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Article: Outfit and astrological sign: how to match them?

Tenue et signe astrologique : comment les accorder ? - Loëla
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Outfit and astrological sign: how to match them?

Clothing and astrological sign: how to match them?

For some time, everything related to astrology has been on the rise. Playing an important role in the quest for happiness and love, while offering a glimpse of the future on a professional level, this discipline can also enlighten us on clothing choices. You will see that the signs of the zodiac are excellent fashion allies: they direct you to the best outfits that enhance your figure and reflect your personality according to your astro sign.


Go-getter and determined, the Aries woman is distinguished by her intelligence and her strong character. Endowed with a natural charm, she doesn't need fancy clothes to get noticed.

In terms of fashion, the Aries woman is creative. Admittedly, she does not always go for the most extravagant pieces to show off, but rather prefers to bet on well-chosen clothes and accessories. Although she particularly likes to look beautiful, however, she does not submit to the dictates of fashion. Constantly updating her looks is one of her greatest assets. She always dresses according to her mood. Women with the Aries astrological sign love bright colors, with a preference for red, yellow and green.

In terms of accessories, earrings are essential. She also likes to wear a hat.

Taurus ♉

The Taurus woman is determined, even stubborn. She knows exactly what she wants. Sensual, she likes to take care of herself, hence her dress style that is both elegant and feminine.

Attracted by the world of luxury, she always favors quality over quantity when choosing her clothes. In terms of style, comfort takes precedence over everything else. The woman of the astrological sign of Taurus often expresses herself through her looks. She runs away from anything artificial and always makes sure that others notice her "classy" side. This is why she always favors well-cut clothes, soft and pleasant materials such as silk, cotton, linen and cashmere. The pastel colors, especially pink, purple and yellow suit him very well.

For accessories, the Taurus woman always dresses her neck with a scarf or necklace.

Gemini ♊

The Gemini woman is famous for her split personality which guides her clothing choices. She expresses the little touch of madness that characterizes her temperament as a daring woman through her looks.

A woman born under the astrological sign Gemini is perfectly capable of changing her style according to her mood and her desires. The outfit for this zodiac sign therefore translates into stunning colors, bohemian prints and accessories that no one will dare to wear. In other words, the Gemini woman has no particular style of dress, but rather appreciates anything out of the ordinary.She finds her happiness in a basic look as well as in a fashionable and worked outfit. The silver color which sparkles is her favourite.

In terms of accessories, the Gemini native can surprise us: she often dresses her hands and arms with showy jewelry and does not hesitate to make improbable combinations .


The Cancer woman is very discreet. Of a modest nature, she does everything to avoid drawing attention to herself. On the other hand, she likes to take care of herself. And it shows in her outfit.

The clothing style of this zodiac sign remains classic, but she still makes sure that the look is very feminine. The Cancer woman always favors pieces made with soft and pleasant materials such as silk blouses and clothes with feminine details such as liberty motifs. Cancer zodiac signs also like the retro style. In general, her looks are pretty, romantic and above all, very elegant. On the color side, white and all neutral tones go to the Cancer woman according to studies on the link between outfit and astrological sign.

For accessories, she has a preference for fine jewelry, such as a fine necklace or elegant earrings.

Lion ♌

The Leo woman has a knack for stealing the show. She loves being noticed. According to research on the link between outfit and astrological sign, his clothing style, both exuberant and colorful translates perfectly his personality and his fiery temperament .

Her clothing choices and especially the way she dresses serve to convey a good image of her. The Leo woman is a true "fashion victim". She follows the latest fashion trends closely and is undoubtedly the first to log on on Sunday mornings to discover the weekly co news on loë! The astros signs Leo do not hesitate to dip into their savings to obtain the flagship piece of the moment. It is not uncommon to find brand clothes and designer pieces in the wardrobe of the astrological sign Leo. The warm colors ranging from yellow, orange and red to a gold hue are perfect for the flamboyant personality of this fire star sign.

For each look, the Leo woman pays attention to every detail, so that the result is perfect. The woman of the zodiac sign of Leo loves to dress in dresses, with bold prints and eccentric accessories.

Virgo ♍

The woman with the Virgo astrological sign is rather gentle and conscientious. Discreet and conventional in nature, she has a preference for the classic style of dress.

Studies on the link between outfit and zodiac sign prove that she generally chooses coordinated pieces with elegant lines and a neat cut. In addition to being functional, her outfit also has a playful side and exudes a certain confidence.Even if the woman of the zodiac sign Virgo remains classic, she always makes sure to be perfectly groomed and "dressed to the nines" Each outfit is dressy, elegant and above all feminine. In terms of colors, pale or pastel shades, with a preference for cold tones such as indigo, ultra violet, emerald green or ocher, highlight it perfectly.

As for accessories, it is practically unthinkable for the woman of the astrological sign Virgo, who is very punctual, to go out without her watch.

Libra ♎

The Libra woman has this mysterious and inaccessible side. On the other hand, with regard to her relationship with fashion, the woman of the astro sign Libra is rather avant-garde. Her impeccable and neat style is a reference for the other zodiac signs.

According to the observations made on the link between the outfit and the astrological sign, what a Libra wears will be THE style to adopt in the coming months. The Libra woman knows her body very well, and knows how to show off. For her, mix very feminine pieces of clothing, like those offered on Loela .fr, with more androgynous clothes is child's play. She also knows enhancing her basics with rather daring pieces for a result that is both chic and trendy. Lace dresses and off-the-shoulder tops are among the star pieces in her dressing room. In terms of colors, blue, yellow, pink and green are the ones that best match the personality of their astrological sign.

Would you like to offer an accessory to a woman of the astrological sign Libra? Opt for a accessory in a flashy color: colorful earrings, multicolored bag, scarf in bright colors... She loves it!

Scorpio ♏

In astrology, the Scorpio woman is distinguished by her energy. To be comfortable in her active lifestyle, she prefers to stay in a “uniform” outfit. On the other hand, it doesn't mean that she neglects her look.

Did you know that the outfits of women with the Scorpio astrological sign are often used to send messages to those around them? It is therefore difficult to formally describe the link between the outfit of a Scorpio woman and her astrological sign, because she will not be afraid to change her look overnight. It is not uncommon to see the woman of the astrological sign Scorpio go from a simple outfit to an elegant look passing through a much more elaborate and original version. The Scorpio woman's favorite colors are black, brown and burgundy.

Unlike women of other astrological signs, the Scorpio woman very often expresses herself through her accessories, such as a necklace that slips delicately into her neckline or a hair jewelry placed in a very specific place to arouse curiosity. She also has a great passion for sunglasses.

Sagittarius ♐

The Sagittarius woman is quite discreet and her sincerity is felt through her clothing choices.It is above all a profile that does not follow fashion, and who believes that it is simply necessary to dress without taking the lead

To make the link between her outfit and her astrological sign, the Sagittarius woman favors above all comfortable clothes in which she feels at ease. She obviously appreciates natural materials which give her great freedom of movement. In general, the dress style of the Sagittarius woman is quite casual. The dress, the coat as well as the beautiful shoes constitute the bases of her wardrobe. In any case, it exudes a refreshing side unique. For women with the zodiac sign Sagittarius, purple and pink, with a preference for sure values ​​such as burgundy red, pale pink and purple are the colors that come up the most on most of her looks.

In terms of accessories, people born under the astrological sign of Sagittarius will be perfectly satisfied with simple, essential and basic pieces, such as a black handbag or a brown belt.

Capricorn ♑

Even if she avoids showing it, the Capricorn woman needs validation from others and those around her to feel comfortable. This is why it takes refuge in a style that is both classic and fashionable. The basics that you will easily find on fill her wardrobe.

When shopping, she always looks for quality pieces of clothing that she can wear over several years and in various circumstances, without losing elegance. The Capricorn woman thus pays particular attention to the material, the cut and above all the care of the garment. The woman born under the sign of Capricorn therefore does not have not many clothes in her dressing room. Quality always trumps quantity. For the link between the outfit and the astrological sign, dresses, white or dark gray jackets and pencil skirts are perfect for work. Brown is the color that suits her best.

To stand out, the Scorpio native always brings a personal touch to each of her outfits. Her hairstyle is always primed and her accessories match.

Aquarius ♒

Paradoxically, the Aquarius woman loves anything out of the ordinary. In everyday life, and especially in their clothing choices, this zodiac sign avoids doing like everyone else at all costs. She has her own style that makes her stand out.

Impressive as she is, the Aquarius woman doesn't dress for other people, but dresses up for herself. Originality is the common thread of her clothing choices. Thanks to its unconventional and creative spirit, this astrological sign is always one step ahead of the others. In general, the Aquarius woman has a crush on the retro style that she enhances in her own way. She's not afraid to choose clothes that make her happy, without bowing to the dictates of fashion.

Navy blue as a total look, in small touches or on accessories is the color that best suits the personality of the Aquarius woman.

Fish ♓

The Pisces woman has this artistic and creative side that makes her unique. She does not pay much attention to the latest fashion trends, but rather prefers to dress according to her mood and desires.

As for the link between her outfit and her star sign, she has a penchant for the bohemian style. A true seducer at heart, she knows how to use the right gestures and her charming gaze to achieve her goals. That's why she always chooses soft and flowing clothes that exude sensuality in a refined way. It still happens that the Pisces woman makes bold and unexpected choices, without the look seeming worked. Natural femininity is the watchword that dictates the clothing choices of this astrological sign . The colors of the sea, and especially turquoise blue is the color that corresponds to it.

And for the accessories, it's the same thing! Simple, blue pieces will always find their place in the looks of women with the zodiac sign of Pisces.

The astrological sign can contribute enormously to the style of a woman's dress. By paying attention to them, you will be able to find the pieces that best suit your personality and that will help you convey the message you want to convey to those around you in a subtle way. Go today to Loela.frto acquire little treasures at the best price that promise stylish and elegant outfits... and according to your astrological sign!


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