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Article: The little illustrated guide to women's denim overalls

Le petit guide illustré de la salopette en jean femme - Loëla
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The little illustrated guide to women's denim overalls

In 1844, the simple fact of evoking the creation of overalls for women would have caused bursts of laughter in the audience. While this work overall had just been created, it was still the preserve of men doing manual work. Never would the plumbers and carpenters of that time have thought that overalls would become trendy. And yet...

In the space of two centuries, the overalls left the workshops to become one of the most fashionable garments of this era.

When was the first overalls for women created?

Because women's denim overalls are the most well-known of them all, it's easy to think that this item of clothing originated in the United States. How false! It was in France, in the town of Lyon, that the very first overalls were sewn.

The creation of the jumpsuit

Lyons. Sitting in his armchair, a pipe in hand, Louis Lafont watches his father-in-law wear himself out on the roofs. Carpenter, the latter works hard to feed his family. Only here… He is slowed down in his efforts by his clothes.

To redo the tulles and gutters, he needs nails, screwdrivers, etc. Because his clothes have no pockets or cutouts, it is very difficult for him to work without interruption.

Outraged by such a situation, Louis Lafont took his scissors and his fabric. Neither one nor two, he created a "largeot" with a pocket on the side.

From the first use, the carpenter falls madly in love with his overalls. He talks about it to his colleagues who hasten to order from Louis Lafont. While he did not expect to market such a garment, the young couturier found himself at the head of a craft workshop.

In 1896, Adolphe Lafont, grandson of Louis Lafont, took over the family company. An entrepreneur at heart, he adds a pocket to the front bib. He will patent the model and launch large-scale commercialization.

The democratization of overalls

It is important to specify that in 1850, the Levi brand began the production of overalls for workers. They were the first to use the denim that made denim-cut overalls so famous.

In 1954, women began to take an interest in this work overall. Now exercising manual trades, they use it to protect themselves from oil shards and earth. However, it will be necessary to wait until 1975 for the designer Agnès B. to make it an everyday item of clothing. 47 years later, this women's jumpsuit remains a wardrobe classic.

What does the word "overalls" mean?

Have you ever wondered where the word "overalls" comes from? Take a few minutes to find the answer to this question. If you have trouble, immerse yourself in the history of this garment.

Initially, women's overalls were outerwear used by laborers so as not to get dirty. In witness whereof, it was used as a jumpsuit to be put on over other clothes. It is from this first function that it takes its name.

At the time, a word was used to designate what was really filthy: bitch . Yes… The meaning has changed over time. Designed around this term, the garment was therefore called overalls.

Which women's dungarees for which morphology?

Good news: the women's denim overalls are exactly like the women's denim overalls . Mean by this that you will necessarily find a model that suits your morphology. And if you don't know how to proceed, follow the recommendations of the professionals at Loëla Boutique.

How to wear overalls when you're tall?

Despite your model size, sometimes you have trouble finding clothes that fit. Yes… Despite the clichés, being tall does not mean being exempt from clothing concerns.

Choose your denim overalls exactly as you would for pants. The cuts that highlight you are those that are close to the legs. Bet on the tapered cut, be it slim or cigarette.

By hugging your legs, women's denim overalls will make them look taller and slimmer. Ideally, add a lapel to reveal your ankles, thus gaining in sensuality. Note that you can also opt for women's bootcut or flare denim overalls .

Can you wear women's denim overalls when you're little?

The answer is a big yes. Even if you are not very tall, absolutely nothing prevents you from wearing women's overalls. Be careful though… In order not to lose precious centimeters, it is imperative to choose a cut that really puts you forward.

For little ladies, the best women's denim dungarees are ones with straight lines or a slightly boyfriend look. If you want to elongate your silhouette, make a small reverse at the level of the legs. Similarly, you will be visually lengthened by a 7/8 cut.

So yes, it is perfectly possible to wear women's overalls if you are less than 1.65 m tall. Just choose a straight or boyfriend fit.

Overalls as a curvy woman: good or bad idea?

Of a luscious nature, you are afraid of being pummeled by denim overalls for women . Between your generous hips and your buxom chest, you are afraid that your curves will not be nicely highlighted. Get rid of this preconceived idea.

Despite popular beliefs, curvy women can wear overalls perfectly. Again, the secret is to select a model that will fit you like a glove.

First of all, favor straight cuts and stay as far away as possible from XXL women's denim overalls. The latter will round off your silhouette and make you – visually – gain a few pounds. Is this really what you want?

Likewise, there is another well-known tip among fashion professionals: hip adornments. To avoid drawing attention to this area, steer clear of any women's denim overalls that include side buttons.

By following these two recommendations, you should have no trouble finding women's dungarees that look great on you.

Where to find the dungarees of your dreams?

On Loëla Boutique.

Created by two fashion enthusiasts, Loëla Boutique quickly established itself in the fashion sector through its bold choices. Carefully selecting the models it exhibits, the brand is known for the quality of its clothes.

Whether you are looking for women's denim overalls or a corduroy model, you will find what you are looking for. Just take a few minutes to explore our catalog.

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