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Dernière PièceManteau Gil BLANC CASSE - LAUREPLUSMAX Manteau pour femme
Gil Coat Sale price20,17 € Regular price100,83 €
Dernière PièceRobe Bella BLEU JEANS - LAUREPLUSMAX Robe pour femme
Bella dress Sale price20,17 € Regular price70,58 €
Dernière PièceBoucles d'oreilles Gail ARGENT - MILË MILA Boucles d'oreilles pour femme
Gail earrings Sale price5,05 € Regular price20,16 €
Dernière PiècePantalon Pietro NOIR - LAUREPLUSMAX Pantalon pour femme
Pietro trousers Sale price20,17 € Regular price80,66 €
Dernière PièceJupe Journy BRONZE DORE - ANGE Jupe pour femme
Journy skirt Sale price20,17 € Regular price60,49 €
Dernière PiècePorte cartes Minus PLOMB camel - CRAIE Porte cartes pour femme
Minus card holder Sale price20,17 € Regular price40,33 €
Dernière PièceT-shirt Tolta Vert VERT SAPIN - LAUREPLUSMAX Top pour femme
Tolta Green T-shirt Sale price20,17 € Regular price49,40 €
Dernière PiècePantalon Cady CAFE - LA PETITE ETOILE Pantalon pour femme
Cady pants Sale price20,17 € Regular price80,66 €
Dernière PièceVeste Fanelly MARRON - SEEUSOON Veste pour femme
Fanelly jacket Sale price20,17 € Regular price86,71 €
Dernière PiècePantalon Frerika CAMEL - SEEUSOON Pantalon pour femme
Frerika pants Sale price20,17 € Regular price106,88 €
Dernière PiècePantalon Firdaws MARRON camel - SEEUSOON Pantalon pour femme
Firdaws Pants Sale price20,17 € Regular price90,74 €
Dernière PièceRobe Fei FUCHSIA - SEEUSOON Robe pour femme
Fei dress Sale price20,17 € Regular price106,88 €
Dernière PièceSalopette Oulan Bator SIMILI CHOCOLAT - LAUREPLUSMAX Combinaison pour femme
Overalls Ulan Bator Sale price20,17 € Regular price126,05 €
Dernière PièceJupe Jason KAKI - LAUREPLUSMAX Jupe pour femme
Jason skirt Sale price20,17 € Regular price78,65 €
Dernière PièceRobe Romea JACQUARD MINUIT noir - LAUREPLUSMAX Robe pour femme
Romea dress Sale price20,17 € Regular price115,95 €
Dernière PiècePantalon Pavel VELOURS FUCHSIA - LAUREPLUSMAX Pantalon pour femme
Pavel pants Sale price20,17 € Regular price95,80 €
Dernière PiècePantalon Pascal ANTHRACITE - LAUREPLUSMAX Pantalon pour femme
Pascal pants Sale price20,17 € Regular price85,70 €
Dernière PièceT-shirt Tolta NOIR - LAUREPLUSMAX Top pour femme
Tolta t-shirt Sale price20,17 € Regular price49,40 €
Dernière PièceRobe Rubi LILAS LUREX NOIR - LAUREPLUSMAX Robe pour femme
Rubi dress Sale price20,17 € Regular price126,05 €
Dernière PiècePantalon Pacifique FLORAL ARTISTE - LAUREPLUSMAX Pantalon pour femme
Pacific Pants Sale price20,17 € Regular price85,70 €

September collection

September fashion collection: it's back to school!

No more holidays! It's back to school! We will have to forget the swimsuits, sandals, beach dresses, carefully store all our summer outfits in our dressing room and tell them see you next year (sniff)! Well, we're darkening the picture a bit here, because in September, there are still very nice late-season days and we can have fun level clothes. This means that you can always plan beach outings at the weekend if you live near the sea, sunbathe at the end of the day and walk in the woods on Wednesday afternoons. The days haven't gotten much shorter yet and the evenings can still be beautiful and pleasant. So take heart! We go back to school and to work, of course, but we keep smiling!

How to dress in September?

Fall hasn't arrived yet, so we can still indulge in wearing summer colors. In September, the weather is still good, the temperatures are mild, to believe that it is the ideal month for go back to work (!). To go back to work without getting too hot, opt for casual but elegant (you shouldn't let your boss think you're still on vacation!). You leave closet your beach sandals and your tropéziennes and pull out your ballet flats and your loafers. The long flowing dresses that accompanied your summer evenings are always very trend for the month of September. Finally, you can bring out your jewellery left aside during the summer (the ones you were afraid of forgetting or damaging on vacation!).