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Article: Signs that indicate it's time to update your wardrobe

Les signes qui indiquent qu'il est temps de refaire sa garde-robe - Loëla
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Signs that indicate it's time to update your wardrobe

Signs that it's time to update your wardrobe

“I have nothing to wear” is a phrase that comes up quite often among any fashion enthusiast forced to renovate her wardrobe. Despite a crowded dressing room filled with new pieces of clothing and a few nuggets that have found a place in the back of the closet over the years, it can be practically impossible to find the right combination of clothes, even for going to work in the morning. Here are some signs that indicate that it is now time to renovate your wardrobe without delay.

You get tired of certain pieces of clothing

You no longer enjoy wearing your favorite pieces

Taking pleasure in wearing each piece of clothing in the wardrobe is pure happiness for any fashion enthusiast. Display a beautiful slender silhouette in a jumpsuit, dare the mini-skirt without falling into vulgarity, wear the dress or the maxi skirt like no one else without looking like a walking curtain or create a look that is both feminine and modern with a set of jogging, while breaking this sportswear effect, dressing as you wish and without the fuss becomes child's play. When you no longer feel comfortable and confident in your favorite clothes, it's time to change your wardrobe. It also happens that certain pieces of clothing retire. Your fitted blazer or your favorite pleated pants are damaged, from wearing them almost on any occasion, whether it's for a business meeting or for an outing with friends, it's completely normal that the garment succumbs to wear. Repeated washing is also likely to deteriorate clothes, and remove their fashion assets that have seduced you for years.

Having trouble composing your looks

Having difficulty composing looks in the morning when getting dressed also indicates that it is time to redo your wardrobe. In general, any fan of fashion and the latest clothing trends manages to imagine the outfit to wear during the day or for a specific event when taking a shower. If you are unable to create a look that is modern, daring and adapted to your personality, it means that your wardrobe no longer meets your requirements. By pulling out all the tops, pants, skirts and jackets on your bed, and doing so with the right shoes and accessories, you always have a hard time creating great pairings of clothes. Several factors explain this type of situation. It is quite possible that the basics of the wardrobe no longer meet your fashion requirements. A wardrobe with a large amount of basics is also considered an obstacle that prevents you from creating looks adapted to your needs. In any case, it is always important to establish a certain balance between the number of basics and strong pieces in the wardrobe. Sometimes a lack of diversity in the colors available in your dressing room prevents you from composing stylish looks.

Unsuitable clothes: a reason to redo your women's wardrobe

Pieces that are out of fashion or no longer correspond to your age

Dressing according to your age is a rule that every fashion lover should know and respect. preference for loose pieces that rather hide your little flaws, know that with age it is quite possible to do things differently. You will thus favor the cuts that best suit your morphology, and in which you feel comfortable, without the slightest complex. For reference, a pencil skirt chosen in a modern and original material, and worn with a classic blouse found on our e-shop is enough to shape the silhouette, instead of locking yourself into a low-cut and tight strappy dress. The idea is simply to identify the pieces of clothing in which you feel attractive and comfortable, without complexes. Realizing that most clothes are out of fashion is also a sign that it's time to upgrade your wardrobe. Any fashionista who follows the evolution of fashion in the fashionsphere knows practically by heart all the fashionable pieces of clothing and accessories. A small inventory of your little treasures is therefore essential. When you believe that a large majority of the clothes in your dressing room are not in accordance with the principles and conditions of the styles of the moment, then it means that you must imperatively change your wardrobe. dress, including among other things the key pieces spotted on the catwalks and on our online store.

Different motivations

As surprising as it is, changes in your life have a big impact on the way you dress. The same goes for the motivations that drive you to be more confident in specific pieces of clothing. In the professional world, a promotion and an increase in your daily responsibilities somehow force you to review the way you dress and modernize your wardrobe. If before, you were used to presenting yourself in more or less casual outfits, know that after this big change, you will be led to opt for much more formal and worked working girl outfits, with pleated trousers chosen in a cut that sublimates your silhouette, a basic or structured top that reveals a layering of jewels; all complemented by a beautiful fitted jacket.

You are stuck on one style

Finding your style of dress and redoing your wardrobe

Stay stuck on a single style of clothing over several seasons also indicates that you need to renovate your wardrobe. By fixing on a particular style, you deprive yourself of new and original looks that will enhance your silhouette even more. Finding the style of dress that suits you doesn't mean dressing the same way every day. On the contrary, it is rather a question of choosing a style that reflects your personality and that is in line with your habits.You are thus referring to a common thread that will guide you in choosing the pieces of clothing that suit you and that bring out the assets of your morphology By finding the right style of clothing, you will manage to combine the basics and the strong pieces without difficulty, and shopping sprees to change the wardrobe will turn into child's play.

refaire sa garde robe

Dare to change and redo your wardrobe

Embarking on a new style of clothing can be a real challenge. To achieve this, you simply need to follow a number of principles. So start by establishing your color profile, identifying the color palette that best suits your skin tone. Of course, the cut as well as the materials of the different pieces of clothing that will make up your dressing room must be able to highlight your morphology.

Redoing your wardrobe: how to go about it?


The first thing to do before modifying your wardrobe is to sort through all the clothes in your closet. So put aside the clothes you love to wear, the basics and the timeless ones from your wardrobe, as well as the pieces that give you a beautiful silhouette for any occasion. You will keep them preciously on one side of your bed, in order to create a minimalist wardrobe. Then group together the clothes that you no longer wear and which no longer suit you for multiple reasons, but which are still in perfect condition. You can thus give them a second life by selling them in a garage sale or on specialized platforms on the Internet. The money obtained will then allow you to go shopping on our e-shop, and acquire new trendy pieces.

Redoing your wardrobe: some practical tips

To modernize her wardrobe, a fashionista will inevitably refer to the latest fashion trends. By taking into account the requirements of your morphology and the different colors that highlight your complexion, you will easily succeed in selecting the clothes that will give you a harmonious and stylish look. Then create your basics kit. As mentioned above, the choice of new pieces that will integrate your dressing will depend both on your tastes and your style of clothing as well as on the personal touch you want to add to each of your looks.

Redoing your wardrobe is a process that requires patience and a certain will. You must therefore be attentive to the signs that indicate that you must modify the content of your dressing, such as the need to switch to another style of clothing, the desire to no longer wear certain pieces that were once considered fetishes or changes that occur in your daily life. The pieces of clothing in your closet should be able to help you express your personality as well as your passion for fashion. So head over to our e-shop to make new acquisitions, create minimalist wardrobes and compose original and modern looks, without breaking the bank.


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