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Article: 7 outfit ideas with a women's tank top

7 idées de tenues avec un débardeur femme - Loëla
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7 outfit ideas with a women's tank top

For a long time, the women's tank top was shunned by elegant young ladies. Considered too casual, even masculine, it was the prerogative of urban style followers. With the exception of the lace tank top , the Mistinguetts took little interest in this garment.

And then things changed...

Freed from corsets and diktats of painful beauty, women wanted more lightness. Little by little, they began to dream of ample movements and chills linked to the caresses of the air currents. At this precise moment, the women's tank top regained its letters of nobility.

Less stuffy than a women's blouse , it can be worn on almost any occasion. Under a jacket or as a top, it will reveal the radiance of your beauty. It's all about knowing how to use it to compose outfits.

1. Feminize denim overalls

In recent years, a garment has come out of the professional context to be worn on a daily basis. Formerly confined to masons, plumbers and other craftsmen, overalls are now a garment like any other.

For an urban and refreshing style, slip a loose women's tank top under denim overalls. Ideally, stay away from tights. Choose pieces close to the body without being baggy.

In order to feminize the whole, always wear this outfit with a pair of thin pumps. Similarly, consider adding jewelry and a beautiful clutch to make the whole thing more sophisticated.

Extremely easy to compose, this outfit with women's tank top will be emulated wherever you go.

2. Stay glamorous in all circumstances

Are you a feminine lady through and through? With the lace tank top , let your fragility speak for itself while improving your clothing comfort. Better yet… To create a “femme fatale” side, choose a model with a magnificent bare back.

Once you have chosen your women's blouse , all that remains is to associate it. Here again, another classic of the feminine wardrobe comes to your rescue: the high-waisted pencil skirt.

Be careful though… To avoid looking like a secretary, stay away from the black skirt + white top combination. If you decide to use a white women's tank top , pair it with a skirt that stands out. Flashy color, sequins, geometric patterns, … Be original.

In case you prefer to opt for a traditional pencil skirt, bring modernity with a trendy women's top . Whether you take one route or the other, it's all about thinking outside the box with at least one piece.

3. Look like a modern city car

Sometimes you don't want to take the lead to compose your outfit. Because you're racing against the clock… Because you have no desire to look your best… Or simply because you're just going out with your family.

Sitting in front of your closet, you look for a way to compile your desires with social dictates. What clothes to quickly put on with a women's tank top to be presentable in a snap?

The answer can be summed up in two words: boyfriend jeans.

A strong trend, boyfriend jeans also have the advantage of being extremely comfortable. Once wrapped up in this stocking, you will be free to run, move, dance and move around as you see fit.

Wear your women's shirt with jeans. Combine it with a pair of boots, a scarf, a handbag and you're done. Who said getting dressed had to be a way of the cross?

4. Compose a working girl outfit

Yes, you read correctly. Well worn, the lace or cotton tank top can perfectly lend itself to the professional environment. This is true whether you work in a bank or in a less formal sector. As always, the key is to choose the pieces that accompany it.

To make your women's tank top more sophisticated, cover them with a blazer. Don't stop on such a good path. Add flared pants, preferably the same color as the jacket. And to top it all off, wear a big brown trench coat. All you have to do is grab your handbag and head out into the urban jungle.

To be even more effective, the base of this look would benefit from being monochrome. Mean by this that the blazer and the pants should be the same color. Thus, if the jacket is midnight blue, the pants would have exactly the same color. To enhance the whole, add a trench coat in a different shade.

5. Dare to wear a blazer and carrot pants

Although it is also suitable for the business world, this outfit is slightly more casual. With it, you can have an aperitif with your friends before heading to a meeting of the utmost importance. Yes… Some women's blouses are so versatile that they allow you to go from a casual setting to a stricter one.

To achieve this effect, wear your women's tank top with a blazer. If you don't like the classic white blazer, bet on more daring variants such as metallic or bright colors.

In order to refine your leg with elegance, add carrot pants to the already composed outfit. Roll it up so it's 7/8, revealing your ankle and saving you a few inches. All that remains is to add a handbag and pumps to be ready.

6. Wear a women's tank top with a skater skirt

This is a style idea that will particularly appeal to young girls. To go to university or have a drink with friends, put on your women's tank top . Since you don't have to be dressed up, add a skater skirt.

Flaring from the waist, stopping just above the knees, the skater skirt is feminine while being extremely comfortable. Add a pair of sneakers, a denim jacket and you're done.

For more formal occasions, the same can be revisited. So, instead of wearing sneakers, your women's tank top will be paired with high heels. Instead of a denim jacket, opt for long coats or huge cardigans. And for even more sensuality, don't be afraid to wear the lace tank top .

7. Use the lace tank top in summer

It is a strong piece that every woman should own. Entirely made of lace, this women's tank top is the height of femininity. On sunny days, wear it with mini tweed shorts and a big hat. Add a pair of sunglasses to look like a diva on an incognito outing.

And this is only one proposal among many others.

Indeed, the lace tank top can also be worn with flare pants, a palazzo or linen carrot pants. If chosen in a light shade, it brings radiance to the whole and attracts light to the face.

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