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Article: The mid-length dress for women or how to look like a diva

La robe mi longue pour femme ou comment avoir l'air d'une diva - Loëla
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The mid-length dress for women or how to look like a diva

Coming straight from the 1950s, the midi dress is one of those garments that just gets better with age. With a timeless elegance, it immediately gives a dressed look.

In the summer, turn heads with a floral midi dress which will subtly accentuate the finesse of your legs. In the evening, have a princely air with a mid-length dress for women . Returning to the front of the stage, the midi length dress is now up to date. What a paradox when you know that it is a vestige of vintage fashion...

What is the midi dress?

Do you know why the midi dress is so called? The answer lies in its length. If you look carefully at the short dresses for women , you will see that they end either above the knee or somewhere above the thigh.

It's normal: short dresses were made to allow young ladies to slightly reveal their legs. Sexy without ever being vulgar, they flower with the more sensual side of femininity.

Now take a few seconds to contemplate the long dresses. Reaching to the ankles, they hug the silhouette without molding. Their charm comes from the pendulum movement that occurs to the rhythm of footsteps. Perfect for a bohemian look, long dresses give you the look of an angel fallen from heaven.

And between these two propositions is the floral midi dress .

Stopping right between the knee and the calf, this mid length dress focus more on sophistication. Its role is to reveal the elegant young lady lying dormant in you. With a natural elegance, this mid-length summer dress dresses you. It prepares you and gives you a bearing that you did not even suspect.

Long considered old-fashioned, the mid length dress managed to break away from this bad reputation. Today, it is a garment at the forefront of contemporaneity that allows city dwellers to express their femininity while navigating easily within the urban jungle.

Who can afford to wear the midi length dress?

For a long time, a myth surrounded the floral mid-length dress . He told himself that only young, tall, slender women could afford to wear it. For others, the dress would be aging, make you look smaller or seem fatter. Fortunately, these prejudices have been dismantled one after the other...

The good news is that the floral midi dress suits almost all women. The only ones who should wear it carefully are ladies with strong calves. Indeed, since the mid-length summer dress stops right in the middle of these, it draws attention to this area. For the others, there are absolutely no constraints.

Since the midi length dress is available in all versions, there is at least one cut to suit you. The key is to find the model that will highlight your morphology.

What mid-length dress to wear when you're petite and thin?

If there is one thing that makes you hesitate to fall for the mid-length summer dress , it's your size. Standing under six feet tall, you're worried that the mid-calf length won't work for you. So you hesitate, paralyzed by your fears.

You don't have to endure such torment. Indeed, there is a format of midi dress for women which magnifies small sizes: the one that is close to the body. Think of Eva Longoria who wears the floral midi dress with indescribable poise.

Are you small and thin? Dresses close to the body and stopping in the middle of the calves will galvanize your sex appeal.

What midi dress to wear when you have curves?

Endowed with a generous body, you have hips, breasts and a rear end that leaves no one indifferent. Just as there are long dresses that look great on you, some mid-length clothes fit you like a glove. Again, it's all about knowing where to look.

For luscious women, the secret is to follow the curves without molding them. In witness whereof, you will be magnified by a floral midi dress which flares out at the waist. Fluid, the latter delicately draws attention to the charming assets of your silhouette.

Imagine the scene for a moment... As the sun floods the Champs Élysées with light, a woman approaches. Luscious, she is magnified by the undulations of her midi length dress . Sure of herself, she is as magnetic as a magnet and radiates joie de vivre. What if that woman was you?

By choosing the right mid-length floral dress , you can be a star twirling in the middle of a universe in shades of gray.

How to wear a mid-length dress for women?

Now you know for sure: midi dress is made for you. Perhaps you have even spotted a few models in our catalog of dresses for women . Except that once again, doubt makes you hesitate: "and if I had no occasions to wear the magnificent mid length dress What am I about to buy?"

Dear lady, it is simply impossible. There floral midi dress is so versatile that you are bound to find an opportunity to wear it.

How to wear a midi length dress during the day?

During the day, it's easy to have a casual chic look with a mid-length summer dress . For that, bring a little lightness with a denim jacket or a leather perfecto. The whole thing is to create a contrast by combining the chic of the midi dress with the letting go of a more casual garment.

In a more formal setting such as a starred restaurant or even work, a women's mid length dress is sufficient unto itself. If you have a figure-of-eight body shape, you can add a belt. Otherwise, a handbag, some jewelry and you're ready to conquer the world.

How to wear a mid-length dress in the evening?

Invited to a cocktail, you are looking for a garment to wear. Fortunately, the designers have created the mid-length dress for women ... When the sun goes down, swap your floral midi dress against a more open version. Sequins, satin fabrics and thick materials are to be preferred after dark.

With which shoes to wear a mid-length dress for women?

Always with heels. Even if you are taller than 1.80 m, the midi dress is to be worn with heels.

Due to its length, a floral midi dress tends to settle. This is how. The good news is that as soon as you put on a pair of pumps, this problem no longer exists.

Arrived at this stage of the article, there remains only one question: what are you waiting for to buy a mid-length summer dress ? On our online store, you will find all forms of mid-length dresses. All you have to do is make your selection.

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