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Article: The mid-length skirt: a joker in the feminine wardrobe

La jupe mi longue : un joker de la garde-robe féminine - Loëla
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The mid-length skirt: a joker in the feminine wardrobe

In the 1940s and 1950s, customs changed. After having tasted the joys of financial independence, women aspire to free themselves from the dictates of society. No more playing prudes or sleeping princesses waiting for their prince charmings. Flirtatious, they gradually discover that it can be good to play with your femininity.

In this silent fight for the right to assert themselves, they will have an ally of choice: the mid-length skirt .

More daring than their grandmothers, women of the 50s take pleasure in revealing the birth of their ankles. Put yourself in context: the 1950s were far from the most inclusive. At the same time, do not forget that the ankle has long been considered an erogenous zone.

Adored by creators, the midi skirt continues to have effect. Feminine while being mischievous, it will allow you to do your Mistinguett by feigning innocence.

Definition: what is a women's midi skirt?

If you are a fashion lover, it is impossible not to have already seen mid-length skirt . Marc Jacobs, Hermès, Céline, Dries Van Noten, … The biggest names in fashion are snapping up this deliciously retro outfit.

Stopping below the knees, the midi skirt has a length recognizable between a thousand. Thanks to the latter, it allows those who do not like mini skirts to discover themselves slightly. And because it reveals the ankles, it remains sensual with elegance.

The big advantage of this garment is that it adapts to all styles.

If you are a glamorous woman, go for a midi skirt in leather that hugs your curves. Add a slit on the front for an effect "caliente" . More girly or bohemian? There midi skirt for women with floral motifs is a classic that is not about to go out of style. And these are just a few examples among many others.

For example, some models are very haute couture thanks to their design or their textiles. Others, on the other hand, have a more urban look because they are cut from jeans.

A true fashion chameleon, this skirt that stops at mid-calf must be in all women's locker rooms. To the short skirt , it has taken on an assertive femininity and sensuality. From the long skirt, she kept this slender, even majestic look.

If it's not done yet, it's high time to give it a chance.

What body types is the women's midi skirt suitable for?

First of all, there is one point that needs to be mentioned: even if you are tall, the mid-length skirt must be worn with heels. Otherwise, you will quickly look like a grandmother. And that is absolutely not trendy.

One of the problems with this model is that it tends to pack. For slender twigs complexed by their size, this is a major asset. Finally, they have the option of visually reducing their size. For the others, on the other hand, it is information that should not be forgotten: the midi skirt for women can make young ladies of lesser ilk look even smaller.

This is why, preferably, put on pumps with this skirt stopping in the middle of the calves.

Regarding the morphology, this skirt is known to highlight the hips. Because it stops in the middle of the calves, it highlights this part of your body. In witness of which, it is ideal for tactfully playing with your sensuality.

If you have an hourglass-shaped body (eight figure), you'll love the mid-length skirt for women . Ditto if you are an X, also called a small eight. Just by putting on this garment, your buttocks will be highlighted and your hips will still look luscious. This skirt enhances your natural sensuality with unspeakable grace.

Note that the young ladies in eight or X are not the only ones who would benefit from wearing this garment.

Just like them, women in O are particularly flattered by the midi skirt . As a reminder, this physical architecture is distinguished by the following characteristics:

  • narrow shoulders;
  • a busty chest;
  • wide hips;
  • a rounded behind;
  • thin legs.

By molding the hips before stopping right in the middle of their gazelle legs, this skirt presents them in their best light.

Remember: X, eight and O are the three morphologies that best carry the mid-length skirt . However, this does not mean that it is prohibited for young ladies with other physical characteristics.

If you love this skirt - and you should - go for it!

What are the different types of midi skirts?

Like the women who wear it, the midi skirt takes on a thousand and one faces. In tweed and straight, it proves that classic looks still have a bright future ahead of them. Pleated and flared, it stimulates the princess in you. Straight, it seduces sensual women who are not afraid to play with their curves.

No matter your character, there is at least one midi skirt for women that suits you. It's all about finding it.

The pleated and flared version

Aerial, it twirls if you turn on yourself. For those who have kept their child's soul, this skirt is an excellent way to be stylish without being strict. With pumps and a contemporary t-shirt, this skirt gives you the look of a committed city girl. For a look more preppy , it is possible to wear it with sneakers. But don't forget: flat shoes and mid-calf length skirts don't always mix.

The leather and split version

It is one of the great classics of seduction. Black, red or brown, the mid-length skirt in leather has a little something that does not leave you indifferent. In a few seconds, it brings out the lioness that has always been dormant in you. She is so sexy that nothing is enough to accessorize her.

To falsely calm the game, associate it with a simple t-shirt. For a more sophisticated look, opt for a blouse in delicate fabric. Want to pull out the big game? Wear a top that flatters your chest.

Even in winter, the midi skirt women keeps you stylish. Worn with boots, a turtleneck sweater and a long coat, it gives you an indescribable aura.

The united version

Are you looking for a skirt that will dress you up and be easy to combine? If so, go for those that are single-colored. A timeless classic, the blue skirt is one of those garments that will always find a way to add sparkle to your outfit. Just like her, black, white, yellow or fuchsia skirts are basics.

The major advantage of one-color skirts is that you just have to choose the top well to have a very sought-after, even haute couture effect. For those who don't want to spend hours looking at their cupboards, it's impossible to do better.

The patterned versions

This list would not be complete without mentioning the midi skirts patterned. Flowers, polka dots, lips, diamonds, butterflies, ... All it takes is a pattern to give a more offbeat look to any mid-length skirt .

Be careful though: the vertical stripes are anything but the most beautiful effect. Having a tendency to shrink and thicken those who wear them, they are to be avoided at all costs.

The thick fabric version

Tweed and wool can be used to create straight skirts. However, caution should be exercised when putting on one of these skirts. Indeed, it only takes a little to have an austere or dilapidated look.

If you really fell for a mid-length skirt made in a warm fabric, systematically offset it with more modern pieces. You can play with the jewelry or pair it with a peach top. Especially not with a white blouse and a pearl necklace. This is the recipe for a guaranteed sartorial disaster.

With which shoes to wear the women's midi skirt?

As mentioned above, it is really with high shoes that this garment is at its peak. Pumps, platforms, heeled boots, ... Anything with height will help you gain inches. In turn, this will prevent you from being squeezed by the length of the garment.

There is a very strong tendency midi skirt for women + sneakers. Be careful though if you are short.

At this stage of the article, all you have to do is compose an ideal outfit from a midi skirt for women . Find one by searching our store and stay in tune with the times.

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