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Article: Indoor clothing that doesn't look like pajamas: it's possible!

Une tenue d'intérieur qui ne ressemble pas à un pyjama : c'est possible ! - Loëla
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Indoor clothing that doesn't look like pajamas: it's possible!

Loungewear that doesn't look like pajamas: it's possible!

For any fashionista, each outfit allows you to assert your taste and passion for fashion. It is simply unthinkable to neglect your look both for going out and for staying at home. As any fashionista knows, it's not because you spend the day quietly at home that you attach very little importance to your interior outfit. With a few pieces of clothing now available on, it is quite possible to dress in style and work while staying at home. Here are some tips and a selection of indoor outfits that don't look like pajamas, but still allow you to be "presentable" while remaining comfortably dressed at home!

Sets: a stylish interior outfit idea

Guaranteed comfort for indoor wear

As everyone knows, sets are a great alternative to pajamas. With this indoor outfit, you can dress comfortably, but still look stylish. As its name suggests, a set consists of two very distinct matching pieces, for example a sweatshirt-type top with a slightly loose fit and long sleeves and a bottom that is distinguished by its straight cut that is both simple and comfortable. . In most cases, the jogging pants will come with an elastic waist completed by a drawstring, in order to adjust the size according to your desires. This indoor outfit can be worn just as well for chilling and settling down on your sofa for a Netflix session at home, as for doing some household chores such as cleaning, washing up or cooking. Today, most women's outfits that you will find on are made of particularly soft fabrics such as fleece, which promise optimal comfort at all times in your indoor outfit.

How to wear jogging sets for an easy indoor outfit?

Tenue d'intérieur ensemble

Often equated with physical activity, jogging sets are now part of the indoor outfits you can consider. These pieces of clothing dress us when we plan to stay quietly at home, while remaining dressed, without overdoing it. Suitable for all body types, the slightly loose top is very easy to wear. Just slip it on over a bodysuit or a light t-shirt and you have the perfect indoor outfit! The long sleeves keep you warm, especially during the harsh winter periods. Conversely, at the bottom, the straight cut sublimates the silhouette and offers you a certain fluidity in the movements. Some sweatpants that you will find on are even equipped with patch pockets on the front, practical for always having your smartphone handy.

The jumpsuit, a bold choice

A practical "all-in-one" that is unanimous

All fashion enthusiasts know that the jumpsuit is a piece of clothing that enjoys a special place in the female wardrobe.Originally considered as a work outfit, it is now a fashion piece in its own right that fashionistas wear on different occasions, whether for a working girl look in all its authenticity, or for an evening outfit So why not make it an home outfit? Today, the jumpsuit is quite able to replace the good old pajamas that you drag all day long when you spend the day at home. As its name suggests, the jumpsuit combines a top and a bottom in a single piece. Contrary to popular belief, this garment, which has become very fashionable for several seasons, is suitable for everyone. It is not only reserved for tall and slender women. The little ones can completely afford to wear it without complexes, provided however that they choose it in a rather flexible and fluid material that does not remain stuck to the skin. This is how the jumpsuit will be the most suitable as indoor clothing. It is also advisable, even when staying at home, to roll up the bottom of the trousers to avoid this "too big" effect and energize the silhouette. For the rounds, the jumpsuit should be chosen in a rather fitted cut for an indoor outfit that will highlight the shapes.

Wear the jumpsuit in style at home

You probably guessed it, the jumpsuit can be worn in a thousand and one ways, to create a stylish and comfortable indoor outfit. Of course, as it is work clothing par excellence, you will wear it without asking any questions for your small DIY or gardening jobs. In addition, the patch pockets that are at chest level, on the sides or at the back are a great help. The jumpsuit thus allows you to remain presentable and with a lot of style, when someone rings your doorbell at an unexpected time. The possibilities of composing stylish outfits are numerous. For reference, the canvas, long-sleeved jumpsuit is easily worn over a printed tee or a tank top. If you wear it as a indoor outfit, don't hesitate to leave the first buttons open and roll up the sleeves for a look that's both casual and stylish. Fans of retro fashion will even be delighted to wear the overalls as indoor outfits. And for a indoor outfit rather light and comfortable, the jumpsuit worn a long-sleeved top will also do its bit. You are spoiled for choice, take a look at Loë to see our selection of homewear combinations.

Basics that are easy to wear indoors

Flowing pants

Flowing pants are also an excellent fashion ally that can easily be worn as interior at home at any time. As its name suggests, this type of clothing is synonymous with comfort. The fabrics have been specially selected for their lightness. In the majority of cases, the cut is expressly chosen to enhance the silhouette, without weighing it down. With the great return of the 70's trend on the fashion scene, the cut that takes up the codes of eph leg pants is gaining more and more followers. The flare cut also appeals to fashion enthusiasts. This type of pants gently hugs the shape of the buttocks without molding them and flares out from the crotch.On the flowing pants, the elastic waistband and/or with an adjustable drawstring is a real comfort asset for your interior outfit In terms of style, you have the choice between several models in plain colors and versions with particularly feminine floral prints that elegantly brighten up the look, even for your home outfits.

Tenue d'intérieur

Bodysuits for your interior outfits

The bodysuits available on are also among the wardrobe basics that you can confidently wear at home all day long. As mentioned above, for your interior outfits, they slip easily under a jumpsuit, go wonderfully with flowing pants and take over when you want to remove the top of your ensemble. jogging. As it is a garment that hugs the forms, it is therefore essential to choose it according to your morphology, in order to sublimate your assets and at the same time camouflage the small unsightly defects. If you use it as indoor clothing, it will be important to focus on comfort and fluidity of movement.

Some essentials to stay warm in your indoor outfit

The sweatshirt in an indoor outfit

The sweatshirt offered in various styles on is also part of the clothing that makes it possible to compose an indoor outfit that does not look like pajamas. For a 100% comfortable look for cocooning days, there's nothing like the great classic hoodie, which often comes with a patch pocket on the stomach. Perfect for warming your hands and carrying your smartphone... With a slightly loose fit that makes movement fluid and long ribbed sleeves, this top goes just as well with a little skirt as with comfortable pants for a very trendy interior outfit. Today, the sweatshirt continues to be feminized, with puff sleeves, a sophisticated design with zip closure or in a style that hugs the shapes with elegance. The models that are displayed with inspiring or flowery messages are also a delight for fashionistas, whether for your indoor outfitr or for life outside your home. Discover here our selection of sweatshirts perfect for your trendy interior outfits.

The sweater

The sweater is the piece of clothing that you put on quickly to stay warm at home. To create a interior outfit that is more stylish than pajamas, we simply put on modern versions that bring style to the look. With a V-neck or a round neck, the sweater comes in a variety of colors, in order to satisfy all fashion requirements, even while staying at home. For example, you can wear it over a light bodysuit for an indoor outfit that is as sexy as it is comfortable. For the bottom of your home outfit, the sweater goes just as well with a skirt as with jogging pants, flowing pants or shorts. The most stylish will certainly not hesitate to wear a fairly close-fitting sweater under overalls for a cool and comfortable indoor outfit. Need inspiration? Loëla has prepared a selection of homewear sweaters to die for...

For fashionistas, constantly dressing in pajamas while spending the day at home is simply out of the question. Surprisingly enough, it is quite It is possible to put together a home outfit that is presentable and stylish with certain garments that favor comfort, such as sets, sweatshirts or wardrobe basics such as sweaters and sweatshirts. So go to to shop real nuggets adapted to your morphology and feel beautiful and dressed in your indoor outfit!


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