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Article: Selling your clothes: our tips

Vendre ses vêtements : nos bons plans - Loëla
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Selling your clothes: our tips

Selling your clothes: our tips

For any fashionista, clothing and fashion accessories change with the seasons, tastes and desires, but above all, with the latest trends. Result of the races, it is very easy to end up with a rather impressive quantity of clothes, some of which have been worn very little. To renew the dressing room without breaking the bank, but also without wasting money, why not put on sale the pieces that no longer suit you and use the money obtained to make new acquisitions? Here are some good, accessible and practical tips for selling your clothes with ease.

Local garage sales

Garage sale and garage sale to sell second-hand clothes

Participating in a garage sale is undoubtedly the most classic and common way to sell second-hand clothes. Of course, to get started, you need to register with the event organizer. You will then choose the surface area of ​​the stand, depending on the quantity of clothes to sell.For several years, vide-dressings have been popular. Unlike the garage sale where you can sell all the everyday objects that you no longer use, regardless of their condition, the garage sale is only about the resale of clothes, shoes, bags , accessories and cosmetics. Fashionable items that are still at the forefront of the latest trends are highly sought after.

Tips to know for selling second-hand clothes

Contrary to popular belief, selling second-hand clothes at a garage sale or a garage sale requires you to invest a little of your time. Indeed, good preparation is essential to succeed in doing good business. Start by choosing the right location. Therefore, favor strategic areas that are located near the entrance, in a traffic angle or near a ticket machine for optimal visibility. Clean and well-presented clothes attract more attention. Avoid packing them in an old cardboard box on the ground as much as possible. Our advice; Invest in a clothes rack instead! In addition to decluttering your stand, this device is very practical and attractive for customers. Clothes will be much easier to look at. Another tip: always highlight big brand clothes. Also take the time to set the right price in advance. Having the prices in mind will allow you to be more efficient during your sale. And why not offer batch sales? They allow the buyer to do business and the seller to get rid of several items at once easily. Very handy!

Thrift stores and consignment stores to sell clothes

Selling your clothes in a thrift store

Today, it is quite possible to sell second-hand clothes at a thrift store or specialized shop. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a question of liquidating all the clothes that you no longer wear. Indeed, this type of establishment carries out a sorting, and does not agree to buy back any clothing.In the majority of cases, thrift stores are interested in rather vintage clothing items You will easily sell timeless Levi’s jeans and shorts or your military jackets for example. Other second-hand clothing stores will instead focus on branded pieces. It's up to you to find what suits you! And the good news is that the resale of second-hand clothes in local thrift shops encourages the circular economy! To please the planet and your wallet...

Consignment stores to sell clothes

More and more fashion enthusiasts are headingto consignment storesto find beautiful pieces at the best price. The principle is simple. You drop off all the second-hand clothes you want to resell with a manager. When they find takers, the deposit-sale pays you the amount of the transaction. Since this is a service and you are not directly involved of the sale of your clothes, the merchant receives a commission deducted from the sale price previously fixed with you. Today, like thrift stores, consignment stores are less and less active in buying and reselling clothes by the kilo. They prefer pieces good quality, well-known brandindividual bags that better meet the expectations of today's customers.

Selling clothes on the Internet

Selling clothes on social networks

More than just exchange and communication platforms, social networks have become veritable meeting places for fashion enthusiasts. You will no doubt have noticed that it is quite possible to sell your clothes there, without the fuss, and at prices that suit you. For example, Facebook gives you several options. You can of course post an ad on your personal page. The sale will be accessible to all your friends. Do not hesitate to ask them to relay the information to their acquaintances in order to increase your visibility. You can also create a page dedicated to selling your second-hand clothes or join groups specializing in the sale of wardrobes and post your own ad there. Facebook also has a Marketplace that is increasingly in demand by fashionistas. To sell your clothes, don't forget the famous hasgtags (#) that will optimize your visibility.

vendre ses vêtements

Selling second-hand clothes on the Internet

Many sites specialize in buying and reselling second-hand clothing. With over 21 million users worldwide, Vinted is now positioned among the leaders in this sector. You can sell any type of clothing there. In general, fast-fashion brands go like hotcakes. All transactions are secure. Moreover, if you want to sell big brand clothes, you should rather go to the second-hand luxury giants. Vestiaire Collective is aimed atluxury fans on a fairly tight budget.Today, the platform has more than 3,000,000 members and has a catalog of more than 200,000 items. You can take care of the sale of your clothes personally. Or, if necessary , a concierge service will take care of the sale for you, obviously subject to a commission fixed in advance. In both cases, experts check each item offered for sale to reassure buyers of the authenticity of the product and check the consistency of the price as well as the quality of the photo. The same principles apply on After several checks by fashion experts, the platform even issues a Videdressing certificate of authenticity.

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Sales between girlfriends

Find a place to sell second-hand clothes

Calling on your group of girlfriends is also a greatidea to sell the clothes you no longer wear. The first thing to do is to find a place. You have the choice between organizing the sale at your place or renting a room. For a group of three or four people, a large living room will be more than enough. Instead, arrange your garage if you plan to accommodate other people you do not know. It will be much less intrusive. Moreover, if there are many of you, it would be better to rent a room or organize the sale of clothes outdoors, in a garden. In any case, whether the event takes place in your living room, in a room or outdoors, you must always ensure that the area reserved for saleswomen does not occupy more than half of the total sales area. The remaining space will allow buyers and customers to move around easily.

Getting ready to have a good time

You will no doubt have understood that the organization of a empty dressing room cannot be improvised, even if it is an event between girlfriends. After finding the perfect place, you should also provide a number of materials, including a rack and some hangers to properly present your clothes for sale. Also set up a small dressing room. Use your network to bring in good customers andincrease the chances of selling your used clothes at the best price. By attracting even more buyers, you will avoid girlfriends who come just to chat and leave empty-handed. As it is a moment of relaxation between friends, you must also ensure that the atmosphere remains friendly. Plan some drinks and cakes and good music to sell your clothes in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere!


If you would rather do a good deed than make a profit, this is the perfect opportunity! Here are our favorite ways to donate your clothes to those in need.

Emmaus second-hand clothing donations

The donation of clothes to the Emmaüs community brings new life to the clothes you no longer wear, and which clutter up your closet.The institution's solidarity shops only take small volumes, at the rate of two to three 50 L bags or a 7 kg box Of course, sonly clean clothes in good condition will be accepted . It is also possible to deposit your donations directly at the Emmaüs warehouse closest to you. A free home pick-up service is also available if you are unable to travel.All information is available on their website.

Associations, boxes and collection terminals

Many charities such as La Croix Rouge, Le Secours Populaire or Les Restos du Cœur also accept donations of clothing. The principle remains the same : most of them refuse torn, stained or damaged clothes. So select clothes that are in excellent, almost new condition that can still be worn. You can also deposit the clothes you no longer wear directly in the dedicated boxes, bins and containers installed throughout France, whether in the city center, on the outskirts or in store car parks. Your items will be collected, donated, transformed, recycled… The volunteers who manage them are not short of ideas.

As trends follow each other and do not necessarily look alike,regularly renewing the wardrobe is a must for fashion addicts. Today, several solutions are available to you to sell second-hand clothes if you no longer wear them. With a few tips and good preparation, you will easily find buyers at a garage sale, a local garage sale, or on some online sales sites. It's your turn ! And after filling your wallet and emptying your cupboards: rvisit our e-shop to acquire new modern and trendy pieces.


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