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Article: Expert advice: what shorts for women in summer?

Conseils d'experts : quel short pour femme en été ? - Loëla
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Expert advice: what shorts for women in summer?

Finally… After six months spent in the wind and the cold, the sun is pointing the tip of its nose. After the first clearings of spring, summer officially begins. It's time to get out the umbrellas and above all, women's shorts .

Perfectly suited to the scorching temperatures of summer, this garment allows your legs to get some fresh air. Worn well, it can create a look of surprising sophistication. And above all, it gives you a contemporary look that is hard to resist.

Want to learn how to wear denim shorts for women without looking childish? You are in the right place. But before offering you some outfits, Loëla's clothing advisers insist on one point: the importance of choosing the right shorts.

Which women's shorts to choose according to their morphology?

This is a rule to which even women's winter shorts do not escape. To be flattering, a garment must be selected according to the wearer. If you break this rule, don't be surprised if your outfits don't fit.

Fortunately, the shorts have this particularity that they somewhat escape the standard classification. Meaning that you will not have to determine if you are an X, an eight, an O, etc. To choose the right women's shorts in summer , you will only have to answer two questions:

  • are you short or tall?
  • are you slim or voluptuous?

That's all. Easy, isn't it?

What shorts to wear when you have curves?

If you have generous curves, high waisted women's shorts are the model that suits you best. It perfectly outlines the hips, caresses the hips and elegantly highlights the fleshy buttocks.

Small precision: for a better rendering, choose leather shorts for women that do not mold the thighs.

In general, tight fabrics, too close to the skin and short cuts are not your allies. For round ladies, it doesn't take much to switch to vulgarity. Stay away from micro shorts or stretch fabrics that exacerbate your sensuality too much.

What shorts to wear when you are thin?

In this area, filiform women have a clear advantage. As much as wearing a long skirt requires them to exercise caution, they are completely free when it comes to denim shorts for women .

The only type of shorts they can't wear are the ones they don't like. Even when it's cold, they are enhanced by women's winter shorts in wool or tweed.

Do you belong to this category of women? For once, your twig morphology comes in handy...

What shorts to wear when you're little?

Be careful not to highlight your size with materials that are too loose. Bermuda shorts and other wide-cut shorts are not your allies. If you really fall for flowing women's shorts , make sure they stay close to the body so as not to numb you.

Another element to keep in mind: the models that suit you best are the mini shorts. Because you are not very tall, you have some leeway in terms of length. So dare to buy short women's summer shorts and wear them with pride.

What shorts to wear when you're tall?

Tall women have the opposite problem of those who are short: they should not wear micro shorts.

Because you have endless legs, micro denim shorts for women will make it look like you're wearing panties. Even if you have a body to die for, it's absolutely not flattering. This will make those around you uncomfortable and you will – unfortunately – have tipped over to the side of vulgarity.

Note that this is the only restriction.

Great women can afford anything. Cropped pants, Bermuda shorts, high-waisted women's shorts , slightly loose shorts, etc., everything suits you.

What shorts to wear when you are muscular?

Sculpted by long hours of training, your body is your greatest pride. Drawn, traced, your athletic silhouette is the envy of you wherever you go. Rather slender and muscular, your legs are enhanced by the mid-length skirt and above all, by any shorts.

Yes… You are one of the few ladies who really have no restrictions when it comes to choosing women's leather shorts . Enjoy!

What to wear fluid shorts for women with?

Good news: the shorts can be worn with everything.

For a casual urban look, just pair it with a message t-shirt. Add a pair of espadrilles and you're ready to hit the beach. And if, inadvertently, your wanderings lead you to the city center, you will be more than presentable.

In a slightly more rock style, adopt the women's leather shorts . More sophisticated than women's denim shorts , they give a more modern and polished look. In this sense, its effect is similar to that of the printed skirt : a little wild while respecting the codes of society.

And don't stop there: add an overcoat to complete the outfit. Denim jacket, leather perfecto, long wool coat, … Find a tracksuit that will highlight your women's winter shorts or enhance your high-waisted women's shorts . Don't limit your options. After all, dressing up is also a way to show off your personality.

What shoes to wear with women's shorts?

The ladies who love the dish will be thrilled with the shorts. Since it reveals the leg, it allows you to wear flat without being packed. This is how sneakers, espadrilles and sandals can – finally – be worn without fear. Even if you are only 1.50 m tall, you will no longer have to wear heels to lengthen your figure.

Are you a fan of high shoes? Pay attention to their height… Shorts are one of the rare garments that require caution when putting on pumps. If these are too high, the combination of women's denim shorts + heels can quickly give a vulgar look. Ideally, do not go beyond eight cm if you wear heels with women's shorts in the summer .

Very easy to wear, women's shorts are a basic of the female wardrobe. With pumps, boots or sneakers, it always has its effect. In summer as in winter, it magnifies women and allows them to be truly themselves. What are you waiting for to adopt it? Explore the Loëla catalog and find the women's shorts of your dreams.

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