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Article: Dress guide: everything you need to know about the evening dress

Guide vestimentaire : tout savoir de la robe de soirée - Loëla
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Dress guide: everything you need to know about the evening dress

When the champagne and sequins are there, it's time to dare to wear a long evening dress . More elegant than everyday outfits, it seduces with the finesse of its stoles and its semi-precious inserts. For galas or prestigious events, it's impossible to get more elegant than this ceremonial outfit.

But here it is… Given that it is only worn on rare occasions, the evening dress can raise questions. Can any long dress be called evening? What is the difference between a cocktail dress and an evening dress ? And above all, how can you be sure that the evening dress chosen is the one that enhances you? So many questions that our experts set out to answer.

Definition: what is an evening dress?

This is a long, flowing dress that is reserved for formal occasions. Muslin, silk, satin, etc. The textiles that make up this ceremonial outfit are particularly luxurious. Likewise, the finishes are worthy of a red carpet parade.

In a way, the long evening dress can be considered the equivalent of the tuxedo for men. This is the outfit to wear to impress and be looked at. Obviously, it will be more suitable than cocktail dresses for certain occasions such as a wedding or an awards ceremony.

This actually raises a question. In fact, what are the differences between cocktail and evening outfits?

What are the differences between a cocktail dress and an evening dress?

Even for fashion professionals, it can be difficult to clearly distinguish these two outfits. Very close to each other, they nevertheless present some dissimilarities which allow them to be differentiated.

The length of the dress

Originally, cocktail dresses were designed for enjoying an aperitif at the end of the evening or enjoying sweet treats at brunch. Obviously, they had to allow you to move gracefully while remaining elegant. From this heritage remains a length systematically stopping above the knees or mid-thighs. Never, ever, will a cocktail outfit be long.

Conversely, evening wear plays with length to create a spectacular effect. Voluminous, empirical, majestic, they can have trains worthy of princesses.

The degree of sophistication

The cocktail dress is chic but not solemn. Designed for the day (or early evening), it borrows a bit of the relaxation of aperitifs. This is why it is generally short, made in a light fabric and very lightly loaded.

Conversely, an evening dress will be much more elaborate. Maybe the designer will add rhinestones all along the neckline... Maybe the stylist will create reliefs with the fabric... Or, the model that will attract your attention will have a certain artistic side.

In all cases, the evening outfit is intended to be more extravagant, more daring. It is an opportunity to celebrate a unique event with pomp. This is why New Year's dresses and gala outfits systematically fall into this category.

The color palette

If you look closely, you will notice that most cocktail dresses are made in pastel shades. Salmon pink, cyan blue, sea green, etc. In terms of colors, the time has come for softness and tenderness.

Again, this isn't really surprising. After all, cocktail dresses are worn during the day and removed after dark. To make the most of ambient light, designers offer them in shades that capture every ray of sunlight.

Concerning the long evening dress , the situation is completely different.

Nighttime is the time to let your more eccentric side speak. Obviously, the time is no longer for measurement or light colors. Although it is not excluded, it is very rare for evening outfits to be in pastel colors. Generally speaking, they will be bright red, pine green or dark purple.

More daring than cocktail dresses , evening outfits preferably opt for darker color palettes.

Dress cuts

To remain chic while sober, the cocktail dress is generally either skater type or fluid with a difference in length. And then you are probably wondering why…

Cocktail dress designs

The advantage of the skater dress is that it allows you to go from a professional setting to a more relaxed atmosphere in the snap of your fingers. With a leather perfecto and boots, it serves as the basis for a rock outfit . Matched with heels, a clutch and fine jewelry, it becomes the very pinnacle of elegance.

The same goes for long flowing dresses. Made from muslin, they sway in the wind, bringing a touch of femininity to each of your steps. At the same time, they also have a daytime side that makes them perfect for brunches or late-night get-togethers.

Evening dress cuts

The more time passes, the more original the designs of evening wear become. One shoulder , unstructured dress, 3D constructions,... It's crazy to what extent modelers push the limits of creativity.

However, despite this excitement, four styles have established themselves as classics of the long evening dress .

The mermaid cut

Very sensual, the mermaid cut emphasizes the arch of the buttocks and the curves of the hips. Fitting the body down to the knees, it then flares out to reproduce the visual of a mermaid tail.

Sexy without being vulgar, the mermaid cut looks particularly good on women with hourglass-shaped bodies. By that, mean a generous chest, developed hips and a marked waist. By emphasizing exactly the right amount sparingly, she highlights their buxom forms.

The A-line cut

The A-line dress is similar to the so-called “princess” dress. Bell-shaped, it stays close to the body up to the waist before flaring out. Playing the card of sobriety, it is free of folds or any other embellishment.

Minimalist but wildly elegant, the A-line cut is a classic in women's wardrobe. If you are a fan of preppy style or a lover of timeless looks, this long evening dress is made for you.

Note that it best suits women with an inverted triangle shape. Thanks to all the volume at the bottom, it rebalances the silhouette and makes the shoulders appear less developed.

The trumpet cup

From the shoulders to the knees, the trumpet dress is a model that appeals to young ladies who want to show off their curves. By staying close to the body, it brings out the sensuality of their bodies. And thanks to the added volume at the leg level, they are extremely sophisticated.

The Empire Cup

Easy to recognize, this evening dress is a classic for balls and galas. Combining a fitted bodice with a long, loose, flowing skirt, it suits almost all body shapes and all ages.

On what occasions to wear these formal dresses?

When to wear a cocktail dress?

Are you invited to a bachelorette party? At a baptism? At brunch? For events that require some effort in dressing and take place during the day, opt for a cocktail dress .

In winter, when temperatures drop, it is recommended to wear the cocktail dress with thick tights. If necessary, add a blanket or scarf for more comfort.

When to wear an evening dress?

This is a garment to be reserved for special occasions. Gala evenings, awards ceremonies and wedding evenings are some of the circumstances suitable for its use. Obviously, if you are invited to climb the steps of Cannes, you will have to do it in a long evening dress .

Where to find the best cocktail and evening dresses?

The answer is right before your eyes. A boutique specializing in women's fashion, Loëla is a brand well known to residents of Pau. Founded by two fashion enthusiasts, it's mission is to enhance every woman. Equipped with e-commerce, Loëla boutique just wants to deliver the evening dress of your dreams. What are you waiting for to find it by exploring the virtual catalog of the trade?

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