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Article: Baptism, communion, wedding…: which ceremonial outfit for which occasion?

Baptême, communion, mariage… : quelle tenue de cérémonie pour quelle occasion ? - Loëla
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Baptism, communion, wedding…: which ceremonial outfit for which occasion?

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If you are still in doubt read this article, it will help you make the right choice.

  1. Basic rules for ceremonial attire
  2. Materials for your outfit
  3. What to wear for a wedding?
  4. What to wear for a baptism, a communion?
  5. Wear formal wear for a cocktail?
  6. How to accessorize a ceremonial outfit?

The dress has always been the star when it comes to going to a ceremony. Although it continues to appear in most events, it can easily be replaced by other outfits that express chic and elegance. In this article, we are going to revisit all formal wear likely to enhance your silhouette, regardless of your size. Before rushing to unveil the new trends, it is important to review the basic rules so as not to make a mistake.

1. The basic rules for each ceremony

Remember that, to go to a ceremony, the idea is to honor the event, not to upstage the people concerned. You also don't have to make a fool of yourself at the risk of drawing all the attention to yourself. You wouldn't like to be the talking point of the party, would you?
So, in order to bet on the right pieces of clothing, it is important to know:
- the place where the ceremony will take place: by the sea? In the countryside ? In a party room? At home ? Around a barbecue?
- what will the weather be like: windy? Rainy? Generally, parties are always held on sunny days.
At a wedding, a few details are also important to ensure formal outfits adapted. Did the bride and groom have a special theme or dress code planned for the guests? So don't neglect these points.
2. Preferred fabrics for formal wear
You're not going to show up at a wedding or a party in a simple cotton dress! In this context, noble materials forceremonial wear are to be preferred.
For dresses, satin, silk, chiffon, taffeta or even lace are in order. Embroidered or beaded fabric is also very popular for making modern and elegant dresses.
If you choose a pantsuit or a skirt suit, certain fabrics can be used. Linen, for example, is easy to work with to make a blazer with fitted and fluid lines at the same time. Allow yourself velvet to make chic sets. Synthetic fabrics such as the mixture of polyester, viscose and elastane are no longer to be banned and are causing a sensation in the making of classy jackets.
Keep in mind that there are also suits in muslin fabric or embellished with lace. It is even the perfect choice for the mother of the groom or the mother of the catechumen.
3. What ceremonial outfit to wear to a wedding?

Whether you're the mother of the bride, a guest, or godmother at a christening, pay attention to the length of your dress.Religious events require decency, which is why a midi length for your dress would be more suitable.Also forget sexy outfits, plunging necklines or clothes that reveal the shoulders and back! No need to show your thighs, since in addition to attracting all eyes to you, you risk destabilizing the ceremony and even the priest or pastor! Enough talking about the formalities, now on to the details!

--> When you are the mother of the groom or the bride

If you are the mother of one of the bride and groom, a dress code is required of you. Know that you can choose several chic outfits during the events. One for the civil wedding at the town hall, one for the religious ceremony at the church and one for the cocktail party and the famous wedding party. For the rehearsal dinner which is becoming popular at the moment, we advise you to select a ceremonial outfit which is quite discreet, such as a dress in a gray or floral tone. This, for the simple and good reason of distinguishing yourself well on D-Day.
For the long-awaited day, to choose your ceremonial outfit,
- You are thin and petite, bet for example on a pantsuit in light tones (ex: beige) that you can overcome with a beautiful coat in darker organza (ex: orange). If you turn to a skirt suit, let yourself be seduced by a silk set. The boned jacket will be magnified by a large, very trendy draped collar. Don't neglect the color (emerald, orange, royal blue, anything goes!)
- You are long, slender, show off your beautiful legs by choosing a fluid dress, mini or midi length, according to your desires!
- A three-quarter sleeve dress with a shirt collar will be perfect if you want to conceal your upper arms or shoulders.

--> When you're a guest

Be elegant, without overdoing it! Thus, you have the choice between several models of wedding ceremony outfits.
- Are you short? Dare to wear an elegant playsuit with wide sleeves and treat yourself to colorful accessories!
- Are you rather curvy? A black chiffon dress will do. Attention ! harmonize your ceremonial outfit with colored accessories to break the depth of black
- Do you like pants? Very good idea ! Prefer high-waisted cuts if you are small in size and straight and fluid cuts if you have more roundness. In this case, no darts or pockets to camouflage the belly.
In any case, wear a light, short-sleeved blouse in different colors from the pants to stand out and give some pep to your formal outfit.
4. THE perfect outfit for a baptism or communion
You have probably noticed that the usual outfits for this type of event all take on a light tone. Women juggle between different pastel colors (peach, candy pink, green, yellow, etc.) very fashionable and easy to wear. We give you other advice to refine your choice!

--> The appropriate outfit for being a mother

For the baptism of her daughter or son, mothers like to dress in the same color as their child. And, often, the color of choice is white. To get out of the ordinary without straying from tradition, you can bet on white embellished with gold, or off-white. A chic dress for baptism with a V-neck, layered with a jacket, will be ideal for being chic without overdoing it.

--> The ideal outfit for the godmother

A place of honor! So you have the right to wear white, imbued with purity and elegance. Work on your look by wearing a skater dress or a white jumpsuit with a silver or gold belt. Dare to wear large designer earrings!

--> The outfit when you are the guest

Obviously, no white to show some respect to the families who organize the baptism or the communion. Remember that the little girl who is about to take her First Communion will be all in white. In this case, allow yourself all the colors! From the trapeze green skirt enhanced with a black top, to the coral skirt and the long flowing yellow skirt, lgo wild with materials, shapes or color combinations.

5. Ceremonial, evening and cocktail attire
Parties and cocktail parties are also occasions to wear more glamorous ceremony outfits. That's why we dedicated a small paragraph on it. Just to inform you, know that when it comes to dress, there is a difference between a cocktail dress and an evening dress. The cocktail dress is part of the ceremonial outfits that can be worn during the day. Classy and chic, it is usually knee length.
For an evening dress, it is generally very long and worn at night during a gala or an evening at the theater for example. But in some cases, women like to snoop a little on that side to find a chic formal dress to go to a wedding! Especially the mothers of the brides. In 2021, you can dare the long dress for a ceremony, but avoid rhinestones, sequins, and "too much" accessories.
6. The essential accessories for your outfit.
If formal wear is important, accessories are even more so, since they enhance the outfit. And we love them! Formal events are opportunities to have fun with outfits and accessories, so you might as well go all out.
Hats, headpieces and fascinators

For big weddings, hats are a must. Normally, they are reserved for the relatives of the bride and groom (mothers, witnesses), unless the bride and groom make an express request. In this case, as a guest, study your ceremonial outfit by wearing a hat made of natural materials, for example: chic and elegant, without stealing the show from loved ones.

Bags and pouches

For your elegant outfits, take advantage of this accessory by choosing a mini model bag or a clutch. It can be mini or on the contrary, maxi! The 2 extremes so well made by the designer Jacquemus. For the color, it is important to keep color consistency by focusing on a different tone from that of the outfit. For clear or nude ceremonial outfits, don't hesitate to wear clutches or mini bags that give some pep. On the other hand, for colorful ceremonial outfits, stick to discreet color models. However, gold and silver will do the trick to stay stylish and trendy!


Get out the artillery! To make the ceremonial outfits more sophisticated, the jewelery (bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, etc.) must be chosen according to the shapes and volumes adapted to them. Obviously, it's an art to know how to harmonize them.We can only say that if you are in the spotlight, favor dapper jewelry (oversize, set with stones, in accumulation…) To give visibility to your yellow gold jewelry, pair it with a dark outfit. Costume jewelry is allowed to light up modest ceremonial outfits.

The shoes!

You've been looking forward to them and you're spoiled for choice! The pumps to accentuate the elegance, the heeled sandals to gain height and ventilate the feet. These two types of shoes will look great with your formal wear. Treat yourself, this is an opportunity to choose a pair that changes what you wear every day! And don't forget to keep a spare pair in your bag in case of ailing feet: pretty gold flat sandals will do just fine.

Now you are well informed, all you have to do is feed on our inspirations and choose the right ceremonial outfitthat will show you off and in which you will especially feel good. Accessorize it according to our advice. You will only look lovely at a ceremony.


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