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Débardeur Zelda NOIR - ORFEO Top pour femme
Débardeur Zelda Sale price24,96 € Regular price49,91 €
Robe Nina KHAKI - ORFEO Robe pour femme
Robe Nina Sale price43,11 € Regular price86,21 €
Pantalon Nami KHAKI - ORFEO Pantalon pour femme
Pantalon Nami Sale price34,79 € Regular price69,58 €
Sold outRobe Marianne NOIR - ORFEO Robe pour femme
Robe Marianne Sale price34,79 € Regular price69,58 €
Robe Lily BLEU - ORFEO Robe pour femme
Robe Lily Sale price29,74 € Regular price59,50 €
Robe Gabriel PICASSO - ORFEO Robe pour femme
Robe Gabriel Sale price37,81 € Regular price75,63 €
Robe Dona NOIR - ORFEO Robe pour femme
Robe Dona Sale price34,79 € Regular price69,58 €
Short Daysi KALEIDOSCOPE - ORFEO Short pour femme
Short Daysi Sale price24,71 € Regular price49,40 €
Pantalon Camille PICASSO - ORFEO Pantalon pour femme
Pantalon Camille Sale price34,79 € Regular price69,58 €
Veste Annabelle ECRU - ORFEO Veste pour femme
Veste Annabelle Sale price37,81 € Regular price75,63 €
Gilet Annabelle KALEIDOSCOPE - ORFEO Veste pour femme
Gilet Annabelle Sale price34,79 € Regular price69,58 €
Chemise Shana CARREAUX - ORFEO Chemise pour femme
Shana Shirt Sale price29,74 € Regular price59,50 €
Jean Vegas TRIPLE STONE - ORFEO Pantalon pour femme
Jean Vegas Sale price37,81 € Regular price75,63 €
Sweat Stancy GRIS CHINE - ORFEO Top pour femme
Stancy sweatshirt Sale price29,74 € Regular price59,50 €
Jupe Maxime INDIGO - ORFEO Jupe pour femme
Maxime skirt Sale price37,81 € Regular price75,63 €
Chemisier Mary INDIGO - ORFEO Top pour femme
Mary blouse Sale price29,74 € Regular price59,50 €
Robe Madison BEGONIA - ORFEO Robe pour femme
Madison Dress Sale price44,87 € Regular price89,75 €
Chemisier Kayla BLEU - ORFEO Top pour femme
Kayla blouse Sale price29,74 € Regular price59,50 €
Short Daysi JAUNE - ORFEO Short pour femme
Daysi shorts Sale price29,74 € Regular price59,50 €
Robe Darla SABLE - ORFEO Robe pour femme
Darla dress Sale priceFrom 34,79 € Regular price69,58 €
Chemisier Angele JAUNE - ORFEO Top pour femme
Angele blouse Sale price29,74 € Regular price59,50 €
Top Amelia FRAISE - ORFEO Top pour femme
Top Amelia Sale price29,74 € Regular price59,50 €
Dernière PièceJupe Elenor PAON bleu - ORFEO Jupe pour femme
Elenor skirt Sale price20,17 € Regular price69,58 €
Dernière PiècePantalon Belinda BLANC - ORFEO Pantalon pour femme
Belinda Pants Sale price20,17 € Regular price70,58 €
Dernière PiècePantalon Julienne FRAMBOISE - ORFEO Pantalon pour femme
Julienne pants Sale price20,17 € Regular price70,58 €
Dernière PièceRobe Vivienne CORAIL - ORFEO Robe pour femme
Vivienne dress Sale price20,17 € Regular price85,70 €

Brand: Orfeo

Orfeo: an ethical and responsible ready-to-wear brand

Orfeo is a brand of clothing for free, elegant and dreamy women . The story was born from a common passion. Inspired by the world of cinema, poetry and travel, the designers have designed fashion pieces to reflect their identity. Through Orfeo, they share values ​​that are dear to them: self-acceptance and respect for others. They allow women to stay true to themselves with pieces that look like them. The brand presents accessible and durable fashion made from noble materials for ensure great comfort. Ambitious, she has also imagined a 100% vegetable line composed of natural fibers in order to be in line with her environmental commitments. Thus, it offers you the possibility of consuming in a reasoned way. These values ​​are also important to us, which is why we have selected this partner on our online store.

Orfeo boutique: a soft and feminine collection

The Orfeo style comes in a complete, resolutely contemporary wardrobe. Whether you are addicted to looks urban, rock, preppy, casual or even girly, the brand will seduce you for sure! Find on our eshop all the essentials for your wardrobe as well as clothing with character with finishes neat. From the dress to the sweater, including the little top lightweight, the brand plays on comfortable materials, loose cuts and trendy prints to give us a look that is both chic and glamorous! Each article is imagined and designed with care to embellish you! Daily, on an ordinary or special day, Orfeo dresses you with style, modernity and class!