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Article: Cheap decoration trends that we love!

Les tendances déco pas chères qu'on adore ! - Loëla
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Cheap decoration trends that we love!

Inexpensive decoration trends that we love!

After the layout and layout of the furniture and the lighting, the decoration gives the room its personality. Contrary to popular belief, you will not need a large budget to dress your interior spaces as you wish. Here is a selection of the inexpensive decoration trends adopted by Loëla, which will certainly please you. You will see that sometimes, a few inexpensive little tips are enough to enhance the decor of a room...

Minimalist decor, or the art of “less is more”

Minimalist decoration, what exactly is it?

Minimalist decoration is invading our interiors in 2021 and is increasingly replacing the trend towards accumulation that has faded in recent years. Today, the many knick-knacks are giving way to plants and above all, accessories and inexpensive decorative objects, which, in addition to having a real use in everyday life, also serve as decorative elements. decorative. We think, among other things, of photo frames used in series and objects received as gifts that we are certainly not ashamed to exhibit. With the minimalist decor, you declutter your interior, and at the same time avoid useless and superfluous furniture and objects that quickly gather dust. Simply hide away everything you don't need on a daily basis in practical storage spaces. Convenient to kill two birds with one stone! And above all economical…

décoration minimaliste

Scandinavian style: an essential decorative trend

It will certainly not be this year that the Scandinavian style will bow out. On the way to becoming a great classic of interior design and decoration, it is not running out of steam, but is being renewed through Scandicraft. Still inspired by Nordic decoration, this new decoration trend is rather distinguished by its more ethical dimension and its responsible side.Of course, the decoration artisanal is in the spotlight, as well as natural materials such as wicker, rattan, seagrass and wood. Furniture found in flea markets characterizes the Scandicraft style. The idea is simply to hunt, recover and renovate. Do not hesitate to include some travel souvenirs to warm up the atmosphere. And you'll get a custom interior on a budget.

The “Japandi” trend

The Japandi trend or the contraction of the words “Japan” and “Scandinavia” is also one of the great decor essentials of 2021. An appellation that makes you dream and travel! Behind this inspiring name hides a style that combines Scandinavian hygge that evokes a cozy interior, with Japanese wabi-sabi that brings out the beauty in imperfection. In concrete terms, to introduce this rising inexpensive decoration trend in our interiors, all you have to do is refer to a certain number of principles that are both simple and effective. As it is a minimalist decoration, you must above all concentrate on the essentials, and avoid all that is superfluous. Then favor clean lines, neutral colors and natural materials. Light wood is associated with darker species, black metal, concrete or leather.Simplicity remains the watchword, so no need to ruin yourself!

Which colors should be favored in the latest decoration trends?

Deco & terracotta

This year, the color terracotta is inviting itself into our interiors, but in a much more stylish way than before Already present in the world of decoration for a few years already, it is revealed today in a much more sophisticated palette. An Italian word simply meaning "terracotta", this warm and bewitching color invites you to return to nature, in order to meet the desire for authenticity. Its name lets us imagine the beautiful arid lands of the south, the sun caressing the skin or the roofs of Mediterranean houses. The exotic deco touch comes from shades of orange or pink and the color rust. The ability to match a wide variety of colors is one of the strong points of the terracotta color in decoration. You will associate it with white or beige for more depth, or with gray or black for a result that is both modern and contemporary. To enjoy it without spending too much and without buying all its decoration, here is a simple, economical and effective tip: you can paint a section of wall in terracotta color. We did it at the store and the result is amazing! The photo is available on this page... Fashion effect and cheap decoration trend guaranteed!

Shades of beige in decorating trends

Shades of beige have not yet said their last word. The proof, they invade our interior spaces without moderation. Perfectly symbolizing calm, serenity, simplicity and above all harmony, they are perfect for fans of cheap decor who need to recharge their batteries without leaving the house. And what's more, beige is a neutral color that goes with almost everything! The color combinations are endless. It will fit easily into any type of decor, whether in a minimalist and natural style or a rather graphic or industrial model. Here too, you will have no difficulty pairing your decorative accessories with this fashionable color.

Khaki green

Whether in clothing or interior design, khaki green will never cease to amaze us. It is a rather soft shade of green, with a slight hint of yellow that brings a warm touch that we love. Today, khaki green is now versatile. It invites itself as well in the living room as in the bedroom, without forgetting the kitchen and the bathroom. To avoid the “too much” or military effect, it would still be preferable to use it in delicate touches on textiles, especially for sofa cushions or the duvet cover of your bed. As far as color combinations are concerned, khaki green goes perfectly with light woods with honey highlights and black. Whether on the net, in cheap decoration shops or even in the decoration departments of supermarkets, khaki is often present, you can complete your decoration without breaking the bank.

As for patterns: what decoration trends?

Saga Africa!

African patterns are one of the big stars of the decor trends for 2021.In total look or in small touches for the most timid, the possibilities are numerous for a guaranteed ethnic decoration Although its origins are not quite African, the wax fabric acts as a cache-pot, covers the sofa and invites itself on the cushions according to your desires, for a decoration that is at the same time colourful, exotic, sunny and summery in our living rooms. The backsplash of the kitchen is even dressed in tiling that takes up the patterns of wax fabrics in an even more original and daring way. The hand-woven bottles, the quilt with colorful patterns and the papier-mâché bowls are unique decorative accessories. A simple pattern to add in small touches to customize your interior decoration on the cheap.

Japanese patterns

Japanese patterns are also a big decoration trend in 2021, especially the Seigaiha. This is a new and trendy decorative print that has a reputation for bringing the calm and quiet you need. As a reminder, the word "Seigaiha" refers to the blue sea and the wave in the Japanese language. The pattern therefore represents charming little waves repeated ad infinitum, for a unique graphic rendering. Contrary to popular belief, its color is not limited to blue only, but comes in a wide variety of shades. In the latest inexpensive decor trends, the Seigaiha pattern is also being modernized and displayed in a more streamlined version, with simple circular arcs. An ingenious variation that marvelously dresses a white ceramic plate or bowl. A few pieces added to your current decoration will be enough to give a fresh and trendy air to your interior decoration.

Jungle prints

The jungle prints sublimate the interior decoration, for a pleasantly wild look. In addition to bringing a touch of pep to our interior, this type of pattern that is not shy is an invitation to travel and escape. Between animal prints, colorful birds, palm leaves, endless floral patterns and acrobatic primates, the choice is vast. Of course, it is important to dose it well to avoid wasting it. You will thus integrate them into your interior through your household linen, your cushions or certain pieces of your crockery. The most daring will certainly not hesitate to use them as wallpaper, but without overdoing it! Jungle prints have been popular in our decoration shops for a few years. But they are no longer reserved for luxury boutiques and you can find beautiful pieces in accessible and inexpensive boutiques near you.

Pampas, rattan, twine… make way for natural decor!

Dried flowers and pampas grass

If there was only one decor trend to mark the year 2021, it would certainly be dried flowers. Easier to care for than natural flowers and much prettier than artificial versions, today they are prized for their versatility and practicality. Dried flowers find their place everywhere in the house and have a great effect.Whether in a vase placed on a corner of the table, on a shelf or near the fireplace, or in a demijohn at the foot of your sofa, it is a simple and inexpensive decorative element that will give personality to your home Pampas grass is the number one dried flower in vogue. We love these large white stems with pearly reflections that recall the countryside and give a pretty bohemian look. For less than €30, your interior takes on a new decorative dimension. At Loëla, we love this decorative trend! We even had the shop front customized with a bouquet of XXL dried flowers. Take a look at our dried flower decor!


Macrame is one of the decoration trends inexpensive that have won the hearts of interior designers in 2021 Straight out of the 70s, this art of creating support by playing on knots is on the rise and is invading almost every room in the house. The idea is therefore to make decorative elements by weaving threads and creating associations of knots for a unique decorative result. As a dream catcher or as a decorative element to hang above the bed or on a wall in the dining room or living room, in suspensions for flower pots or to wake up your planters, macrame is versatile. Macrame decorative pieces are cheap and will change the atmosphere of your room. Or: create your own! Easy and accessible tutorials are available on the net, so dare :)

Jute rug

The jute rug that stands in the middle of your living room is also one of the big decoration trends of the year. It meets all the criteria of a essential decorative accessory, namely its natural side, accessible even for small budgets, easy to maintain and above all, suitable for all environments. The jute mat covers any type of floor, without overloading. In addition, in terms of decorative trends, it goes well with a wide range of colors, for an exceptional decorative effect. Today, the jute rug comes in a natural shade as well as in unlikely colors. Taken up by many brands that make decoration accessible to all, you will easily find it in inexpensive decoration shops, in stores or on the net.

Rattan frames and mirrors

At Loëla, we love rattan mirrors! It's the decorative touch that gives our walls a 100% Instagrammable look, while being very useful on a daily basis. Most ? They can be combined on the walls of the same room, they go together very well. And they fit in any room. In addition, rattan mirrors will not really cost you not expensive: at less than 20€, you will have the impression of going to the islands without leaving your home!

The interior decoration brings character to every room of the house. We therefore do not hesitate to take inspiration from the inexpensive decoration trends of the moment to transform the space without breaking the bank. At Loëla, we have chosen some of them to give a natural and trendy look to our store in Pau and our showroom, for a warm and friendly atmosphere, while maintaining a simple decor. , but effective.Come and discover our decorative choices at the shop in Pau town center or in the photos on our website! And give us your opinion!


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