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Article: How to choose and wear a sleeveless dress

Comment choisir et porter une robe sans manche - Loëla
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How to choose and wear a sleeveless dress

As soon as you saw it, you knew. This sleeveless blazer dress is the missing piece in your wardrobe. Sophisticated while relaxed, it will give you the look of a jet-setter. Only here... Even if your heart beats wildly in the face of this sleeveless sweater dress , you are in the grip of intense questioning.

"What if I can't match this long sleeveless dress correctly?" , "what if its length made me smaller?" , "and if it was not a cut adapted to my morphology?" , ... Because doubt doesn't have to get in your way, find out how to look beautiful in sleeveless jumper dress .

What are the different types of sleeveless dresses?

It is out of the question to insult you by defining a sleeveless dress . This garment is exactly as the name suggests. This is a sleeveless dress.

Can be short, midi or long, it is sometimes confused with the dress with straps . Be careful not to make this mistake...

The more the success of the sleeveless dress went crescendo, the more designers sought to reinvent it. Thus, today, it is possible to distinguish three major trends within this current.

1. The long sleeveless dress

It is the guest of choice on summer days. Sometimes flowery, sometimes embellished with quirky patterns, it exudes joie de vivre. more relaxed than sleeveless blazer dress , this model is about to become the symbol of sunny days.

To stay in this bohemian spirit, long sleeveless dresses are generally cut in cotton or viscose. For what ? The answer is to be found on the side of the fall of the fabrics.

An ode to nature, cotton is a quality textile that offers an excellent compromise between durability and comfort. Breathable material, it makes it easier to withstand scorching temperatures.

Viscose, on the other hand, is recommended for women who want their dresses to sway in the wind. Lightweight, this fabric is easy to maintain and clean.

2. The sleeveless sweater dress

When the winter winds begin to whistle, it's time to invest in a sleeveless jumper dress . Can be described as the longest version of a knitted sweater, this garment usually ends above the knee. Thus, it remains feminine while protecting you from the bite of the cold.

Unsurprisingly, the materials making up this suit are quite thick. Wool, cashmere, tweed, alpaca, ... All means are good to ensure that this garment will keep you warm.

3. The sleeveless blazer dress

Halfway between the formal suit and the sports jacket, the blazer is a tracksuit that instantly brings chic to the outfit. With its double-breasted jacket and metal crest buttons, this garment is the very height of refinement.

Sufficient unto itself, this long sleeveless dress goes with a handbag and a nice pair of shoes. No need to do more to be primed. Even more so if it is found within green dresses ... There, you will be sure to make a strong impression with ease.

Why wear a sleeveless dress?

Every morning, it's the same dilemma. You have no idea what you are going to wear. Then begins a long journey in search of the appropriate outfit.

Sometimes too dressed up, sometimes too relaxed, none of the proposals suit you. Worse still... While you're stuck in time, you have to brainstorm to match tops, bottoms and jackets.

With a long sleeveless dress , this problem no longer arises.

All you have to do is open your closet. There, in front of you, is a piece of clothing that does not need anything. Select your sleeveless dress, put it on and you're ready to hit the streets of Paris.

While women are increasingly in demand, they have less time to devote to their toilet. However, out of the question to stop being flirtatious. If you recognize yourself in this portrait, it's time to invest in a Sleeveless blazer dress .

Thanks to its variety of styles, this garment suits all seasons. Thus, in winter and autumn, the sleeveless sweater dress keeps you warm in style. When the good weather is here, it's time to switch to a long sleeveless dress cotton or viscose.

Easy to wear, comfortable, sleeveless dress is one of those garments that every woman should have. With her, you can't go wrong. Even if you have a last-minute outing, you'll know exactly what to wear to show off.

With which jacket to wear a sleeveless dress?

Even if you were seduced by this long sleeveless dress , you want to cover your shoulders. Yes... This is a concern that is not present with the long sleeve dresses . To keep your outfit impeccable, bet on one of the jackets below.

The denim jacket

It's a classic that's not about to go out of style. On a sleeveless sweater dress , this jacket brings a breath of modernity. Ideal to avoid falling into too classic or too cocooning, it will work for sure.

The leather perfecto

Yet another must-have overcoat. Rock while being well accepted by the general public, this jacket will bring cachet to a long sleeveless dress in viscose.

The flannel kimono

Want to bring a little letting go on your outfit? Bet on flannel kimonos and light fabric sweaters.

With so many tips, it's impossible not to look gorgeous with a sleeveless dress. Take a few minutes to find the sleeveless blazer dress that will suit you best in our catalog.

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