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Article: What your clothing style reveals about your personality

Ce que votre style vestimentaire révèle de votre personnalité - Loëla
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What your clothing style reveals about your personality

What your style of dress reveals about your personality

While you shouldn't always judge a person by their appearance, and "dress does not make the monk", dress style and personality are closely related. If wearing straight-cut pants or colorful pieces of clothing repeatedly seems like a trivial matter to you, know that a detail of your look or your outfit as a whole says enough about you…

Classic LOOKS AND personality

The classic symbolizes responsibility, intransigence and fidelity

In the sphere of fashion, and this, according to studies on the link between clothing style and personality, which says classic style often means conventional personality. In general, this style of dress immediately refers to the responsibility and rigor of the person who wears it. Those around you will give true respect to your values. You will no doubt have noticed that in the world of work, the correct outfit is often associated with a classic style that is both neutral and efficient, in order to highlight this serious and sober side. In terms of fashion and clothing, renewing the dressing room each season is far from being a priority for those who dress in a classic way. The pieces of clothing are expressly chosen to suit all occasions. By the way, the movement "normcore" is sometimes attached to classical clothing style and wise personalities. It is a choice to dress as “normally” as possible. If previously this normality was pushed to the extreme, to the point of avoiding any new fashion trend, the term "normcore" is now used to designate a simple and rather urban style, completely conformist.

The peculiarities of the classic look

Classic style enthusiasts rely on sure values ​​to create their own style. Whether it's a basic, streetwear or dressy and feminine look, quality takes precedence over everything else. The superfluous has no place in the outfit. Timeless and effective pieces in all circumstances therefore fill the dressing room. It is quite normal to find tailored trousers, a simple and elegant pencil skirt, a blouse with buttons, a dress or a wrap skirt and of course, the famous little black dress. On the other hand, it is rare, if not unthinkable, to include tops with plunging necklines, too conspicuous prints as well as clothing pieces and accessories in flashy colors, which are far from the stowed personality that suits to this type of look.

style vestimentaire personnalité

Different looks for your personality

The classic style is relatively vast and can be adapted according to tastes and desires. For example, women with a discreet personality often wear basic pieces and prefer neutral colors. The look remains simple and perfectly sober. Shirts, jeans and jackets are among the key pieces of the wardrobe. For a conventional classic style, the wardrobe is full of so-called “sure value” pieces such as blouses, suits and houndstooth dresses.On the other hand, for the elegant feminine outfit, lightly structured dresses, white tops and pencil skirts are very popular

Crazy looks: when clothing style and personality collide

Boldness, originality and creativity

A person who dresses in an eccentric look is simply not afraid. In general, this is the dressing style most appreciated by "non-conformists" who do not like to wear labels and be lost in the crowd, but rather prefer to stand out thanks to their looks. According to research on the link between clothing style and personality, a person who dresses eccentrically often has a bubbly and outgoing personality. According to Psychology clothing that analyzes the link between clothing style and personality, these are people who are open to exchanges. In everyday life, you move forward without complexes and without headaches. A woman who dresses eccentrically is also creative. Also be aware that some women use this style of dress as a shield. Surprisingly, clothingdoes not serve to attract attention, but rather constitutes a kind of protection. Analyzes of the link between clothing style and personality reveal that by giving the impression of being "untouchable" and "good about yourself", you use in your look to establish a certain distance with those around you.

Characteristics of the look

Contrary to popular belief, the eccentric look is not messy at all. The real challenge of this style of dress is to knowing to combine the right pieces of clothing, in order to create a rresult that is both harmonious and elegant. You always give priority to originality, without falling into bad taste. In general, a person with an eccentric personality has their own style and does not follow a specific dress code. In other words, you yourself create a style that belongs to you. The combination of pieces is done according to your mood and your desires. An eccentric person at heart and with good taste perfectly combines the possible with the impossible for a stunning and stylish result.

How to wear an eccentric piece?

Buying a surprising piece of clothing that is often described as improbable is already a first step towards eccentricity and creating an insight into the link between clothing style and personality. To succeed in your look, all you have to do is combine the strong piece with a basic. Who knows, this jumpsuit will also fulfill the opposite function, i.e. bring a little pep to your neutral and discreet top or pants. The most daring will not hesitate to marry a strong piece with another strong piece for an even more breathtaking result.

Your personality if you dress in black

Sensitivity, solitude, respect and intelligence

A woman who wears black is quite sensitive. For some of us, a total black look can be seen as a way to protect ourselves from others.You dress in such a way that your clothes are a kind of armor to set up a distance with the people who are around you and who may hurt you. In other words, you take refuge behind this neutral hue which makes invisible, so as not to catch the eye, to divert attention and hide certain feelings that you have trouble controlling. Black is also associated with loneliness. In general, this type of person has a solitary personality and likes to be alone in their own space contemplating life. Also know that by wearing black, you are somehow “commanding” respect. The black look is also a sign of a serious personality and intelligence.

style vestimentaire personnalité

Other CHARACTERISTICS of the black look

Black remains THE color that goes with almost everything. In other words, it is considered the "joker" of the wardrobe. Not reflecting light, it is also synonymous with sophistication and luxury. This is the color of clothing and accessories to choose for situations where you need to reveal a sober and discreet personality. The essential piece of your black look? Black pants of course!

How to wear the total black look with style?

As we all know, black is the symbol of elegance par excellence. To make the outfit more harmonious, and less boring, it is enough to respect a certain number of principles. Above all, think of mixing the materials, in order to create a play of textures and bring a little relief to the outfit and to your personality. A touch of lace or leather will be welcome. Let yourself be tempted by the unstructured and original cuts for a guaranteed haute couture effect. Of course, complete the look with impeccable chic and glamorous make-up and colorful accessories so as not to confuse sobriety with boredom.

Fashion Victims: what is the link between clothing style and personality?

An outgoing and open-minded person

In the eyes of society, a "fashion victim" is a person who is at the forefront of the latest fashion trends. And who is heavily involved in the fashion sphere. In any situation, you always wear the most fashionable pieces of clothing with style and elegance. The connection between this clothing style and personality is quite surprising (or not!). In general, someone described as a fashion victim often has an outgoing personality. More than approachable, you are open-mindedt. Dealing with change does not scare you at all, whether for a haircut or for your clothing style in general. As far as the link between clothing style and personality is concerned, routine is definitely not part of your vocabulary... We bet you love finding the weekly new arrivals from our online store!

A delicate style

Be careful though, a fashion victim who does not control her fashion impulses risks falling into "faddishness", i.e. a concept according to which you will be at the mercy of prejudices and commercial interests of the fashion industry. It's up to you to find the right balance between a go-getter personality and a follower's state of mind.

How to dress when you are a fashion victim?

As surprising as it is, dressing up when you're a fashionista isn't always an easy feat It's imperative to get the latest fashionable piece of clothing. For the garment to enhance your silhouette, it is essential to wear it well, this time in your own way and according to your personality. For the personal touch, do not hesitate to associate it with one of your signature pieces. Avoid at all costs “copying” on others and reproducing the same look. Creativity and audacity will be your best friends to reveal YOUR personality and set yourself apart.

Often motivated by tastes, the latest fashion trends or simply habits, the choice of one or more pieces of clothing often reveals the traits of our personality, the way of thinking as well as the behavior in society, and this, without our realizing it. Do not hesitate to do your fashion shopping on our e-shopto perfect each of your looks and add your personal touch according to your desires. It's easy and accessible thanks to the new collections available every Sunday! See you soon on Loë


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