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Article: 5 tips for buying formal dresses that flatter your figure

5 astuces pour acheter des robes de cérémonie qui flattent votre silhouette - Loëla
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5 tips for buying formal dresses that flatter your figure

Since Marion announced her engagement to you, you can't keep still. In a few weeks, you will be in the front row to see your childhood friend say "yes" to her soul mate. Despite your enthusiasm, there is one step that you dread: the selection of formal dresses .

It's the same thing every time. Faced with the plethora of wedding dresses available, you hesitate. Like a fish in a bowl, you go around in circles hoping that a sign of fate will show you the perfect wedding outfit for women . Unfortunately, each time, the sky remains insensitive to your prayers. It is therefore at the last minute that you buy a wedding guest dress that leaves you completely indifferent.

What if this time you did things differently?

Instead of procrastinating until the last minute, take the lead. By following the advice of the experts at Loëla Boutique, you will be able to find the perfect formal dress for women .

Why do you want to buy a formal dress?

Every wedding guest dress has a purpose. Maybe you want to impress someone in particular... Maybe you want to take advantage of this wedding to establish yourself as a fashion icon... Or, these formal dresses are a golden opportunity to bring the Prince Charming.

Every time a woman acquires a new outfit, it's for a specific purpose. Take a few seconds to analyze the intention behind this wedding dress .

For example, if you aspire to meet your soul mate, you will invest in a mermaid-type dress or in a neckline that highlights your chest. On the other hand, if this formal dress is intended to make a good impression in front of your future mother-in-law, she will be wiser.

By opting for a wedding outfit for women , you will create a strong impression on other people. Think about it for a second… Every time you step out of your house, you are a public figure. It is therefore natural that the selection of your wedding dress for guest must respect your brand image.

Indeed, buying a dress for the holidays is an operation that is far from trivial. It is a strong act that must be carefully considered.

What is the theme of the ceremony you are to attend?

Any self-respecting guest is required to take into account the theme of the ceremony. There's nothing worse than being "overdressed" or " underdressed" for a social event.

Take a few minutes to analyze the invitation ticket that was given to you. What are the colors imposed by the organizer of the party? For example, if the person in the honor has a preference for blue, choose a formal dress that is in this color.

Empire, cut A, trumpet, … A wedding dress for a guest is a real asset for the success of the event. By respecting the theme to perfection, you will not only show your respect for the person but also contribute to the visual harmony of the whole.

At the same time, consider the circumstances in which the event will take place. Thus, a wedding guest dress for a country wedding can be short. On the other hand, if the ceremony takes place in a castle, bet instead on very long ceremonial dresses .

Although it is a well-known rule, in the context of a wedding, it is necessary to remember that a formal dress for women should not be white. This color is exclusive to the bride. It doesn't matter if the colorway is pristine white, cream or slightly ecru, it's a firm no.

In what environment will the evening take place?

It is important to take into account the current season. Select the wedding guest dress keeping in mind the current climate.

Thus, if the ceremony takes place in summer or spring, it is possible to wear a floral print blouse with flowing white pants. For more sophistication, it is also possible to opt for a wedding outfit for women . Be careful though… To avoid suffocating, opt for muslin, organza or a very fluid cotton.

On the other hand, when it is cold, choose thicker materials such as velvet or wool. Yes… It is possible to find a wedding guest dress that is in a thick fabric while being extremely sophisticated.

To be at your peak, it is important to consider the season. If you dress too freshly, you will shiver throughout the ceremony. Similarly, an outfit that is too hot will make you sweat profusely in your formal dresses .

Which formal dress cut for your morphology?

The wedding guest dress that will highlight you will necessarily take into account the structure of your body. Even if you have a crush on a model, make sure it respects your morphological lines.

And if you don't know exactly which one to choose, once again, the experts at Loëla Boutique have the answer.

The long dress for chic evenings

No matter your morphology, the long formal dress will fit you like a glove. Lengthening the silhouette, it lavishes additional centimeters and refines visually.

If you have curves, pay attention to tight clothes or cutouts at the hips. By opting for one of these customizations, you will unintentionally highlight your bulges and other unsightly elements. Instead, favor a wedding outfit for women that follows the lines of the body without sticking them.

Another detail that is very important: the size. Unfortunately, petite women will have to be careful with long dresses. Indeed, the latter can pack them down and cause them to lose a few precious centimeters.

So that your wedding guest dress does not play against you, always wear it with heels. No need to opt for 12 or 15 cm. Sometimes even five to eight centimeters make all the difference.

The bustier dress for small breasts

It is a formal dress for women that is only suitable for small breasts. From cup C, it is much more difficult to wear. Under the effect of gravity, it will tend to slip, even if it means putting you in embarrassing situations.

By adding a suitable bra, it is possible to hold these ceremonial dresses in place. However, the cutout risks putting the chest a little too forward. Do you really want your breasts to be the first thing seen by those who talk to you? Imagine the discomfort created by such a highlight…

In addition to the cup size, the strapless dress should be purchased with the build of the shoulders in mind. In case you have muscular shoulders or a V-shaped silhouette, it is not sure that this wedding dress is the one for you. By drawing attention to this already developed area, it will masculinize your figure.

The cocktail dress

Very often, reading the expression " ceremonial dress for women " makes one think of weddings or gala evenings. It's not always the case. In fact, it is possible to attend exclusive ceremonies taking place during the day.

Brunches, bachelor parties and cocktail parties are some of the occasions that lend themselves to wearing this type of dress. Stopping just above the knees, fluid, they are chic while being more relaxed than gala dresses.

You should know that cocktail dresses are designed for events taking place during the day or early evening. They are not what you will wear to go up the steps of Cannes or attend a princely ball.

The mermaid dress for a body to die for

Want to turn heads? Choose a wedding dress with contours reminiscent of a mermaid's tail. Tight to the hips, the latter then flares out at the knees. Sensual without being vulgar, this wedding outfit for women is made for those who assume their femininity.

Be careful though… For a rendering that leaves you speechless, it is preferable to have a body in eight. Also called "hourglass" , this morphology is characterized by a developed chest, a marked waist and generous hips.

At the same time, this wedding dress for guest does not necessarily suit women in H.

The A-line dress for V-shaped bodies

This formal dress lives up to its name. Close to the body up to the waist, it then flares out to create volume at the bottom. A timeless classic, the A-line dress is known for balancing the silhouette of women with developed shoulders.

If you are an athlete or your body is V-shaped (broad shoulders and reduced waist), this model is exactly what you need. With elegance, it rids you of this somewhat masculine energy that comes from having developed shoulders.

What to accessorize your formal dress with?

Once the question of the dress for the wedding guest no longer arises, it is time to dwell on the accessories. Concretely, with what do you plan to wear this wedding outfit for women? Indeed, without jewelry and clutches, the silhouette will remain incomplete.

To protect yourself from cool winds, it is possible to add a shawl or a stole. If the sun is shining high in the sky, keep your scarves in the closet and add a necklace to your wedding dress . Finish the set with bracelets, earrings and other adornments.

Of course, put on a pair of pumps and bring a rhinestone clutch.

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