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Article: The backless dress for women: an irresistible asset of seduction

La robe dos nu pour femme : un atout de séduction irrésistible - Loëla
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The backless dress for women: an irresistible asset of seduction

From the front, this dress appears to be a stunning classic. Black, it is free of neckline and has puffed sleeves. And then, as the damsel turns, a bare back appears... It doesn't take much to raise the temperature.

Erotic without ever being pornographic, the dress with low back is a garment that always has an effect. By revealing this part of the body, it raises an implication: "I don't wear underwear" . And that is a suggestion if hot that it is impossible to stay frozen.

What is a backless dress?

In simple terms, it is a dress with a cutout at the back. Normally, clothes (blouses like dresses) muffle the spine and shoulder blades. Not here plunging backless dress . Here, it is the back that becomes the charming asset to be highlighted.

Can take the features of a small neckline or a large opening reaching the dimples of Venus, the bare back is outrageously sensual. It is important to specify that it can be present as much on the  sleeveless dress than on more dressed models. And this is one of the great strengths of this trend: the backless dress for women manages to reconcile chic and sensuality.

During the day and after dark, a dress with low back will always work. Expect to see heads turn as you pass...

Why wear a dress with a bare back?

Perhaps you are one of those women who does not particularly appreciate plunging necklines... If you have a generous chest, it is very easy to fall into vulgarity with a maxi neckline. Paradoxically, the rendering can be a little tasteless on small cups.

You want to be sexier while respecting the codes of modesty. It is at this precise moment that the plunging backless dress join the game.

By revealing your arch, it evokes carnal pleasures which it is not fashionable to talk about in public. However, since it does not reveal any erogenous zones, it remains wise. With a backless dress for women , even the protocol of the Queen of England will find nothing to complain about.

For modest women who nevertheless want to explore their feline side a little more, the dress with a halter top is absolutely ideal. Allowing you to reveal yourself while keeping an aura of mystery, you will need a plethora of compliments.

Note that there are different types of necklines in the back. Of course, there is the very sensual descent to the dimples of Venus, but this is not the only option. For example, you can find long sleeve dress with a small neckline in the back in the shape of a "V". Or, you can calm things down by opting for a model with interlacing.

Sage in the front, teasing in the back, the plunging backless dress is a great way to surprise your audience.

How to wear a dress with a low back?

How to wear a backless dress during the day?

THE bare back can be worn both day and night. As surprising as it may seem, it is even possible to go to the office with a Backless dress for women . The whole thing is to calm things down a bit by avoiding a model with a slit on the leg. Also pay attention to accessories. To break the too "sexy" side, it is recommended to opt for low shoes and jewelry in a more conventional style.

To have an aperitif with your friends, once again, bet on the bare back . Play the country card with a viscose dress dotted with small flowers. If you are a fan of the classic, prefer pastel shades or solid colors (navy blue, fir green, orange, etc.).

The advantage of dress with a low back is that it doesn't need much to make you the queen of the evening. No matter the fabric or color, the back neckline brings that touch of sophistication and maturity that makes all the difference.

How to wear a backless dress in the evening?

Glamorous women are well aware of the power of bare back once night falls. In the evening, the dress with plunging open back is adorned with sequins and satin materials.

To stay in one more mind "old Hollywood" , it is better to bet on additional cutouts. It can, for example, be a high slit or a neckline that harmoniously emphasizes your breasts. It is a question here of bringing a "plus" in order to differentiate a daytime model from its nocturnal equivalent.

Who can wear the backless dress?

All the women. Yes, even if you have rolls in the back, it is possible to sport a sensual Backless dress for women . The trick is to stay away from models that are too low cut. Instead, favor a cutout that delicately covers the edges of your back. Thus, the emphasis will be on the curvature, and the love handles will be invisible.

For other women, there are absolutely no contraindications. Small, tall, thin, luscious, ... No matter your physique, know that there is at least one dress with low back able to enhance your curves.

What tips for wearing a backless dress for women?

The list will be extremely short. Indeed, there is only one rule to respect. Never, oh never, should your bra straps be hidden. With most of black dresses , you wouldn't even think about it. As soon as you put on your garment, underwear is beyond the reach of ordinary mortals. Impossible to act like this with the dress with low back .

If you have a small chest, you just need to wear your dress with plunging open back without a bra. For women with strong cups, it will be necessary to bring a suitable bra. Either the latter will be adhesive, or its fasteners will be positioned extremely low.

This is the only rule to follow when wearing a bare back . For the rest, you are free to give free rein to your creativity.

Seduced by the benefits of the plunging backless dress, you are determined to find one as soon as possible. That turns out well. On , you will find a plethora of bare backs. With such a choice, it is mathematically impossible for you not to find what you are looking for.

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