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Article: The long-sleeved dress: a wardrobe classic

La robe à manche longue : un classique de la garde-robe - Loëla
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The long-sleeved dress: a wardrobe classic

Very easy to wear, the long sleeve maxi dress is on its way to becoming a classic in the women's wardrobe. Refined, it immediately gives presence, and this, without making titanic efforts.

Are you a modest woman who doesn't necessarily appreciate showing her shoulders? There long sleeve dress will be your daily ally. Are you one of those who aspire to shine in society without overdoing it? To do this, put on a long sleeve evening dress .

You can't even imagine the power that these long sleeves hold...

What is a long sleeve dress?

As its name suggests, it is a dress with loose sleeves. Stopping at the wrists, the latter are the charming asset of the garment. Puffy or straight, they bring a certain refinement to the whole. Why do you think the long sleeve long dress are also trendy? Refreshing while being dressed, they allow women to be on their thirty-one in a snap of the fingers.

Those dresses that aren't long-sleeved

As the success of the long sleeve evening dress was going crescendo, some deviations started to be made. Committed intentionally or inadvertently, they have cast a shadow over the exact definition of long sleeve dress . Dresses cannot claim this title:

  • whose sleeves stop in the middle of the forearm;
  • featuring sleeves that stop just below the fold of the shoulder;
  • including thin straps with ruffles.

For a dress to be said "long-sleeved" , his arm coverings must absolutely stop at the wrist. Not before, maybe after. Just like the women's mid length dress is characterized by its mid-calf position, the long sleeve maxi dress must cover the entire arms.

How to properly wear the long long sleeve dress?

A strong trend in recent years, the long sleeve dress comes in all versions. Bohemian, modern, vintage, artistic... There are as many models as there are women. Unfortunately, such immensity is not without consequences. For fashionistas, it can be difficult to choose a long sleeve evening dress . Fortunately, this article is there.

Patterns or no patterns?

It depends. There really are no set answers.

If you are a sparkling woman, you will be sublimated by flowery dresses. Fresh, delicate, a little dreamlike, the latter have a particularly pleasant country side. Only recommendation: stay away from horizontal stripes. As many flowers or graphic patterns (peas, mouths, etc.) will have the most beautiful effect, as much as the lines grow and shrink.

In a more conventional style, it is also possible to stay on a long sleeve long dress united. Blue, orange, green, ... The monochrome works just as well on strapless dress only on long-sleeved models.

To use patterns or not will only depend on your preferences. Which option best reflects your personality?

Mark the size (if you are an eight)

Please note: this advice is not valid for all women. It only applies to those who have a well marked size. Thanks to their hourglass-shaped morphology, these ladies can afford to accessorize their long sleeve evening dress with a belt. Pick one that lends itself to the circumstances and completes the look.

Pay attention to the length

Even if women under 1.60 m can afford long dresses, it is better to avoid the long dress with long sleeves . Because of this "overflow" of fabric, you will be drowned. Visually, you would disappear under all that stuff. No... Even a pair of pumps will have a hard time making up for this stylistic misstep.

For young ladies of small ilk, professionals recommend favoring the long sleeve dress stopping at mid-thigh, knee or noon. Otherwise, it is not sure that the set is flattering.

Bring back a little sensuality with a slit dress

It is all the more effective if you have fallen for a long sleeve evening dress . Reveal a piece of skin through an opening running from the top of the thigh to the floor. Feminine, the slit is one of those elements that give tone to any outfit.

Can you wear a long-sleeved dress with square shoulders?

Let's be honest: the downside of long sleeves is that they draw attention to the shoulders. Inevitably, when this part of your body is a source of complexes, wearing a long sleeve maxi dress becomes a challenge. Maybe you even thought about skipping this item of clothing...

To wear dresses with long sleeves without looking like a trucker, it is enough to apply a few simple tricks.

1. Choose the right sleeve cut

It's all in the cutting. To visually soften the square of your shoulders, bet on sleeves "Raglan" Or "Dolman" (bat). In the first case, the baseball style and the diagonal seam just under the shoulder will bring roundness. In the second case, it is thanks to the fluidity of the fabric in addition that your silhouette will be rebalanced.

If you have decided to buy a navy blue dress , take the time to identify one that has one of these sleeves. Thus, you will be able to protect your arms while highlighting your morphology.

2. Fall in love with V-necks

With their pronounced neckline, V-necks free up the shoulders, making them less "strong". In addition, they lengthen the silhouette, thereby helping to visually slim the shoulders.

Are you looking for a long sleeve evening dress who will turn heads? Try to find one that combines these two attributes.

3. Opt for seamless clothing

Plus one long sleeve maxi dress is structured, the more it strengthens the build of the shoulders. You probably already know this... Clothes with shoulder pads or too rigid are to be avoided. Instead, opt for models that flow and fall naturally.

From now on, you have all the keys in hand to find the long sleeve dress ideal. Explore our catalog and find the one that suits you best.

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