 items per shipment, a well-known brand of clothing that is no more than 5 years old, presence of the label that indicates the brand and size, and of course, a brand that is among those accepted on the platform. A very effective way to sell your clothes online, what do you say?


Jaiio is one of the newest second-hand clothing sites, since it was born in the course of 2020. It It's a platform where you can sell the branded clothes you no longer wear with ease, and earn money for example buying new pieces on our e-shop! The site is actually a second-hand clothing buy-back site since it takes care of the entire sale. All you have to do is pre-register the items you want to sell, in order to get a price estimate. Jaiio collects your second-hand clothes for sale directly from your home, from 3 validated items and an estimated value of 150 euros. A dedicated team then takes care of putting your second-hand clothes up for sale. She takes the photos, makes the necessary description on the site and answers questions from potential buyers. Sell your second-hand clothes effortlessly, Jaiio takes care of everything!


Depop is now one of the sites selling second-hand clothes that have become a meeting place for young fashion enthusiasts. It is more precisely a social network application where each sales proposal stands in the image of an inspiring and “cool” post.Already with more than 30 million users from 150 countries, this clothing resale site works just like Instagram. According to statistics, 90% of the members are under the age of 26. As for the fashion itself, vintage items that are rarely found elsewhere are a real hit on the second-hand clothing site Depop. To gain visibility, it is always advisable to offer your articles on dedicated pages, and above all not to forget the hashtags. Also remember to tag the brand of your garment on each post and indicate the right price. Then second-hand clothing store Depop takes care of the banking transaction between you and the buyer. Good news: the money you will get on second-hand clothing sales sites like Depop will allow you to renew your wardrobe with trendy fashion pieces available on our online store. line !

RESALE OF CLOTHES ON General marketplaces


Considered as one of the leading second-hand clothing sites on the market, Leboncoinremains an essential option for selling your second-hand clothes online. On this platform, you are 100% responsible for the sale of the pieces that you no longer wear. You take the photos and you freely set your prices. The seller can choose the type of shipment, i.e. sending by parcel or hand delivery. It should be remembered that on Leboncoin, buyers are used to negotiating prices, whether by phone, by email, or even face to face when concluding the sale. The secret is to always remain firm on your offer, to avoid “selling off” the prices. But remember: there is no commission on Leboncoin, the sale of your second-hand clothes and the purchase are completely free.

Facebook Marketplace

Launched in 2016, Facebook Marketplace continues to appeal to fashionistas looking to sort through their closets andsell clothes online. Of course, you must be registered on the social network to sell your clothes there. Several options are available to you. You post your ad on your personal page, in a group of friends or on a page specializing in the sale of second-hand clothes. Do not hesitate to ask your "friends" to relay the information and increase your visibility, in order to find buyers. Geolocation is a real asset on Facebook Marketplace. You define the scope of sale that suits you. Facebook Marketplace is great for selling second-hand clothes online on a network you know well.


Ebay is one of the best second-hand clothing sites that continues to have a following in the fashion world, after years of existence. You thus integrate a platform that has millions of users spread across several countries. The difference with Leboncoin and with the other clothing buyback sites lies mainly in the sale options. You have the choice between the classic direct sale at a fixed price to sell your clothes online, and the auction, in order to increase the prices.Be aware that by registering on Ebay, you are competing with professional sellers. Also plan an 8% commission on the sale of an item.

Today, selling second-hand clothes on the Internet has become child's play. It's up to you to choose the clothing resale site that best suits the type of parts you want to sell or the level of support you need. If some second-hand clothing resale sites allow you the freedom to post your ad yourself, with supporting photos and with the price you want, d Others still prefer to verify the authenticity of each item and suggest the best price before selling your second-hand clothes online. By making a few online sales, you will quickly empty your cupboards of superfluous pieces that are in good condition, and you will increase your budget to acquire new trendy pieces on and compose even more daring and stylish looks.


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