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Article: Wear the short women's skirt without looking like a balaclava

Porter la jupe courte femme sans ressembler à une cagole - Loëla
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Wear the short women's skirt without looking like a balaclava

There mini skirt is a garment that divides… As much as you admire it on others, as much you fear wearing it. And if you ever ignore your prejudices? Well worn, the short skirt will reveal your femininity without ever tipping you into vulgarity.

And there, a plethora of questions are probably jostling in your mind. How can I be sure that this skirt fits me? What traps to avoid so as not to fall into vulgarity? What season is appropriate to wear the  short pleated skirt ? Wait a minute ! In a few seconds, you will have the answer to all these questions.

Which miniskirt for which morphology?

As surprising as it may seem, all women can wear the short skirt . Slender, petite, wiry, luscious, muscular… No matter your physique, there is at least a short skirt for women that will flatter your figure.

If you have developed hips or a fleshy buttocks, you are particularly highlighted by the short pleated skirt . By flaring slightly at the waist, it emphasizes your assets without molding your thighs, which are sometimes a little strong. As comfortable as a women's shorts , they give you the air of a skater or prima ballerina.

All-purpose, the trapeze miniskirt is suitable for all body types. If in addition, it is cut in raw jeans, it will be a modern and strong piece.

There is a variant of mini skirt woman which must absolutely be mentioned: the tight-fitting version. Attention… This model is only suitable for slender young ladies with gazelle legs. And even so, they must respect certain rules inherent to the miniskirt .

How to avoid being vulgar with a short skirt?

Let's be honest. The potential "balaclava" of the short skirt for women is substantial. It is very easy to fall into vulgarity with this piece of clothing. A top that's a little too tight… Dizzying heels… Outrageous make-up… And boom! Without realizing it, you went from sexy to vulgar.

Fortunately, there are simple tricks that allow you to wear the short skirt without committing this fashion faux pas.

Avoid overly sexy

There short pleated skirt don't forgive... Very sexy, it enhances the sensuality of all the clothes with which it is associated. This is why, with her, more than ever, it is important to respect the maxim: "one sexy piece per outfit and no more" .

In this case, the garment that brings the sex appeal is the miniskirt . There is absolutely no need to do more. Banish tops with dizzying necklines, excessively high heels or garish makeup. Ditto for fishnet tights that add sex appeal when it is absolutely not necessary.

Another pitfall to avoid takes the form of animal prints or flashy colors. Again, play the sobriety card. Choose a beautiful black skirt which will discreetly highlight your legs in a fluorescent yellow model.

Last element: pay attention to the material. Sexy or cheap fabrics will tend to popularize the look. Even if the design is sophisticated, the fact that the textile is low-end will reduce the quality of the whole. This is largely why Loëla only selects premium quality natural materials.

5 tips to make your mini skirt for women more elegant

In addition to the aforementioned tips, there are unstoppable tricks to sophisticate the short skirt for women . Easy to put into practice, they help calm things down, thus making the outfit less sexy. To make sure you don't overdo it, use one or more of these methods:

  • wearing opaque tights: by subtly masking your skin, tights will make your short pleated skirt much less flashy;
  • wear flat shoes: if you appreciate comfort, you will love the Women's mini skirt . With sneakers or espadrilles, it remains feminine without packing you down;
  • add long vests: sweaters, overcoats, long coats, ... anything that can add fabric to your outfit is welcome;
  • choose a more casual top: for example, instead of an ultra tight top with a large neckline, put on a blouse or a t-shirt;
  • bet on elegant patterns: to bring sophistication to your outfit, use designs such as houndstooth or polka dots.

By applying these five tips, you should have no trouble avoiding falling into the trap of vulgarity. From now on, you no longer have any valid arguments for not wearing short skirt for women . It only remains to compose outfits that highlight it.

With what to associate a short skirt?

In winter, wear your short skirt with opaque tights, a pair of boots and a turtleneck. For an even more chic style, add a large scarf or a large coat. Never both at the same time so as not to disappear behind the fabric.

In summer, it's time for lightness. wear your short pleated skirt with wedge sandals and a floral or polka dot top. Complete the set with a large hat or sunglasses. Smile and you'll be so bright you'll even shade the sun.

Of course, these are just a few suggestions.

One of the major advantages of the miniskirt is that it can be worn on all occasions. During the day and in the evening, dare this garment less dangerous than it seems. You won't regret it, especially if your mini skirt woman comes from Loëla.

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